Discover What's New in Alidropship 2020

Discover What's New in Alidropship 2020

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Alidropship in 2020: What's New and Improved
    • 2.1 Built-in Product Database
    • 2.2 12 New Services for Your Convenience
    • 2.3 Premium Drop Shipping Stores
    • 2.4 Established Stores for Sale
    • 2.5 AliDropship Extension New Features
      • 2.5.1 Updated AliDropship Google Chrome Extension
      • 2.5.2 Insight Features for Better Decision Making
    • 2.6 Seven New Themes for Better Store Design
  3. Conclusion

Alidropship in 2020: What's New and Improved

The world of drop shipping has seen significant growth in recent years. As more people dive into the world of e-commerce, the demand for efficient and cost-effective solutions has increased. Alidropship, one of the leading drop shipping solutions, has been a popular choice for thousands of entrepreneurs. In this article, we will delve into the latest updates and improvements in Alidropship in 2020.

2.1 Built-in Product Database

One of the most significant updates in Alidropship is the implementation of a built-in product database. This update, introduced in 2019, has simplified the product importing experience for users. When importing products from AliExpress, it is common for the original supplier's title and description to be lengthy, inaccurate, or poorly optimized for search engines. To address this issue, Alidropship created a database containing over 50,000 products from trusted sellers. Each item in the database has pre-edited titles, descriptions, and images, ready for import with just one click. The first 50 imports are free of charge, and additional imports can be purchased in packages. Alternatively, for users who prefer manual updating and changing of product copy, Alidropship still allows free product import directly from AliExpress.

2.2 12 New Services for Your Convenience

In 2019, Alidropship expanded its range of services with the addition of 12 new offerings. These services aim to provide comprehensive support in areas such as search engine optimization, banner design, and social media promotion. If you find yourself struggling with any of these aspects, reaching out to the Alidropship team can help bolster your website and ensure its success.

2.3 Premium Drop Shipping Stores

For those looking to save time and effort, Alidropship offers premium drop shipping stores. These stores have been carefully tested and optimized for maximum sales on Facebook. By purchasing an exact copy of one of these stores, you receive a fully functional website with pre-imported and edited drop shipping products. Additionally, a social media advertising strategy can be included to further boost your online business.

2.4 Established Stores for Sale

Starting a business from scratch can be challenging, especially for newcomers. To address this, Alidropship introduced established stores in 2019. These e-commerce sites already have a loyal audience of returning customers and generate stable income. By purchasing an established store, you acquire a ready-made successful business. However, the availability of such stores is limited, and they are in high demand, so acting quickly is crucial.

2.5 AliDropship Extension New Features

The AliDropship Google Chrome Extension has also undergone significant improvements. It now offers new features to ensure a more streamlined and business-savvy experience.

2.5.1 Updated AliDropship Google Chrome Extension

The updated AliDropship Google Chrome Extension allows for direct import from AliExpress. This feature makes the product importing process even more efficient and user-friendly. All it takes is a few clicks to add products to your store.

2.5.2 Insight Features for Better Decision Making

The extension now provides detailed statistics of sellers on AliExpress, including their rating, reliability, and the number of unsatisfied customers. By having access to this information, you can filter and choose suppliers with greater discretion. Furthermore, the extension can display the price fluctuation of a product over time. Monitoring price trends allows you to ensure that you are offering the best deals to your customers. Lastly, the extension provides a preview of customer reviews that contain photos, giving you valuable insights into how real-world customers perceive a product.

2.6 Seven New Themes for Better Store Design

To provide more variety and customization options, Alidropship introduced seven new themes in 2019. These themes, in addition to the existing templates, allow users to quickly and effortlessly create visually appealing store designs. With a wide range of themes to choose from, entrepreneurs can showcase their products in a unique and engaging way.


Alidropship has been continuously improving its drop shipping solution to meet the evolving needs of online entrepreneurs. The updates and improvements in 2020 make Alidropship even more valuable and convenient for users. With a built-in product database, a range of services, premium drop shipping stores, established stores for sale, an updated AliDropship Google Chrome Extension, and new store themes, Alidropship offers a comprehensive solution for those looking to succeed in the world of drop shipping. Continual feedback and improvements ensure that Alidropship remains at the forefront of the industry, providing users with the best tools and support to thrive in their online businesses.


  • Implementation of a built-in product database simplifies product importing experience
  • Addition of 12 new services to bolster website performance and marketing
  • Offer of premium drop shipping stores for quick and effortless business setup
  • Introduction of established stores for those seeking a ready-made business
  • Updated AliDropship Google Chrome Extension with new features and insight capabilities
  • Availability of seven new themes for enhanced store design customization


Q: Is there a monthly subscription fee for using Alidropship? A: No, Alidropship does not require a monthly subscription fee.

Q: Can I import products directly from AliExpress for free? A: Yes, the Alidropship plugin allows for free import of products directly from AliExpress.

Q: Are the first 50 imports from the built-in product database free? A: Yes, the first 50 imports from the built-in product database are completely free of charge.

Q: Can I purchase an established store from Alidropship? A: Yes, Alidropship offers established stores for sale, providing a ready-made successful business.

Q: What are the new features in the updated AliDropship Google Chrome Extension? A: The updated AliDropship Google Chrome Extension includes features such as displaying lower-priced sellers, detailed seller statistics, price fluctuation tracking, and previewing customer reviews with photos.