My One-Year Journey in eBay Dropshipping: Lessons Learned

My One-Year Journey in eBay Dropshipping: Lessons Learned

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why We Started eBay dropshipping
  3. The Total Net Profit and Hours Put In
  4. The Number of eBay Shops
  5. The Problems Faced
  6. Learning eBay Dropshipping Step by Step
  7. Is eBay Dropshipping Still Worth It in 2022?
  8. Experience and Results in the First Months
  9. Dealing with eBay Red Flags
  10. Handling Returns and Customer Concerns
  11. When and Why We Quit eBay Dropshipping
  12. Other Dropshipping Options
  13. Conclusion


In this article, we will take you through our journey of eBay dropshipping. We will discuss why we started this business model, the total net profit and hours we put in, the number of eBay shops we managed, the problems we faced, and our experience step by step. We will also address the question of whether eBay dropshipping is still worth it in 2022. So, if you are considering venturing into eBay dropshipping or simply curious about our experience, keep reading to find out all the details.

Why We Started eBay Dropshipping

We decided to give eBay dropshipping a try in August 2020, primarily due to the impact of the pandemic on traditional business models. Many people had approached us, expressing their struggles with their existing business models and seeking alternative ways to generate income. Curious to explore the possibilities, we embarked on a journey to test different make-money online strategies, and eBay dropshipping was one of them. Initially, we did not have high expectations and thought it would be a short-term experiment. However, to our surprise, it lasted for a full year and proved to be more profitable than we anticipated.

The Total Net Profit and Hours Put In

During our one-year eBay dropshipping endeavor, we managed to generate a total net profit of $18,415.03. It is important to note that this amount does not include taxes and the cost of hiring a virtual assistant (VA), as we wanted to measure the net profit solely from the stores. We hired a full-time VA to work 40 hours a week on eBay dropshipping, which allowed us to gauge the potential income that could be earned by devoting such a significant amount of time to the business. When dividing the total net profit by the total hours worked over 11 months (excluding the lost data from October), we arrived at an average hourly wage of $9.59.

Although the hourly wage may seem low compared to minimum wage in some countries, it is essential to consider that most businesses take several years to become profitable. Thus, the fact that eBay dropshipping brought in a net profit from the start is a positive outcome. However, it should also be noted that the process required a substantial time commitment and involved dealing with various challenges along the way.

The Number of eBay Shops

Throughout our eBay dropshipping journey, we managed multiple eBay shops. Initially, we had an older shop that was approximately 13 years old, which gave us an advantage. We also created two additional eBay dropshipping stores to compare and scale our operations. Operating multiple stores helped us navigate the limitations set by eBay and avoid red flags associated with dropshipping.

The Problems Faced

eBay dropshipping was not without its challenges. We encountered various issues along the way, including the suspension of one of our stores and the need to restore it. We also faced red flags from eBay due to using multiple stores and shipping products from different zip codes. These red flags required us to adjust our strategies and prove to eBay that we were not dropshipping. Another concern often raised by potential dropshippers is how to handle returns and whether customers would be put off by receiving products in packaging from different retailers. Nonetheless, we found that returns were relatively easy to manage, and the majority of customers did not have an issue with the packaging.

Learning eBay Dropshipping Step by Step

To ensure we set up our eBay dropshipping stores correctly, we followed a step-by-step course by Paul Lipsky. This course provided detailed instructions on every aspect, from creating the stores to listing products and managing orders. We highly recommend this course to anyone considering eBay dropshipping as it helped us start making money within the first month.

Is eBay Dropshipping Still Worth It in 2022?

Now, the burning question on many minds is whether eBay dropshipping is still a viable business model in 2022. Despite the challenges we faced, we believe that eBay dropshipping can still be profitable. However, it requires careful consideration and a thorough understanding of eBay's policies and guidelines. It is crucial to stay updated on any changes and adapt accordingly to avoid red flags and account suspensions. Additionally, exploring other dropshipping options may also be worth considering, as eBay is not the only platform for dropshipping.

Experience and Results in the First Months

In the initial months of our eBay dropshipping journey, we encountered both successes and setbacks. In August 2020, our first month, we made $723.04 in net profit from our older store. This was a promising start, especially considering we had hired a full-time VA to focus solely on eBay dropshipping. In September 2020, our net profit increased to $1,410.39, showing growth and potential. However, we faced difficulties in October 2020 when one of our stores was shut down by eBay due to red flags caused by rapid scaling.

Dealing with eBay Red Flags

eBay red flags were one of the biggest challenges we faced in our eBay dropshipping journey. These red flags occurred when eBay suspected us of dropshipping and took actions such as suspending one of our stores or imposing restrictions on shipping from different zip codes. To overcome these red flags, we had to be resourceful and adapt our strategies. We also had to work closely with eBay's support team to prove that we were not engaging in dropshipping. These red flags highlighted the importance of understanding eBay's policies and finding ways to operate within their guidelines.

Handling Returns and Customer Concerns

One common concern with eBay dropshipping is how to handle returns and whether customers would be dissatisfied with receiving products in packaging from different retailers. In our experience, returns were relatively simple to manage. We instructed customers to return products directly to the retailer they originated from, such as Amazon. This streamlined the process and ensured that returns were properly handled. Surprisingly, very few customers were bothered by the packaging, and the return rate was minimal.

When and Why We Quit eBay Dropshipping

After a year of eBay dropshipping, we decided to move on to other ventures. The decision to quit eBay dropshipping was not a result of failure or lack of profitability. On the contrary, we were satisfied with the profits and stability the business provided. However, we wanted to explore other opportunities and tests, such as AXIE Infinity. As we could not pursue each test individually, we transitioned our VA to focus on the next venture.

Other Dropshipping Options

While eBay dropshipping proved to be a profitable venture, it is essential to note that it is not the only dropshipping option available. Alternative platforms and retailers, such as Walmart or Home Depot, can also be used for dropshipping. It is crucial to explore different avenues and find the best fit for your business model and target audience.


In conclusion, our eBay dropshipping experience was a rewarding and profitable journey. We started this venture due to the challenges posed by the pandemic and a desire to explore alternative income streams. Over the course of a year, we generated a net profit of $18,415.03, with a substantial time investment of 1,920 hours. Despite facing challenges and eBay red flags, eBay dropshipping proved to be a relatively stable and profitable business model. We believe that eBay dropshipping is still worth considering in 2022, provided you adhere to eBay's policies and guidelines. However, it is crucial to adapt to changes in the e-commerce landscape and explore other dropshipping options to maximize your chances of success.