The Ultimate Guide to Selling Stickers Online

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Stickers Online

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    1. The easiest way to start a sticker business
      • 1.1 Trusting a print-on-demand company
      • 1.2 Designing, marketing, and selling your stickers
      • 1.3 Benefits of working with a POD service
    1. Where can you sell stickers?
      • 2.1 Popular ecommerce platforms and marketplaces
      • 2.2 Choosing the most suitable platform
    1. How to find your customers?
      • 3.1 Knowing your ideal customer
      • 3.2 Targeting a specific niche
      • 3.3 Tips for finding your ideal customer
    1. How to design stickers
      • 4.1 Choosing the design software
      • 4.2 Using Printful's Design Maker
      • 4.3 Tips for designing high-quality stickers
    1. How to price your stickers?
      • 5.1 Researching competitor prices
      • 5.2 Calculating your expenses and desired profit
    1. How to market your sticker business
      • 6.1 Using the right keywords
      • 6.2 Leveraging social media platforms
    1. Bonus tip: sticker marketing
  • Conclusion

The Easiest Way to Start a Sticker Business

Starting a sticker business can be an exciting venture, especially with the popularity of stickers in today's market. If you're interested in learning how to sell stickers online, this article will guide you through the process step by step. Even if you don't have any design skills or experience running an online store, there are ways to get started easily. Trusting a print-on-demand company, such as Printful, can simplify the process and give you more freedom to focus on designing, marketing, and selling your stickers.

The Benefits of Working with a POD Service

Printful offers a convenient solution for sticker business owners. With Printful, you don't have to worry about the printing, packaging, and shipping process. When a customer buys a product from your online store, Printful takes care of fulfilling the order, packing it, and shipping it to the customer. This eliminates the need for you to hold any inventory, as products are only fulfilled once they are ordered. Additionally, Printful is a white-label company, which means their name doesn't appear on the packaging. You can create a customized unboxing experience for your customers by utilizing the branding options offered by Printful.

Where Can You Sell Stickers?

Printful integrates with various ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, including Shopify, Wix, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and more. You have the flexibility to choose the most suitable platform for your sticker business based on your requirements and preferences. Creating a store in a marketplace can be a quick and easy way to get started, as it allows your shop to be discovered by customers already browsing the platform. However, you can also explore building your own independent online store to see which platform performs better for your sticker business.

Finding Your Customers

Before diving into designing your stickers, it's important to know who your ideal customer is and what niche you will be selling to. Understanding your target audience will help you create designs that resonate with them and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. Conducting market research and defining your target customer profile will set a solid foundation for your sticker business.

Designing Eye-Catching Stickers

To create compelling sticker designs, you have the option to choose between using professional design software or leveraging Printful's user-friendly Design Maker. If you're new to the design process, the Design Maker is a great tool to start with. It provides access to a rich library of clipart elements, text fonts, stock images, vectors, and patterns. However, if you have design experience and prefer using your own software, Printful provides print file templates to ensure your designs align with the sticker base's exact size.

Pricing Your Stickers

Determining the right price for your stickers can be challenging. It's essential to strike a balance between covering your expenses and making a profit while remaining competitive in the market. Researching competitor prices can give you an idea of the price range for stickers and customer expectations. You should factor in the production cost, platform fees, labor costs, and desired profit when setting your pricing strategy.

Marketing Your Sticker Business

Creating a product that people want to buy is crucial, but equally important is making sure potential customers can find your stickers. Using the right keywords in your product descriptions and titles can improve your visibility on search engines and marketplaces. Leveraging social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook can help you reach a wider audience and promote your sticker designs effectively. Regularly posting engaging content and sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses can attract new customers and keep your existing followers engaged.

Bonus Tip: Sticker Marketing

Sticker marketing is an additional strategy you can employ to strengthen your brand and increase customer loyalty. By including an extra free sticker with every order, you give your customers a delightful surprise and encourage them to showcase your brand. When people stick your freebie on their belongings, it acts as a mobile advertisement that can be seen by others. This stimulates brand recognition and potentially leads to new customers. Sticker marketing creates a positive unboxing experience and fosters a sense of appreciation among your customers.


Starting a sticker business doesn't have to be complicated. By leveraging the services of a print-on-demand company like Printful, you can focus on designing and marketing your stickers while leaving the printing and fulfillment process to professionals. Identifying your target audience, creating eye-catching designs, pricing your products appropriately, and implementing effective marketing strategies are crucial steps towards building a successful sticker business. With the right approach and dedication, you can turn your passion for stickers into a profitable online venture.