Unveiling Athletic Greens' Successful Ecommerce Strategies

Unveiling Athletic Greens' Successful Ecommerce Strategies

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the "Ecom Ball" series
  3. Analyzing the business: Athletic Greens 3.1. Traffic sources: Google Ads and Facebook Ads 3.2. Front-end offer strategy 3.3. Building credibility with scientific backing 3.4. Using offer stack images 3.5. Subscription options and quantity discounts 3.6. Addressing common objections 3.7. Testimonials and social proof 3.8. The importance of a simple checkout page 3.9. Missed opportunities for upselling
  4. Conclusion
  5. About the Ecom Vault series
  6. Accessing the templates on storefunnels.net
  7. Your empire starts now!

Article Heading: Unveiling the Strategies behind Athletic Greens' Successful Ecommerce Business


Welcome to another episode of our new series, Ecom Ball, where we dive deep into successful ecommerce businesses to uncover their strategies. In today's video, we will be analyzing Athletic Greens, a popular brand in the health and wellness industry. By studying their tactics, we aim to provide you with a template that you can use to model your own business and attract more customers. So, if you're ready to learn from industry leaders, hit that like button, subscribe, and let's get started!

  1. Overview of the "Ecom Ball" series

The Ecom Ball series is dedicated to exploring different ecommerce businesses and decoding their success. By examining established brands, we aim to provide entrepreneurs like you with valuable insights and strategies that can help you achieve your own success. In each episode, we will dissect the tactics used by these businesses, giving you a step-by-step breakdown of their sales funnels, customer acquisition strategies, and more.

  1. Analyzing the business: Athletic Greens

In this episode, we will focus on Athletic Greens, a prominent player in the health supplement market. We will delve into their marketing strategies, website layout, and sales funnel to uncover the secrets behind their success. Let's start by looking at their traffic sources.

3.1 Traffic sources: Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Athletic Greens leverages both Google Ads and Facebook Ads to drive traffic to their website. This multi-channel approach allows them to reach a wider audience and maximize their visibility. By targeting potential customers on these platforms, they can effectively generate leads and increase conversions.

3.2 Front-end offer strategy

One of the key techniques Athletic Greens employs is focusing on a single front-end offer. Despite having a wide range of products, they prioritize selling one specific item to avoid overwhelming their customers. By leading with a compelling front-end offer, they can capture the attention of their target audience and entice them to make a purchase.

3.3 Building credibility with scientific backing

To instill confidence in their product, Athletic Greens emphasizes the scientific research and high-quality ingredients behind their supplements. By highlighting their commitment to strict standards and continuous improvement based on the latest scientific findings, they establish credibility and reassure potential customers of the product's efficacy.

3.4 Using offer stack images

Athletic Greens employs visually appealing offer stack images to showcase the features and benefits of their product. These images create a sense of lifestyle and highlight the value customers will receive from their purchase. By presenting a visually enticing image, customers can envision themselves using the product and are more likely to make a purchase.

3.5 Subscription options and quantity discounts

To encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases, Athletic Greens offers subscription options. By subscribing, customers receive a discount and additional benefits such as freebies or exclusive access. Additionally, the company strategically uses quantity discounts to incentivize customers to buy more products, thus increasing their order value.

3.6 Addressing common objections

During the sales process, customers often have objections or concerns. Athletic Greens effectively addresses these objections by providing clear information and emphasizing key selling points like being gluten-free, sugar-free, and suitable for various diets. By proactively addressing potential doubts, they build trust with customers.

3.7 Testimonials and social proof

Athletic Greens leverages the power of social proof by featuring testimonials from influential figures within their niche, such as Tim Ferriss. Testimonials from well-known individuals help build trust and credibility, showing potential customers that the product has received validation from respected sources.

3.8 The importance of a simple checkout page

Athletic Greens excels in providing a simple and user-friendly checkout page. By keeping the checkout process streamlined, they reduce friction and make it easy for customers to complete their purchase. However, they miss an opportunity to upsell additional products or accessories at this stage, which could further increase their revenue.

3.9 Missed opportunities for upselling

While Athletic Greens focuses on a single front-end offer, there are missed opportunities for upselling related products or accessories. By adding upsells and cross-sells in the checkout process or on the thank you page, they could have capitalized on customers' buying intent and potentially increased their average order value.

  1. Conclusion

Analyzing the strategies employed by Athletic Greens provides valuable insights into effective ecommerce practices. By implementing similar tactics in your own business, such as focusing on a strong front-end offer, building credibility, and using offer stack images, you can attract more customers and increase your conversions. Remember, the key is to understand your target audience, address their objections, and create a seamless buying experience.

  1. About the Ecom Vault series

The Ecom Vault series is designed to help ecommerce entrepreneurs like you gain insights and inspiration from successful businesses. Through in-depth analysis, we break down their strategies, uncover their secrets to success, and provide you with actionable steps to apply to your own ventures. Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your existing business, this series is here to support your growth.

  1. Accessing the templates on storefunnels.net

As part of our commitment to making your life easier, we provide pre-built templates on storefunnels.net. By accessing the templates section and searching for the "Ecom Vault" folder, you can find the exact templates used by businesses analyzed in the Ecom Ball series. Sign up now and start using these proven templates to accelerate your success.

  1. Your empire starts now!

Now that you have gained valuable insights into the strategies of Athletic Greens and learned how to apply these tactics to your own ecommerce business, it's time to take action. Implement the techniques discussed, experiment with different approaches, and watch your empire grow. Remember, success is within your reach, and your journey begins today.


  • Learn from the strategies employed by successful ecommerce businesses like Athletic Greens
  • Focusing on a single front-end offer to capture customer attention
  • Building credibility with scientific research and high-quality ingredients
  • Utilizing visually appealing offer stack images to enhance product appeal
  • Encouraging customer loyalty with subscription options and quantity discounts
  • Addressing common objections and building trust with potential customers
  • Leveraging social proof through testimonials from influential figures
  • Streamlining the checkout process for a seamless buying experience
  • Exploring missed opportunities for upselling in the sales funnel
  • Access proven templates from the Ecom Vault series on storefunnels.net


Q: How can I access the templates from the Ecom Vault series? A: You can find the templates used in the Ecom Vault series by signing up on storefunnels.net. Once you are a member, search for the "Ecom Vault" folder in the templates section, and you will have access to the pre-built templates.

Q: Can I apply the strategies discussed in Athletic Greens to my own business? A: Absolutely! By understanding the tactics employed by Athletic Greens, you can apply similar strategies to your own ecommerce business. Focus on a strong front-end offer, build credibility, address customer objections, and provide a seamless buying experience to attract more customers and increase conversions.

Q: Is it necessary to offer subscription options in my ecommerce business? A: While offering subscription options can help increase customer loyalty and generate recurring revenue, it is not mandatory. Consider the nature of your products and your target audience's preferences when deciding whether to implement subscription options in your business.

Q: How can I leverage social proof in my ecommerce business? A: Social proof can be leveraged by featuring testimonials or endorsements from influential individuals in your niche. By highlighting positive experiences and showcasing the credibility of your product or service, you can build trust with potential customers and increase conversions.