Mastering Dropshipping with Sebastian Ghiorgiu: Free Course Review

Mastering Dropshipping with Sebastian Ghiorgiu: Free Course Review

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Free Course: Discover Tick Tock dropshipping
  3. Module 1: Product Research
    1. Requirements for a Winning Product
    2. Using TikTok's Creative Center for Product Research
    3. Finding a Potential Winning Product: Sensor Light Hair Removal Device
  4. Module 2: Creating the Store
    1. Choosing the Type of Store
    2. Selecting Shopify Themes and Apps
    3. Setting Up Suppliers
    4. The Finished Store: Hair Removal Device
  5. Module 3: Running Ads
    1. The Fast-Paced Approach and Lack of Detail
    2. Choosing Ad Creatives: Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Patch
    3. Building the Ad Campaign
    4. Approving and Launching the Ads
  6. Reviewing the Course: Pros and Cons
  7. Testing the Knowledge: Day 1
  8. Testing the Knowledge: Day 2
  9. Testing the Knowledge: Day 3
  10. Conclusion

The Dropshipping Journey: Testing a Free Course on TikTok Dropshipping

In the world of e-commerce, dropshipping has become a popular business model for entrepreneurs looking to start their own online stores. The allure of not having to hold inventory, being able to sell products worldwide, and the potential for high profit margins has drawn many people into this industry. However, achieving success in dropshipping is no easy feat, as it requires a deep understanding of product research, store creation, and effective marketing strategies.

Recently, two dropshipping experts, Sebastian Esqueda and George, released a free course called "Discover Tick Tock Dropshipping." Intrigued by their claims of being able to teach beginners the ins and outs of dropshipping, I decided to put their knowledge to the test.

Module 1: Product Research

The first module of the course focused on product research, which is a crucial step in finding winning products to sell. Sebastian Esqueda shared his requirements for a winning product and provided examples of products that have worked for him in the past. One interesting method he introduced was using TikTok's Creative Center to find potentially profitable products.

After spending some time searching through TikTok's Creative Center, I came across a product that met all the requirements: the sensor light hair removal device. With a potential winning product in hand, it was time to move on to the next step.

Module 2: Creating the Store

Module 2 guided me through the process of creating a dropshipping store from scratch. The course covered everything from choosing the type of store and selecting Shopify themes and apps to setting up suppliers. Following their instructions to the letter, I created my store with the hair removal device as the featured product.

By the end of this module, I had a simple but functional store ready to go. However, I couldn't help but feel that the course lacked detailed explanations and focused more on the "just get it done" approach. Nonetheless, I was excited to move on to the next module.

Module 3: Running Ads

Running effective ads is crucial for driving traffic and generating sales in dropshipping. Module 3 delved into the process of setting up and optimizing ad campaigns. One notable aspect of Sebastian and George's approach was their use of existing video clips as ad creatives.

I encountered a hurdle when I realized that the videos I had for my hair removal device were of poor quality. They simply wouldn't make compelling ads. To salvage the situation, I quickly switched my product to another potentially winning one: the silicone anti-wrinkle patch.

With the new product and better ad creatives, I proceeded to build out my ad campaign following the course's instructions. After submitting the ads for approval, I eagerly awaited the results.

Reviewing the Course: Pros and Cons

Overall, the "Discover Tick Tock Dropshipping" course provided a decent introduction to dropshipping for beginners. It covered essential topics such as product research, store creation, and running ads. The course's fast-paced approach and lack of detailed explanations were suitable for getting started, but may leave some learners with unanswered questions.


  • Free and easily accessible course
  • Covers the fundamentals of dropshipping
  • Offers practical insights from experienced dropshippers
  • Provides step-by-step instructions for each module


  • Lacks in-depth explanations and details
  • Focuses more on a "get it done" approach
  • Limited information for scaling stores and products

While the course may not be ideal for those looking to scale their dropshipping business, it serves as a valuable starting point for beginners. For a free course, it provides valuable insights and actionable steps to get started in dropshipping.

Testing the Knowledge: Day 1

After diligently following the course's guidance, I launched my ad campaign for the silicone anti-wrinkle patch. However, the initial results were discouraging. The ads had a low click-through rate (CTR), and my store only received minimal traffic and no sales. It seemed that Sebastian and George would have called off the ads at this point based on their metrics, but I decided to continue testing.

Testing the Knowledge: Day 2

On the second day of testing, I made a costly mistake by forgetting to adjust the ad campaign budgets. As a result, I ended up spending a significant portion of my budget in one day. Despite this setback, the analytics revealed interesting trends. The second ad campaign received significantly more impressions and clicks compared to the first, indicating a potential cheat code for future campaigns. Unfortunately, my store still did not generate any sales.

Testing the Knowledge: Day 3

With just a small portion of my budget remaining, I allowed my ads to run for a final day. However, the results were underwhelming. My store received minimal traffic, one add-to-cart, and no sales. It was evident that the initial product I chose did not resonate with the target audience. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that dropshipping success often requires testing multiple products and refining strategies.


In conclusion, the "Discover Tick Tock Dropshipping" course offered valuable insights and practical steps to get started in the world of dropshipping. While it may lack in-depth explanations and advanced techniques, it serves as an excellent resource for beginners seeking to establish their first dropshipping store. However, it is important to manage expectations and understand that success in dropshipping requires ongoing testing, adaptation, and refinement.