Maximize Your Profit with Shopee Dropshipping

Maximize Your Profit with Shopee Dropshipping

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Shopee Drop Shipping?
  3. Trustworthiness of Shopee
  4. Selecting the Preferred Country or Region
  5. Shopping Mall Level Verification
  6. Finding Products on Shopee Marketplace
  7. How to Login on Shopee
  8. Necessary Phone Number Requirement
  9. Exploring the Shopee Marketplace
  10. Product Details and Reviews
  11. Setting Up a Shopify Store
  12. Connecting Shopee to Shopify
  13. Adding Shopee App to Shopify
  14. Adding Products to Shopify Store
  15. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the concept of Shopee Drop Shipping and its benefits for online sellers. We will discuss the trustworthiness of Shopee as a reliable online shopping platform and guide you on how to successfully navigate the Shopee Marketplace. Additionally, we will provide step-by-step instructions on setting up a Shopify store and integrating Shopee as a channel for Drop Shipping. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of how to leverage Shopee for seamless and profitable e-commerce operations. So let's dive in!

What is Shopee Drop Shipping?

Shopee Drop Shipping is a business model that allows online sellers to list and sell products without having to physically stock or handle inventory. Instead, sellers partner with suppliers or manufacturers who handle the storage, packaging, and shipping of products directly to the customers. This eliminates the need for sellers to invest in inventory upfront, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to start an online business with minimal capital.

Trustworthiness of Shopee

Shopee is recognized as a preferred online shopping platform that offers a seamless, fun, and reliable shopping experience to millions of users worldwide. With a strong presence in countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Poland, Shopee has gained a reputation for being a trustworthy marketplace. Shopping mall products on Shopee are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, as the shopping mall shops undergo verification of their products. This verification process ensures that customers can easily determine if a product is from a shopping mall or a shopping mall seller, providing an added layer of trust and reliability.

Selecting the Preferred Country or Region

When accessing Shopee, it is important to select the preferred country or region where you intend to operate. Shopee is currently available in a limited number of countries, as mentioned earlier. By choosing the desired country or region, you can ensure that you have access to all the features and functionalities specific to that location. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using Malaysia as an example.

Shopping Mall Level Verification

On Shopee, you will come across various products listed by shopping malls and individual sellers. It is essential to understand the shopping mall level verification to determine the authenticity and reliability of the products. By analyzing the shopping mall level, you can differentiate between products sourced directly from shopping malls and those listed by individual sellers. This distinction can help you make informed decisions when selecting products for your drop shipping business.

Finding Products on Shopee Marketplace

The Shopee Marketplace houses a wide range of products offered by different sellers. To find products suitable for your drop shipping business, you can utilize the search feature on the platform. Simply type in keywords related to the products you are interested in, and Shopee will present you with relevant search results. You can further refine the search results using filters such as price range, brand, and product category to narrow down the options.

How to Login on Shopee

To access all the features and functionalities of Shopee, you need to create a Shopee account and log in. However, it is important to note that Shopee requires a phone number for registration. This phone number should be from one of the countries where Shopee is available, such as Taiwan or Malaysia. During the registration process, Shopee will call the provided phone number and provide a verification code, which you will need to enter on the website to complete the registration.

Necessary Phone Number Requirement

The requirement of a phone number for registration on Shopee is aimed at ensuring the security and authenticity of user accounts. By associating an active phone number with each account, Shopee minimizes the risk of fraudulent activities and enhances the overall trustworthiness of the platform. Therefore, it is imperative to have a designated phone number from the supported countries to gain access to Shopee.

Exploring the Shopee Marketplace

Once you have successfully logged in to Shopee, you will be able to explore the vast array of products available on the marketplace. From fashion to electronics, home decor to beauty products, Shopee offers a diverse range of options for drop shipping. By thoroughly browsing through different categories and listings, you can find products that align with your target market and business goals.

Product Details and Reviews

When selecting a product for drop shipping, it is crucial to analyze the product details and customer reviews. Product details provide information about the specifications, features, and shipping policies, helping you make informed decisions. Additionally, customer reviews offer valuable insights into the quality and reliability of the product, allowing you to gauge customer satisfaction. It is advisable to choose products with positive reviews and a substantial number of ratings for better sales potential.

Setting Up a Shopify Store

To effectively manage your drop shipping business, it is recommended to have a dedicated online store. Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that provides all the necessary tools and features to set up and customize your own online store. With Shopify, you can create a professional and user-friendly website to showcase your products and streamline your sales process.

Connecting Shopee to Shopify

To integrate Shopee as a channel for drop shipping on your Shopify store, you can utilize the Shopee app available in the Shopify App Store. The Shopee app acts as a bridge between your Shopify store and the Shopee marketplace, enabling seamless synchronization of product listings, inventory management, and order fulfillment. By connecting Shopee to Shopify, you can leverage the strengths of both platforms to maximize your drop shipping business's efficiency and profitability.

Adding Shopee App to Shopify

To add the Shopee app to your Shopify store, you need to access the Shopify App Store and search for the Shopee app. Once you find the app, simply click on "Add app" to initiate the installation process. The Shopee app will then be integrated into your Shopify store, providing you with access to the various features and functionalities required for successful drop shipping using Shopee as a platform.

Adding Products to Shopify Store

After installing the Shopee app, you can easily add products from the Shopee marketplace to your Shopify store. By refreshing the page, you will find additional options such as "Add to my list" on the left side or somewhere lower on the page. Clicking on this option will redirect you to your Shopify store, where you can add all the necessary details related to the desired product. It includes the title, images, product description, and pricing. By customizing these details, you can effectively present the product on your Shopify store and set the desired profit margin.


In conclusion, Shopee Drop Shipping offers a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs to start an online business with minimal investment. By leveraging the trustworthiness and diverse product range of Shopee, combined with the robust features of Shopify, online sellers can build a successful drop shipping operation. Remember to thoroughly research products, utilize customer reviews, and optimize your Shopify store for maximum visibility and sales. With dedication and strategic planning, you can take advantage of the booming e-commerce industry and achieve success in your drop shipping venture.


  • Shopee Drop Shipping allows sellers to list and sell products without physical inventory.
  • Shopee is a trusted online shopping platform with a seamless and reliable experience.
  • Shopping mall level verification ensures the authenticity of products on Shopee.
  • Selecting the preferred country or region is crucial for accessing Shopee's features.
  • Phone number requirement enhances security and trust on the platform.
  • Exploring the Shopee Marketplace helps find suitable products for drop shipping.
  • Product details and customer reviews are essential in making informed decisions.
  • Shopify is a recommended platform for setting up an online store.
  • The Shopee app enables seamless integration between Shopee and Shopify.
  • Adding products from Shopee to Shopify is a straightforward process.


Q: Is Shopee Drop Shipping available worldwide? A: Shopee Drop Shipping is currently available in limited countries, including Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Poland.

Q: Can I trust the products on Shopee? A: Shopee ensures shopping mall products are 100% authentic through their verification process. However, it is essential to read customer reviews and check product details before making a purchase.

Q: Do I need a Shopify store for Shopee Drop Shipping? A: While having a dedicated online store, such as Shopify, is recommended for efficient management, it is not mandatory. However, integrating Shopee with a platform like Shopify streamlines the drop shipping process.

Q: Can I add my own pricing to the products on Shopee? A: Yes, when adding products from the Shopee marketplace to your Shopify store, you can set your desired pricing, considering the desired profit margin.

Q: How can I access Shopee if I don't have a designated phone number? A: Shopee requires a designated phone number from the supported countries during registration. Without a valid phone number, accessing Shopee may not be possible.