Revolutionizing Dropshipping: Luke Belmar's Game-Changing Strategy

Revolutionizing Dropshipping: Luke Belmar's Game-Changing Strategy

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Shopify dropshipping
  3. Traditional Approach to Facebook Ads
  4. The Problem with Saturation and Scaling
  5. Luke Belmar's Different Approach
  6. Utilizing the Comment Section
  7. Creating Engagement and Controversy
  8. The Impact on Facebook's Algorithm
  9. Scaling to Astronomical Levels
  10. Breaking the Game and Revolutionizing Facebook Ads


In this article, we will discuss how Luke Belmar was able to hack the Facebook algorithm and revolutionize the Shopify Dropshipping game on Facebook. We will explore the traditional approach to Facebook ads and the challenges of saturation and scaling. Then, we will delve into Luke Belmar's different approach, which focused on utilizing the comment section to foster more conversation and controversy. This unique strategy led to monumental success, with his ads being suggested to a vast audience at dirt-cheap prices. By thinking differently and being original, Luke Belmar was able to break the game and make a significant impact in the world of Facebook ads.

Understanding Shopify Dropshipping

Before we dive into Luke Belmar's groundbreaking approach, it's important to have a basic understanding of how Shopify dropshipping works with Facebook ads. Typically, dropshippers test multiple products to identify what works well. Once they find a winning product, they scale their ad variations and work towards maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS). However, as competitors catch on and the product becomes saturated, profitability decreases, and scaling becomes challenging.

Traditional Approach to Facebook Ads

The traditional approach to Facebook ads involves focusing on product differentiation and ad creatives. Most ads aim to generate positive engagement while hiding or ignoring negative comments. This approach overlooks a significant missed opportunity—the potential for controversy and conversation.

The Problem with Saturation and Scaling

As a dropshipper scales their ad budget, they encounter challenges in remaining profitable. Larger amounts of traffic tend to cost more, and saturation leads to increased competition. This combination makes it difficult to maintain a high level of profitability as the business grows.

Luke Belmar's Different Approach

Luke Belmar took a unique approach that deviated from the norm. Instead of solely focusing on differentiating his products or ad creatives, he turned his attention to the comment section. Unlike most advertisers who hide negative comments and respond to positive ones with generic responses, Luke saw the value in fostering more conversation and controversy.

Utilizing the Comment Section

Luke understood that any form of engagement, whether positive or negative, contributes to the overall success of the ad. Rather than hiding negative comments, he embraced them, knowing that it would fuel more engagement. He also responded to positive comments, actively asking for more information to keep the conversation going.

Creating Engagement and Controversy

To achieve enhanced engagement, Luke's team used several dummy accounts to spark conversations. For instance, when someone would comment on an ad, a dummy account would strike up a conversation by asking about the person's dog breed. This interaction would often lead to dozens of replies, boosting engagement. Occasionally, the dummy account would intentionally spark controversy by commenting negatively on specific posts and pictures. This tactic ignited heated arguments among users, further increasing engagement.

The Impact on Facebook's Algorithm

Luke's unique approach generated a significant increase in engagement compared to other ads of similar spend and size. Facebook's algorithm recognized this heightened engagement and began suggesting his ads to a wider audience at a much lower cost. This breakthrough allowed Luke to scale his ad campaigns to unprecedented levels, achieving historically low cost per clicks (CPCs) and cost per thousand views (CPM).

Scaling to Astronomical Levels

With his innovative comment section approach, Luke was able to scale his ads to astronomical levels. The increased engagement and Facebook's algorithm favoring his ads resulted in immense exposure to hundreds of millions of people. This remarkable feat was accomplished while maintaining dirt-cheap CPCs and CPMS, making his ads highly profitable.

Breaking the Game and Revolutionizing Facebook Ads

Luke Belmar's revolutionary approach challenged the status quo of Facebook advertising. By thinking outside the box and being unafraid to try new things, he was able to break the game and leave a lasting impact on the Shopify Dropshipping community. His success serves as a testament to the importance of originality and creativity in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.


  • Luke Belmar hacked the Facebook algorithm and revolutionized the Shopify Dropshipping game on Facebook.
  • Traditional approaches to Facebook ads overlook the potential for conversation and controversy in the comment section.
  • Luke differentiated himself by fostering engagement and embracing both positive and negative comments.
  • Increased engagement led Facebook's algorithm to suggest Luke's ads to a wider audience at a lower cost.
  • Luke scaled his ad campaigns to astronomical levels with historically low CPCs and CPMS.
  • His innovative approach broke the game and made a significant impact in the world of Facebook ads.


Q: Did Luke Belmar's approach of embracing controversy in the comment section work for every product? A: While Luke's approach was successful for him, the effectiveness may vary depending on the product and target audience. It's essential to consider the nature of the product and adapt the strategy accordingly.

Q: How can I foster engagement and controversy like Luke Belmar? A: To foster engagement, respond actively to both positive and negative comments, ask for more information, and encourage conversation. However, it's crucial to strike a balance and avoid crossing ethical boundaries or alienating potential customers.

Q: Can this approach be applied to platforms other than Facebook? A: While this strategy was applied to Facebook ads, the concept of fostering engagement and controversy can be utilized on other social media platforms. Adapt the approach to fit the specific platform and target audience.

Q: Are there any potential drawbacks or risks associated with this approach? A: The approach of embracing controversy carries the risk of backlash or negative sentiment. It's essential to monitor and manage conversations to avoid excessive negativity or harmful conversations. Additionally, the ethical implications of using dummy accounts should be considered.

Q: How important is it to think differently and be original in the world of digital marketing? A: Thinking differently and being original are crucial in a rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. By avoiding cookie-cutter approaches and embracing innovation, marketers can make significant breakthroughs and achieve success.