10 Must-Have Summer Products! Stay Cool and Trendy

10 Must-Have Summer Products! Stay Cool and Trendy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gallon Water Bottle
  3. Rechargeable Fan Neckband
  4. Silicone Back Scrub
  5. Aqua Shoe Socks
  6. Hoodie for Cat Lovers
  7. Slimming Belt
  8. Fruit Juicer
  9. Women Shoulder Bag
  10. LED Strip Lights
  11. Car Storage Box
  12. Conclusion


Welcome to the Ally dropship Channel! In this video, we will introduce you to 10 hot dropshipping products that are perfect to sell during the summer of 2020. We have analyzed market trends, popular products from Facebook ads, and our own experience running dropshipping stores. Keep watching to discover these summer must-haves that can boost your online store's sales.

Gallon Water Bottle

When it comes to summer, hydration is key. That's why a gallon water bottle is a great product to offer in your online store. This clear water jug with fun inscriptions to mark water consumption throughout the day is a popular choice among customers. Add this summer essential to your store to trigger impulse purchases from thirsty shoppers.

Rechargeable Fan Neckband

Staying cool in the scorching summer heat is essential. Offer your customers the convenience of a rechargeable fan neckband. With the power of two fans right on their necks, they can beat the summer heat wherever they go. This neck fan can be easily charged through a mini USB and has been selling like crazy through Facebook ads.

Silicone Back Scrub

Sweating all day under the summer sun can leave your back feeling rough and clogged. That's why a silicone back scrub is another hot dropshipping product for the summer of 2020. Provide your shoppers with this bath time essential to help freshen up and take care of their back skin. It's an eco-friendly solution that's perfect for afternoons spent outdoors.

Aqua Shoe Socks

For water enthusiasts, aqua shoe socks are a must-have accessory. These durable and non-slip socks are perfect for swimming, surfing, fishing, and other water activities. Keep in mind that this product is purely seasonal, so if you want to make money with it, add it to your store now before the summer ends.

Hoodie for Cat Lovers

Even during summer, fashion products continue to sell well. Cat lovers will appreciate this cute hoodie with various design options. Whether they're indoors with the air conditioning on full blast or enjoying a night at the beach, this hoodie is a top pick. Its popularity among teenagers and adults makes it an ideal summer staple for dropshipping.

Slimming Belt

Just because there's a lockdown doesn't mean people want to abandon looking good. As parks and beaches reopen, many individuals strive to keep their bodies in shape. A slimming belt is a top seller that we've seen from Facebook ads. It's a great addition to your dropshipping store's inventory, helping customers achieve their fitness goals while looking stylish.

Fruit Juicer

Handheld fruit juicers are incredibly popular this summer. This simple tool requires no electricity and is easier to clean than electrical juicers. Customers can use it to juice limes, strawberries, and other fruits for refreshing summer margaritas or dinner recipes. Its versatility and practicality make it a must-have item for summertime dining and entertaining.

Women Shoulder Bag

In the world of fashion accessories, the latest trend is the slim and portable women's shoulder bag. With its simple yet elegant design, this bag offers style and functionality at a great value. It's a hot item that's in demand right now, especially among fashion-conscious women. Adding it to your store can score big and attract shoppers who want to stay on-trend.

LED Strip Lights

With the impact of COVID-19, people are focusing on products that make their lives more comfortable. LED strip lights are a perfect example of this trend. They can create a cozy and inviting patio or living room with these easy-to-install lights. With LED bulbs in multiple color schemes, customers can find the perfect lighting solution for designing their own comfortable space.

Car Storage Box

Last but not least, we have the convenient car organizer console. This car accessory has been selling like crazy across multiple dropshipping sites. It's a hot item that makes organizing a car a breeze. Whether your customers need extra storage space or want to keep their essentials within reach, this car storage box is a must-have product to sell right now.


In this video, we have presented 10 hot dropshipping products that are popular during the summer of 2020. From gallon water bottles to car storage boxes, these items have proven to be in high demand. Adding them to your online store can attract customers and boost your sales. Keep an eye on our blog's niches and products section for more tips and recommendations. And don't forget to check out our services for eye-catching video ads and images that can enhance your dropshipping business.