Discover the Best Australian Dropshipping Suppliers

Discover the Best Australian Dropshipping Suppliers

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Amazon Australia
  3. Color Blocker
  4. TradeMe
  5. Catch
  6. Kogan
  7. MyDeal
  8. CrazySales
  9. Target Australia
  10. Conclusion

Best Australian Drop Shipping Suppliers

Introduction: Drop shipping has become an increasingly popular business model, allowing entrepreneurs to start their own online stores without the need for inventory. If you're looking for the best Australian drop shipping suppliers, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top suppliers in Australia and provide insights into their features, advantages, and how they can benefit your dropshipping business.

1. Amazon Australia When it comes to drop shipping, Amazon Australia is undoubtedly one of the best choices. As the largest e-commerce platform in the country, it provides access to a wide range of top-notch products that you can sell in your store. With the largest collection of products spanning different categories, including best-selling items, Amazon Australia offers one to two days shipping time for eligible items. Moreover, it offers additional perks like Amazon Prime membership, which includes faster shipping and free shipping for prime members. By utilizing Amazon's fast domestic shipping times, you can build a strong customer base and provide excellent customer care with their 24/7 support via phone, chat, or email.

2. Color Blocker For those interested in selling general products, Color Blocker is an ideal drop shipping supplier. They specialize in categories such as kitchen and cookware, home and living, electronics and tech, top trending watches and accessories, and best gift ideas. With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, Color Blocker is known for providing excellent customer service, including speedy replies to inquiries and helpful advice. They also offer free worldwide shipping on orders above a hundred dollars, making it convenient for international customers to purchase from your store.

3. TradeMe TradeMe is a New Zealand-based e-commerce trading site that allows users to buy and sell anything from real estate to collectibles, both new and used. While primarily based in New Zealand, it offers a wide selection of products from multiple popular categories. Although membership is limited to New Zealand and Australian residents, this presents an advantage of low competition, increasing your chances of becoming an exclusive reseller of TradeMe products in the Australian market. Additionally, with plenty of sellers located in Australia, you can offer domestic shipping options on their items, enhancing the overall customer experience.

4. Catch Established in 2006, Catch Australia is one of the top e-commerce sites in Australia with millions of monthly visitors. Catch offers a curated marketplace made specifically for Australians, providing a large selection of products from various categories. Their robust local fulfillment ensures fast domestic shipping times, and they offer exclusive member benefits through Club Catch. By partnering with Catch, you can tap into their extensive product range, reduce merchandise and shipping costs, and maximize your profit margins.

5. Kogan Kogan is an Australian retail marketplace with high daily sales. It is an excellent platform to find popular products in various categories. Kogan offers fast domestic shipping times, exclusive deals for members (Kogan First), and a wide range of products, including self-branded items. With over 10 million products available, you can find profitable niches to sell in your store. Signing up for Kogan First gives you access to free shipping, exclusive discounts, priority customer care, and annual gift cards – providing a holistic experience for you and your customers.

6. MyDeal MyDeal is another major retailer covering all of Australia, with a primary focus on home and lifestyle products. They offer a user-friendly website, a refund guarantee policy, and a large selection of high-quality products. Although limited to home and lifestyle products, MyDeal boasts millions of products in categories such as garden, kids, fashion, electronics, and more. Their refund guarantee policy provides added assurance for both you and your customers, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience.

7. CrazySales CrazySales is an Australian domestic marketplace that caters to price-conscious buyers by offering heavily discounted products. While providing loads of bargains across a wide range of categories, they also support drop shipping and commit to shipping products directly to your customers. With an extensive selection of products and dedicated customer care and support teams, CrazySales ensures a positive buying experience. Moreover, they offer fast shipping times and even reimburse for custom duties, making it a great option for hassle-free drop shipping.

8. Target Australia Target Australia is another excellent drop shipping supplier that focuses on selling discounted products, including women's apparel, baby products, and kitchenware. They offer great offers and discounts on a wide range of products, ensuring competitive prices for your customers. With fast domestic shipping times, free delivery for orders above a certain amount, and excellent post-sales customer care, Target Australia is an attractive choice for drop shippers prioritizing affordability and convenience.

Conclusion: When starting a dropshipping business in Australia, it is crucial to choose the right suppliers that align with your goals and customer preferences. In this article, we've discussed some of the top Australian drop shipping suppliers, each with their unique advantages and features. By partnering with these suppliers, you can offer a wide variety of products, benefit from fast domestic shipping times, and provide exceptional customer service. Whether you choose Amazon Australia, Color Blocker, TradeMe, Catch, Kogan, MyDeal, CrazySales, Target Australia, or any other supplier, make sure to select the one that best suits your business needs and customer demands.


  1. Discover the top Australian drop shipping suppliers
  2. Detailed insights into each supplier's features and advantages
  3. Benefit from fast domestic shipping times and excellent customer service
  4. Wide selection of products across various categories
  5. Trusted and well-established suppliers with millions of satisfied customers
  6. Maximize profit margins by reducing merchandise and shipping costs


Q: Are these drop shipping suppliers exclusive to Australia? A: While some suppliers are primarily based in Australia or New Zealand, they often offer domestic shipping options, making them suitable for Australian drop shippers. Additionally, many of these suppliers support international shipping, allowing you to cater to a global customer base.

Q: How can I ensure a seamless customer experience with these suppliers? A: Each supplier mentioned in the article prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering fast shipping times, excellent customer care, and hassle-free returns policies. By selecting a reliable supplier and maintaining open communication, you can address any potential issues promptly and ensure a positive shopping experience for your customers.

Q: Are these suppliers suitable for beginners in the dropshipping business? A: Yes, these suppliers cater to drop shippers of all experience levels. They offer user-friendly platforms, extensive product ranges, and support services to assist beginners in setting up their dropshipping stores. Additionally, their established reputations provide a level of trust and reliability for both you and your customers.