$0-$110,000 In 90 Days Dropshipping: Product Reveal

$0-$110,000 In 90 Days Dropshipping: Product Reveal

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding the Perfect Product
  3. Building the Website
  4. Creating a Strategy
  5. The First 30 Days
  6. Gaining Traction
  7. Going Viral
  8. Sustaining the Momentum
  9. Analyzing the Profits
  10. Conclusion


Introduction Starting a new business can be challenging, especially when you have limited resources and are relying solely on social media for promotion. However, with the right strategy and determination, success is possible. In this article, we will explore the journey of a business that made $110,000 in just a few months without running any paid ads.

Finding the Perfect Product The first and most crucial step in dropshipping is finding the perfect product to sell. It's essential to look for something that is already popular and in high demand. By researching social media and online comments, you can identify products that people want to buy. In this case, the business owners found a portable makeup travel bag that had already gone viral and had positive reviews. They were able to source the product at a competitive price, giving them a significant profit margin.

Building the Website A well-designed website is crucial for any online business. The business owners used Shopify to create a simple and appealing website for their cosmetic brand. They utilized a free theme called Sense and added images, product variants, and compelling graphics to highlight the benefits of the makeup travel bag. The website was designed to be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Creating a Strategy With their product and website in place, the business owners needed a plan of action to promote their brand. Since they had limited competition, they focused on utilizing popular beauty product trends and posting engaging content on TikTok and Instagram. By posting consistently and using different hooks and marketing angles, they aimed to increase their chances of going viral.

The First 30 Days Despite their initial efforts, the first few weeks were challenging. The business owners struggled to generate significant views and sales. However, they remained patient and continued to tweak their strategy. Toward the end of the first month, they started gaining traction and experienced their first $2,000 day. This success gave them the confidence to keep pushing forward.

Gaining Traction As the business owners explored new video ideas and followed viral trends, they achieved back-to-back $4,000 days. They discovered that broad and relatable content performed exceptionally well, capturing the attention of millions of viewers. With consistent posting and innovative hooks, their sales steadily increased, reaching $30,000 in the second month.

Going Viral The turning point for this business came when they created a video that resonated with a wide audience. By addressing a common problem faced by women, they attracted millions of views and gained widespread attention. This viral video became the catalyst for their success, leading to a staggering $70,600 in sales for the final 30 days.

Sustaining the Momentum With the momentum on their side, the business owners maintained their consistent posting schedule. By trying different sounds and video ideas, they capitalized on their newfound popularity. This sustained effort resulted in another viral video, driving their total sales to an impressive $110,000.

Analyzing the Profits While the revenue was impressive, it's essential to consider the expenses and profits. With a 66% profit margin and careful cost management, the business achieved an outstanding profit of $72,600. By using tools like the True Profit app, they could accurately track expenses, ensuring the sustainability and growth of their business.

Conclusion The journey from $0 to $110,000 in just a few months showcases the power of persistence and effective social media marketing. By finding the perfect product, creating a compelling website, and implementing a solid strategy, this business achieved remarkable success. Remember, success may not happen overnight, but with determination and consistency, you too can turn a small investment into a thriving venture.


  • Starting a business without running paid ads
  • Importance of finding the perfect product
  • Building an appealing website using Shopify
  • Creating a strategy for social media promotion
  • Overcoming initial challenges and staying consistent
  • Going viral by utilizing popular beauty trends
  • Sustaining success through consistent posting
  • Analyzing profits and managing expenses
  • Valuable lessons in persistence and determination
  • The potential for remarkable success in dropshipping


Q: How much did the business owners initially invest in their store? A: They started with less than $100.

Q: What was the crucial step in finding the right product? A: They focused on finding a product that was already popular and in high demand.

Q: Did the business owners face any challenges in the first few weeks? A: Yes, they struggled to generate significant views and sales initially.

Q: How did the business owners go from a slow start to making $110,000? A: They remained consistent, tweaked their strategy, and eventually created viral videos that drove sales.

Q: What profit margin did the business achieve? A: They achieved a remarkable 66% profit margin.

Q: Is it possible to replicate this success in dropshipping? A: While success is never guaranteed, with determination, the right strategy, and understanding of market trends, it is possible to achieve significant results.