Boost Your Dropshipping Business with a Private Supplier

Boost Your Dropshipping Business with a Private Supplier

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of Using a Private Drop Shipping Agent 2.1 Quotation Process 2.2 App Connection 2.3 Order Management 2.4 Customer Relationships 2.5 Custom Branded Packaging
  3. Setting Up BBC's Private Drop Shipping Agent Service 3.1 Connecting Your Shopify Store 3.2 Requesting a Quotation 3.3 Inventory Management 3.4 Order Fulfillment
  4. Conclusion


In the competitive world of dropshipping, finding ways to stand out from your competitors is crucial. One effective strategy is to work with a private dropshipping agent. This allows you to source products at a lower cost, offer a wider variety of products, provide better quality items, ensure faster shipping times, and even have custom-branded packaging. However, for beginners, it can be challenging to find a private dropshipping agent. In this article, we will explore how you can find a private dropshipping agent, even if you're a beginner. We will also discuss the benefits of using BBC Drop Shipping as your private agent, as well as guide you through setting up their service for your dropshipping store.

Benefits of Using a Private Drop Shipping Agent

2.1 Quotation Process

When working with a private dropshipping agent, the first step is usually sending them the products you plan to sell or are already selling. They will then provide you with a quotation, including the product cost and shipping price based on the countries you intend to target. Most agents offer only one quote from a single supplier. However, BBC Drop Shipping stands out by providing three quotes from three different suppliers, giving you more options to choose from. Additionally, BBC goes the extra mile by conducting quality checks on the products they source, ensuring that you offer only high-quality items to your customers.

2.2 App Connection

To efficiently manage inventory, orders, and shipping details, most dropshipping agents connect an app to your Shopify store. However, many of these apps are in Chinese, making it challenging to understand and navigate them. BBC Drop Shipping sets itself apart by offering an app with an English interface, making it easier for you to track inventory, manage orders, and access essential information without relying on translations.

2.3 Order Management

Once the app is connected, your private dropshipping agent can view and manage all the orders that come through your store. They will handle order fulfillment, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. Additionally, with BBC Drop Shipping, you can build a strong relationship with your customers. Their prompt order fulfillment, higher product quality, and accurate tracking details help establish trust and customer satisfaction. This, in turn, leads to more repeat customers, referrals, and increased profits for your store.

2.4 Customer Relationships

Working with a dropshipping agent allows you to focus on building better relationships with your customers. By streamlining the order process and ensuring faster shipping times, you can enhance the overall customer experience. With BBC Drop Shipping, their dedicated agents provide personalized support, meaning you have a single point of contact for all your inquiries and assistance. This streamlined communication further improves your customer relationships.

2.5 Custom Branded Packaging

Custom branded packaging adds a professional touch to your dropshipping business and helps you establish a strong brand identity. While most dropshipping agents require a minimum order quantity for custom packaging, BBC Drop Shipping offers the advantage of a small minimum order quantity, allowing beginners to start with custom packaging from day one. Their in-house photography team also helps to enhance product listings by providing attractive and professional product images.

Setting Up BBC's Private Drop Shipping Agent Service

3.1 Connecting Your Shopify Store

To start using BBC Drop Shipping's private agent service, you need to connect your Shopify store to their platform. This can be done easily through their app. Once you register and log in to your account, you can navigate to the app section and follow the steps to add their app to your store. However, BBC's dropshipping agents will often assist you in this process, ensuring a seamless setup.

3.2 Requesting a Quotation

Once your store is connected, you can request quotations from BBC's dropshipping agents. Simply send them the product links you plan to sell, and they will provide you with several quotes from different suppliers. This allows you to compare prices and choose the most suitable option for your store.

3.3 Inventory Management

After receiving and accepting a quotation, your private dropshipping agent will add the requested products to your inventory. You can manage your inventory through BBC's platform, where you can see available stock and any products in transit. For beginners, BBC allows a minimum order quantity of one, giving you the flexibility to start small and scale as your store grows.

3.4 Order Fulfillment

One of the significant advantages of using a private dropshipping agent like BBC is that they handle order fulfillment for you. By granting them permission to access your Shopify store, the agent can fulfill orders, update tracking details, and manage the shipping process. This automation saves you time and ensures a more efficient order fulfillment process.


Working with a private dropshipping agent, such as BBC Drop Shipping, provides numerous benefits for your dropshipping business. From superior product quality to faster shipping times and streamlined order management, using a private agent allows you to stand out from your competitors and build stronger customer relationships. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can set up BBC's private agent service for your dropshipping store and experience the advantages it offers. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost the success of your dropshipping business and provide an exceptional customer experience.


  • Working with a private dropshipping agent sets your store apart from competitors.
  • BBC Drop Shipping offers cost-effective sourcing, a wide variety of products, and better quality items.
  • Their private agent service provides faster shipping times and custom-branded packaging.
  • BBC's quotes come from multiple suppliers, ensuring competitive pricing and quality checks.
  • The app connection is user-friendly, with an English interface for easy inventory management.
  • Order management and fulfillment are streamlined, building better customer relationships.
  • BBC's service includes personalized support and a dedicated agent for assistance.
  • Custom branded packaging is available with a minimal order quantity for beginners.
  • Setting up BBC's service involves connecting your store and requesting quotations.
  • Their platform allows efficient inventory management and automated order fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Can I start using BBC Drop Shipping's private agent service as a beginner? A: Absolutely! BBC Drop Shipping is one of the few private dropshipping agents that doesn't require a minimum order quantity. Beginners can start with just one item and gradually scale their inventory.

Q: How does BBC ensure product quality? A: Unlike other agents who select similar products without testing quality, BBC performs quality checks on the items they source. This ensures that you only offer high-quality products to your customers, reducing the likelihood of refunds or chargebacks.

Q: What makes BBC Drop Shipping's app connection stand out? A: Unlike other agents that use Chinese apps for inventory management, BBC's app has an English interface. This makes it easier for you to navigate and track your store's inventory, orders, and shipping details without language barriers.

Q: Can I establish a long-term relationship with my private agent at BBC Drop Shipping? A: Yes, BBC assigns you a dedicated agent who will be your main point of contact. This single agent will assist you throughout your business journey, ensuring consistent and personalized support.

Q: How can I set up custom branded packaging for my store? A: BBC Drop Shipping offers custom branded packaging, and the minimum order quantity is relatively small (50 to 100 pieces). As your business grows, you can contact your agent to discuss adding custom packaging to enhance your brand identity.

Q: Does BBC Drop Shipping automate the fulfillment process? A: Yes, once you grant permission to your private agent, they will handle order fulfillment and update tracking details directly on your Shopify store. This automation saves you time and ensures a seamless order fulfillment process.

Q: What are the shipping times offered by BBC Drop Shipping? A: BBC provides fast shipping times for customer satisfaction. Depending on the shipping method you choose, you can expect delivery within 5 to 12 days to the US, 3 to 8 days to the UK, and 6 to 8 days to Europe.

Q: How can I track and manage my inventory with BBC's private agent service? A: Using the app provided by BBC, you can easily track your inventory, stock availability, and products in transit. This helps you manage your inventory efficiently and make informed decisions regarding restocking.

Q: Can I use BBC's private dropshipping agent service with a WooCommerce store? A: Yes, BBC's private agent service can be used with both Shopify and WooCommerce stores. Simply follow the instructions on their platform to connect your WooCommerce store and start utilizing their services.