Top 5 Fast Shipping Dropshipping Suppliers in 2022

Top 5 Fast Shipping Dropshipping Suppliers in 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Reliable Suppliers in dropshipping
  3. Supplier 1: Eprolo
  4. Supplier 2: Za Dropshipping
  5. Supplier 3: Dropstore
  6. Supplier 4: ShopStar
  7. Supplier 5: Mentality
  8. How to Choose the Right Supplier for Your Dropshipping Business
  9. Tips for Successful Dropshipping
  10. Conclusion

The Importance of Reliable Suppliers in Dropshipping

In the world of dropshipping, finding reliable suppliers is crucial to the success of your business. The quality and timeliness of product delivery directly impact customer satisfaction and your reputation as a seller. With the abundance of suppliers available, it can be challenging to decide which ones to work with. This article will introduce you to five suppliers and provide insights on their features, advantages, and limitations, helping you make an informed decision for your dropshipping venture.

Supplier 1: Eprolo

Eprolo is a trustworthy supplier that offers a wide range of products for dropshippers. They pride themselves on having various express shipping channels, ensuring timely delivery to customers worldwide. With an average shipping time of 5 to 15 days, Eprolo understands the importance of prompt product delivery. Additionally, Eprolo provides a free app for Shopify dropshippers, simplifying the process of importing and selling products on your Shopify store. They offer a 30-day shipping guarantee, promising a full refund if they fail to meet the delivery date. Eprolo is an excellent choice for dropshippers looking for reliable and efficient service.

Supplier 2: Za Dropshipping

Za Dropshipping focuses on providing fast shipping from their South African warehouses to customers within 2 to 8 days. While they currently only support linking to Shopify stores, they offer a range of products and features for dropshippers. It is important to note that Za Dropshipping has a monthly fee of 299 Rand. If you are considering working with a South African supplier and require quick shipping times, Za Dropshipping is a viable option.

Supplier 3: Dropstore

Dropstore operates as a dropshipping marketplace, connecting dropshippers with South African suppliers. Their platform makes it easy to find products from various suppliers to sell on your online store. While a 14-day free trial is available, Dropstore offers different pricing plans based on the number of products you wish to export. The free plan allows up to 10 products, while paid plans offer more extensive product ranges. If you prefer a comprehensive solution where you can build your store within the platform, Dropstore is worth considering.

Supplier 4: ShopStar

ShopStar provides an all-in-one solution for startups, offering a 14-day free trial and various pricing plans to suit your needs. With ShopStar, you have the advantage of building your store within their platform, eliminating the need for separate payments to other suppliers. They offer drag-and-drop design features, ensuring that your store has a visually appealing layout that works seamlessly across different devices. However, it is important to note that ShopStar products are limited to what they have available. Before signing up, ensure that they have the products you want to sell in their inventory.

Supplier 5: Mentality

Mentality caters to those looking for wholesale products for reselling. While they offer dropshipping services, their primary focus is on serving as a wholesale store. Their products are mainly designed for men and gifting, providing an opportunity for niche-focused dropshippers. With Mentality, you can expect shorter shipping times, with most orders arriving within 1-3 working days in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you are targeting a specific market or are interested in selling wholesale products, Mentality is a supplier worth exploring.

How to Choose the Right Supplier for Your Dropshipping Business

Selecting the right supplier for your dropshipping business is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and the overall success of your venture. Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Shipping Time: Opt for suppliers that offer reasonable shipping times to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Product Range: Ensure that the supplier has a diverse range of products that align with your target market.
  3. Reliability: Read reviews and testimonials from other dropshippers to gauge the supplier's reliability and customer service.
  4. Platform Compatibility: Check if the supplier is compatible with your chosen e-commerce platform, such as Shopify or WooCommerce.
  5. Pricing: Consider the supplier's pricing structure, including any monthly fees or additional charges, and evaluate if it aligns with your budget and expected profit margins.

By carefully considering these factors, you can find a supplier that meets your specific requirements and sets your dropshipping business on the path to success.

Tips for Successful Dropshipping

Here are some valuable tips to help you succeed in your dropshipping business:

  1. Research and Identify a Profitable Niche: Conduct thorough market research to identify a profitable niche with high demand and low competition.
  2. Build a Professional Online Store: Invest time and effort into creating an appealing and user-friendly website that reflects your brand and entices customers.
  3. Closely Monitor Inventory and Product Availability: Stay on top of your inventory to avoid selling products that are out of stock or no longer available.
  4. Provide Excellent Customer Service: Maintain prompt communication with your customers, address their queries and concerns, and strive to exceed their expectations.
  5. Implement Effective Marketing Strategies: Utilize social media, content marketing, and other marketing channels to promote your products and attract potential customers.
  6. Continuously Test and Improve: Regularly evaluate your products, pricing strategy, and marketing efforts to optimize your business performance and increase profitability.
  7. Stay Informed and Adapt: Keep up-to-date with industry trends, changes in consumer behavior, and advances in technology to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.


In the world of dropshipping, choosing reliable suppliers is essential to ensure timely product delivery and customer satisfaction. By exploring the features, advantages, and limitations of different suppliers, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals. Remember to consider factors such as shipping time, product range, reliability, platform compatibility, and pricing when selecting a supplier. Implementing effective strategies and continuously improving your dropshipping business will increase your chances of success. With dedication and careful planning, you can build a profitable and thriving dropshipping business. Good luck!