$0-$6,000 Dropshipping in 7 Days with $1

$0-$6,000 Dropshipping in 7 Days with $1

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding a Product on TikTok
  3. Building a Website using Shopify
  4. Creating an Advertisement on TikTok
  5. Driving Traffic to Your Store
  6. Calculating Profit Margins
  7. Conclusion

Introduction Dropshipping is a popular method of making money online, and in this article, I will be sharing my personal experience of how I was able to generate over six thousand dollars in just seven days using dropshipping. The best part? I didn't spend a single dollar on paid advertising. Instead, I used TikTok to post videos and gain millions of views, which resulted in huge revenue. In this article, I will walk you through every step of the process, from finding the right product to driving traffic to your store.

Finding a Product on TikTok To start a dropshipping store, you need to have a product. I utilized TikTok to find the perfect product for my store. Instead of using popular hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit, I used a method called the "burner method." This involved scrolling through TikTok, interacting with posts that featured products. By liking, sharing, and commenting on these posts, I was able to prompt the TikTok algorithm to show me more product-related content. Through this method, I stumbled upon an Anxiety Relief product that had millions of views and a high demand. I found the product on AliExpress for $18, which allowed me to charge $44.99 on my store and still maintain a healthy profit margin.

Building a Website using Shopify Once you have found the product, the next step is to build your online store. I used Shopify to create a website for my dropshipping business. I named my brand "Chill Pals" and focused on creating a user-friendly website. I added elements like a sticky "add to cart" button that follows the customers as they scroll down the page. I also included custom content and product descriptions to differentiate my store from competitors. High-quality product images were added to showcase the product and its benefits. Additionally, I included a "frequently bought together" section and a "frequently asked questions" block to increase conversions.

Creating an Advertisement on TikTok With the website set up, it was time to drive traffic to my store. I opened a TikTok account dedicated to promoting my dropshipping business. I posted videos consistently, two to three times a day, to attract viewers. To ensure the best chances of going viral, I incorporated three key elements into each video: an attention-grabbing hook, a product description, and a call to action. By leveraging these components, one of my videos reached over 3 million views, resulting in significant sales.

Driving Traffic to Your Store Apart from TikTok, I also used Instagram to drive traffic to my store, but I'll primarily focus on TikTok in this article. After setting up my TikTok account, I added the product page link to my bio to direct users to my store. I continued to post engaging videos and utilized the attention-grabbing hook, product description, and call to action formula. The engagement and views generated from these videos translated into thousands of dollars in sales for my store. The best part is that all the marketing was done organically, meaning the profit margins were around 50-70%.

Calculating Profit Margins At the end of the seven-day period, my dropshipping store generated a gross revenue of $6,045.74. However, after deducting the product costs, which amounted to $2,574, my net profit was $3,471.74. The reason for such high profit margins was the utilization of free organic traffic methods on TikTok and Instagram. If you choose to use paid methods, such as Facebook ads, the profit margins may be around 20-30%. The low cost of starting a dropshipping business makes it accessible to anyone interested in making money online.

Conclusion As demonstrated by my personal experience, dropshipping can be a lucrative business venture with the potential for high profits. By leveraging platforms like TikTok and Shopify, you can start a dropshipping store without needing a large upfront investment. The key to success lies in finding the right product, building an attractive website, creating compelling advertisements, and driving traffic to your store. With consistency and the right strategies, you can achieve impressive results in a short amount of time.


  • Generated over $6,000 in just seven days using dropshipping without spending money on paid advertising.
  • Leveraged TikTok to find a high-demand product and AliExpress to source it at a reasonable price.
  • Used Shopify to build a user-friendly website for the dropshipping store named "Chill Pals."
  • Utilized TikTok to drive free organic traffic to the store by posting engaging videos consistently.
  • Calculated a profit margin of over 50% by relying on organic marketing methods.

FAQ: Q: Can I start dropshipping with a limited budget? A: Yes, dropshipping allows you to start with a small investment as you don't need to hold inventory or pay for upfront production costs.

Q: Is TikTok the only platform to drive traffic? A: No, while TikTok proved highly effective for me, you can also use other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook to promote your store.

Q: How do I find the right product for my dropshipping store? A: Explore various sources like TikTok, Instagram, or niche-specific websites for product ideas. Look for products with high demand and a reasonable profit margin.

Q: Is it necessary to use paid advertising for dropshipping? A: No, while paid advertising can be effective, it is not necessary to succeed in dropshipping. TikTok and other social media platforms offer ample opportunities for free organic traffic.

Q: Can I expand my dropshipping business with the profits generated? A: Absolutely, the profits you earn can be reinvested into paid advertising, hiring influencers, or diversifying the product range to scale your dropshipping business.