Get Ready for 2022: Must-have Shopify Dropshipping Apps

Get Ready for 2022: Must-have Shopify Dropshipping Apps

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Product Sourcing Apps 2.1. AliExpress Dropshipping 2.2. SaleHoo Dropshipping 2.3. YellowDropshipping
  3. Page Design Apps 3.1. PageFly 3.2. GemPages
  4. Marketing Apps 4.1. SEO Tools 4.2. Email Marketing 4.3. YouTube Marketing 4.4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Booster Sales Apps 5.1. Product Review Apps 5.2. Abandoned Cart Recovery Apps 5.3. Live Chat Apps
  6. Conclusion

Must-Have Shopify Apps for dropshipping Beginners


Dropshipping is a popular method for starting an online business, and Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform for dropshippers. It offers user-friendly features and allows you to enhance the functionality of your store by incorporating plugins and customer-focused features. In this article, we will explore some must-have apps for dropshipping beginners, categorized into four types: product sourcing, page design, marketing, and booster sales.

Product Sourcing Apps

  1. AliExpress Dropshipping: One of the most commonly used apps, it connects you with suppliers on AliExpress and simplifies the process of sourcing and selling products. Perfect for finding fashion, jewelry, accessories, and women's clothing.

  2. SaleHoo Dropshipping: An alternative to AliExpress, SaleHoo offers over 50 million wholesale products, specializing in fashion, jewelry, and accessories. It is a complete, free dropshipping app with no setup or warehousing fees. You only pay for the products and shipping.

  3. YellowDropshipping: This free dropshipping app is ideal for beginners as it has no setup fees or warehousing worries. You only pay for the products and shipping. It offers a wide range of products and is particularly useful for fashion eye dropshippers.

Page Design Apps

  1. PageFly: A highly recommended design app, PageFly enables even those with no coding experience to create visually appealing pages quickly. With its drag-and-drop editing feature, you can easily design a responsive webpage suitable for various devices.

  2. GemPages: Another beginner-friendly app, GemPages, offers over 50 pre-designed templates to meet various marketing and sales needs. It simplifies the webpage design process and is perfect for both experienced and inexperienced store owners.

Marketing Apps

  1. SEO Tools: Improve your store's visibility and drive organic traffic from search engines using SEO tools. Several apps are available within Shopify that can help with keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

  2. Email Marketing: Communicate with your customers effectively through email marketing apps. These apps enable you to send personalized emails, newsletters, and promotional offers to engage with your audience and drive sales.

  3. YouTube Marketing: Utilize video marketing by integrating YouTube apps. Create engaging product videos, tutorials, and promotional content to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness.

  4. Social Media Marketing: Leverage social media platforms to promote your products and drive traffic to your store. Use apps that offer social media scheduling, content creation, and analytics to maximize your social media presence.

Booster Sales Apps

  1. Product Review Apps: Collect and display customer reviews to build trust and credibility. Apps like and Loox not only help you gather reviews but also turn them into effective marketing material to boost conversion rates.

  2. Abandoned Cart Recovery Apps: Reduce cart abandonment and recover lost sales by using apps that send automated reminders or offer discounts to customers who have abandoned their carts.

  3. Live Chat Apps: Provide real-time customer support and enhance the shopping experience with live chat apps. Apps like WhatsApp Chat and Tidio allow you and your customers to stay connected and address any queries or concerns promptly.


These must-have Shopify apps for dropshipping beginners cover different aspects of running a successful dropshipping business. Whether you need help with product sourcing, page design, marketing, or boosting sales, there are apps available to streamline and enhance your operations. Choose the apps that best fit your needs, and start growing your dropshipping business today.


  • Discover must-have Shopify apps for dropshipping beginners
  • Explore different categories: product sourcing, page design, marketing, and booster sales
  • Find apps for seamless product sourcing from platforms like AliExpress and SaleHoo
  • Easily design stunning webpages with user-friendly design apps like PageFly and GemPages
  • Enhance your marketing efforts with SEO tools, email marketing, YouTube marketing, and social media marketing
  • Boost sales with product review apps and tools for recovering abandoned carts and providing live chat support


Q: Are these apps suitable for beginners? A: Yes, these apps are beginner-friendly and designed to simplify the dropshipping process for newcomers. They offer user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features.

Q: Are there any costs associated with using these apps? A: Many of these apps offer free versions or trial periods, allowing you to test them before committing. Some may have pricing plans based on the features or usage.

Q: Can I use multiple apps from each category? A: Absolutely! You can choose multiple apps from each category based on your specific needs. It's recommended to test and evaluate different apps to find the ones that work best for your business.

Q: Can these apps be integrated with my existing Shopify store? A: Yes, all the apps mentioned in this article are compatible with Shopify and can be easily integrated into your existing store. Simply install the apps from the Shopify App Store and follow the setup instructions provided by each app.