Achieve $3,000 in 12 Hours Dropshipping with Zero Investment

Achieve $3,000 in 12 Hours Dropshipping with Zero Investment

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding a Saturated Product
  3. The Power of General Products
  4. Incorporating a Chat System
  5. Making Sales Videos
  6. Fulfilling Orders with CJ Drop Shipping
  7. Conclusion



In this article, I'm going to show you how I made $3,570 in 12 hours with dropshipping, without spending any money on ads. I know there are people out there showing off better numbers, but I wanted to share this because it's a great strategy for those starting a store without a budget for advertising. So let me guide you through the step-by-step process of how I achieved these results.

Finding a Saturated Product

The first step to success is finding a saturated product. You might think that's counterintuitive, but let me explain why. By targeting a saturated market, you can outperform your competition and dominate the market. When I find a store selling the same product, I know I can beat them with my superior marketing skills.

Another important aspect is choosing a general product. This way, you can reach a larger audience and leverage platforms like TikTok, where going general is more effective than going niche. The idea is to rely on your marketing skills to sell the product, rather than relying on the product itself.

The Power of General Products

Let's compare two examples to illustrate the power of general products. The first one is a beauty neck device, which is currently trending on TikTok. I sold this product and made $400 in profit using TikTok ads. Not bad, but here's the interesting part. I also sold eyelashes and made $100,000 in profit. The reason is simple – eyelashes are a general product that appeals to a wider audience. Everyone wants eyelashes, so the market potential is huge. In contrast, the beauty neck device is more niche, limiting its appeal and sales potential.

When choosing your products, consider what everyone is using. Selling something that is already popular makes it easier to sell. It eliminates the need to explain a new and unfamiliar product to potential customers.

Incorporating a Chat System

Having a chat system in your store is crucial for success. Customers will have questions, and if those questions go unanswered, they won't buy. A chat system increases conversions by allowing customers to ask their questions immediately. One highly recommended chat app is Tidio. It offers ready-to-go chat templates and can be installed on your store in less than 10 minutes.

While using chat apps is convenient, I encourage you to answer questions personally when starting with a limited budget. This way, you can better understand your customers and sell to them more effectively. However, if you have the resources, utilizing chatbots can be beneficial as well.

Making Sales Videos

The next step to success is making sales videos. It's important to have a mix of viral videos and sales videos on your TikTok profile. Viral videos attract traffic, while sales videos convert that traffic into sales. It's a funnel approach where viral videos lead to the sales videos.

For sales videos, follow this formula: start with a hook, mention the problem, introduce the product, highlight the benefits, showcase results, and end with a strong call to action. The call to action should direct viewers to your pinned sales video for more information, which then drives them to make a purchase.

Creating compelling sales videos is essential for converting views into sales. Don't solely focus on going viral, as viral videos alone won't generate significant sales.

Fulfilling Orders with CJ Drop Shipping

Once you start getting sales, you need to fulfill those orders promptly. While AliExpress is an option, I recommend using CJ Drop Shipping for better shipping times and competitive prices. CJ Drop Shipping is like AliExpress, but with faster shipping and diverse warehouses worldwide.

By utilizing CJ Drop Shipping, you can deliver products to customers within a week or less, which enhances customer satisfaction. The US warehouse is particularly advantageous for selling in the US market. However, keep in mind that certain products may have limited inventory in specific warehouses.

Remember to price your products accordingly to accommodate shipping costs and include a healthy profit margin. Always prioritize customer experience and aim to build long-term relationships with recurring customers.


In conclusion, it is possible to achieve substantial results in dropshipping without spending money on ads. By identifying saturated and general products, incorporating a chat system, creating effective sales videos, and partnering with reliable suppliers like CJ Drop Shipping, you can build a successful dropshipping business.

Remember, success in dropshipping depends on marketing skills and understanding your target audience. Adapt to the latest trends, utilize social media platforms, and provide a seamless customer experience. With dedication and strategic execution, you can achieve financial freedom through dropshipping. So why wait? Start implementing these strategies and watch your business thrive.


  • Utilizing saturated products for competitive advantage
  • Leveraging general products for a larger market appeal
  • Engaging with customers through chat systems for increased conversions
  • Crafting compelling sales videos to convert views into sales
  • Partnering with CJ Drop Shipping for faster fulfillment times


  • Limited inventory in specific warehouses of CJ Drop Shipping


  • Learn how to make $3,570 in 12 hours with dropshipping, without spending on ads
  • Find success by targeting saturated and general products
  • Incorporate a chat system for better customer engagement and conversions
  • Create effective sales videos to drive sales on TikTok
  • Fulfill orders efficiently using CJ Drop Shipping's diverse warehouses
  • Succeed in dropshipping through strategic marketing and understanding of customer needs


Q: How much money did the author make in 12 hours with dropshipping?

A: The author made $3,570 in 12 hours without spending money on ads.

Q: Why is it recommended to choose a general product for dropshipping?

A: General products appeal to a wider audience, making them easier to sell and market effectively.

Q: What is the importance of incorporating a chat system in a dropshipping store?

A: A chat system allows customers to ask questions and receive immediate answers, increasing conversions and customer satisfaction.

Q: What is the suggested approach for creating sales videos on TikTok?

A: Sales videos should follow a formula that includes a hook, problem identification, product introduction, highlighting benefits, showcasing results, and ending with a strong call to action.

Q: What is CJ Drop Shipping, and why is it recommended?

A: CJ Drop Shipping is a dropshipping platform that offers faster shipping times and competitive prices compared to AliExpress. It allows for efficient order fulfillment, enhancing customer experience.

Q: Are there any limitations to consider when using CJ Drop Shipping?

A: CJ Drop Shipping may have limited inventory in specific warehouses, so it's important to check availability for desired products.