Is Gelato POD a Better Option than Printify? In-Depth Review 2022

Is Gelato POD a Better Option than Printify? In-Depth Review 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Gelato Print on Demand
  3. Comparison with Printify
  4. Gelato's Product Range
  5. Pricing and Tax Management
  6. Shipping and Processing Times
  7. Print Quality Assessment
    • Comparison with mockup
    • Evaluation of print on white shirt
    • Evaluation of print on dark shirt
  8. Longevity of Prints
  9. Overall Experience with Gelato
  10. Recommendation and Conclusion



Welcome to this review of Gelato Print on Demand! In this article, we will explore Gelato's features, pricing, print quality, and overall user experience. If you are considering using Gelato as a print on demand supplier, this article will provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Gelato Print on Demand

Gelato Print on Demand is a global print on demand supply company with 34 locations worldwide. While Gelato has a strong presence in Europe, only 9 of their locations offer clothing printing services. What sets Gelato apart from other platforms like Printify is the automatic selection of print locations, removing the need for manual selection on the part of the user.

Comparison with Printify

Printify and Gelato both offer print on demand services, but there are some key differences between the two platforms. Gelato's automatic print location selection may be convenient for some users, but it limits control over the printing process. Printify, on the other hand, allows users to choose specific print locations. We will delve deeper into these differences and their implications for users.

Gelato's Product Range

Gelato offers a wide range of products beyond clothing, including wall art, mugs, photobooks, greeting cards, calendars, and general stationary. In this article, we will focus primarily on Gelato's clothing printing services. We will explore the pricing, quality, and variety of clothing options available through Gelato.

Pricing and Tax Management

Gelato's pricing for clothing is slightly higher compared to other print on demand platforms. While this may be a downside for some users, the advantage of easy global fulfillment may justify the higher costs. However, Gelato's tax management system may pose challenges for users outside of the US or Europe, as sales tax and VAT are charged on all orders. We will discuss the implications of this tax management system and its impact on profit margins.

Shipping and Processing Times

Timely order processing and shipping are critical for a positive customer experience. Gelato's processing times may not be the fastest, but their global fulfillment network ensures fast shipping times, reducing costs and delivery times for customers. We will provide an overview of Gelato's processing and shipping times, while also highlighting any differences observed across different print locations.

Print Quality Assessment

The quality of prints is of utmost importance to both sellers and customers. We will assess the print quality of Gelato's clothing by comparing the prints to their respective mockups. We will evaluate the print quality on both white and dark shirts, examining factors such as color saturation, alignment, and detail reproduction. Any notable issues or differences compared to other print on demand platforms will be discussed.

Comparison with Mockup

The first aspect we will analyze is how well the actual prints match the mockups provided on the Gelato website. While there may be slight variations, Gelato's prints generally align closely with the mockup designs. We will discuss any differences observed in print size and placement.

Evaluation of Print on White Shirt

Prints on white shirts are expected to showcase vibrant colors and high levels of detail. We will examine the saturation and detail reproduction of prints on white shirts, comparing them to similar prints from other print on demand platforms.

Evaluation of Print on Dark Shirt

Printing on dark fabrics presents its own set of challenges. We will assess the quality of prints on dark shirts, paying close attention to issues such as opacity, patchiness, and alignment. Any notable differences compared to prints on white shirts will be highlighted.

Longevity of Prints

Durability is crucial for print on demand products, as customers expect prints to withstand regular use and washing. We will discuss the longevity of prints from Gelato, including their resistance to fading and deterioration after multiple washes.

Overall Experience with Gelato

In this section, we will share our overall experience using Gelato for print on demand services. We will discuss the user-friendliness of their web app, order management capabilities, and customer service. Our assessment will be based on a combination of factors, including ease of use, responsiveness, and issue resolution.

Recommendation and Conclusion

Based on the evaluation of Gelato Print on Demand, we will provide a recommendation and conclusion for potential users. We will weigh the advantages of global fulfillment and the quality of prints against any drawbacks observed. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Gelato's capabilities and whether it aligns with your print on demand business requirements.


  • Gelato Print on Demand offers a global network of 34 locations, primarily in Europe, for print fulfillment.
  • Automatic print location selection sets Gelato apart from other platforms such as Printify.
  • Gelato's wide product range includes clothing, wall art, mugs, photobooks, greeting cards, calendars, and stationary.
  • Pricing may be slightly higher on Gelato compared to other print on demand platforms, but easy global fulfillment justifies the costs.
  • Taxes charged on all orders, regardless of user location, pose limitations and potential double taxation for sellers.
  • Processing times may not be the quickest, but Gelato's global fulfillment network ensures fast shipping times.
  • Print quality on Gelato is generally satisfactory, matching the mockups provided, with slight variations in print size and placement.
  • Longevity of prints on Gelato is essential for customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Overall, Gelato provides a positive user experience with an easy-to-use web app, order management capabilities, and responsive customer service.


Q: Can I select specific print locations on Gelato?\ A: No, Gelato automatically assigns print locations based on their network, offering convenience but reducing control for users.

Q: How does Gelato's pricing compare to other print on demand platforms?\ A: Gelato's pricing is slightly higher, but the advantage of global fulfillment may justify the increased costs for some users.

Q: Does Gelato charge sales tax or VAT on all orders?\ A: Yes, unless users have US state registrations or EU/UK VAT numbers, sales tax or VAT is charged on all Gelato orders, resulting in potential double taxation.

Q: How does Gelato's print quality compare to other platforms?\ A: Gelato's print quality is generally satisfactory, closely matching the provided mockups, with slight variations and limitations particularly noticeable in the case of dark fabrics and intricate designs.

Q: How does Gelato handle customer service and issue resolution?\ A: Gelato's customer service is responsive and efficient in addressing issues, enhancing the overall user experience.