How I Make $10,000 Monthly Selling VeRO Items on eBay

How I Make $10,000 Monthly Selling VeRO Items on eBay

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the VeRO List
  3. Why Selling VeRO Items Can Make You Money
  4. Dispelling the Myths about VeRO
  5. How to Snipe Other dropshippers for VeRO Items
  6. The Importance of Balance in dropshipping
  7. The Warning System on eBay
  8. Tips for Successful Selling of VeRO Items
  9. Conclusion


Dropshipping on platforms like eBay can be a profitable venture if done right. One aspect of dropshipping that often sparks debates is the selling of VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) items. Many dropshippers hold back from selling these items due to fear of being shut down. However, there are successful dropshippers who have found ways to make money with VeRO items while avoiding any issues with eBay. In this article, we will explore the significance of VeRO items in dropshipping and uncover strategies to navigate this potentially lucrative market.

Understanding the VeRO List

The VeRO List consists of items on eBay that manufacturers want registered sellers to exclusively sell. It is a collection of products that require authorization from the manufacturer to be listed and sold. Examples of VeRO items may include specific branded products or goods meant for authorized dealers only. Many dropshippers shy away from selling these items due to the misconception that they will automatically be flagged or banned by eBay. However, the process is not as straightforward as it may seem.

Why Selling VeRO Items Can Make You Money

Contrary to popular belief, selling VeRO items can bring in significant profits. While the percentage of sales from VeRO items may be relatively small, it still translates to a substantial monthly income. For instance, even if only 5% of sales are from VeRO items, that could amount to $10,000 in sales and $1,000 in profit per month. Therefore, exploring the market of VeRO items can be a lucrative opportunity for dropshippers.

Dispelling the Myths about VeRO

There are various misconceptions surrounding the sale of VeRO items that often deter dropshippers from venturing into this market. One common belief is that eBay will automatically shut down accounts that list VeRO items. However, this is not the case. Selling such items requires a claim to be filed against the seller's account by the manufacturer or an authorized party. It is not an automated process initiated by eBay. This distinction helps debunk the fear of immediate account suspension.

How to Snipe Other Dropshippers for VeRO Items

One of the strategies employed by successful dropshippers is sniping other sellers who are listing and selling VeRO items. By observing the sales history of other dropshippers, it becomes easier to identify items with significant demand and margin. Sniping allows dropshippers to capitalize on the research efforts of others and profit from VeRO items without attracting as much attention from eBay.

The Importance of Balance in Dropshipping

While selling VeRO items can be profitable, it is crucial to maintain a balance in your product offerings. Over-reliance on VeRO items may increase the risk of account suspension or other complications with eBay. It is essential to diversify the product range, incorporating non-VeRO items to ensure a stable and sustainable dropshipping business.

The Warning System on eBay

eBay operates on a comprehensive warning system that provides sellers with multiple opportunities to rectify any VeRO-related issues. Prior to shutting down an account, eBay typically issues warnings and notifications, allowing sellers to address the problem. This system provides some leniency for dropshippers, making it possible to navigate the complexities of selling VeRO items while staying within the platform's guidelines.

Tips for Successful Selling of VeRO Items

Selling VeRO items successfully requires certain tactics and strategies. These include accurately researching the market demand, monitoring competitors, and maintaining a professional approach in customer service. Implementing these tips can help dropshippers maximize their profits while minimizing the risk of account suspensions or other complications.


Selling VeRO items in the world of dropshipping can be a lucrative endeavor if approached with the right knowledge and tactics. By understanding the VeRO list, debunking myths, and implementing effective strategies, dropshippers can tap into an often overlooked market and generate significant profits. It is essential to strike a balance between VeRO and non-VeRO items and to adhere to eBay's guidelines to ensure a successful and sustainable dropshipping business.


  • Selling VeRO items in dropshipping can be highly profitable, despite the fear of account suspension.
  • The VeRO list consists of items that manufacturers want registered sellers to exclusively list and sell.
  • Debunking myths, such as the misconception of immediate account suspension, helps dropshippers enter the VeRO market with confidence.
  • Sniping other dropshippers for VeRO items is a strategic approach to capitalize on pre-researched opportunities.
  • Maintaining balance and diversifying the product range is important to mitigate risks and ensure sustainability in dropshipping.
  • eBay's warning system gives dropshippers multiple chances to rectify VeRO-related issues before account suspension.
  • Tips for successful selling of VeRO items include thorough market research, competitor analysis, and excellent customer service.


Q: Will eBay automatically shut down my account for listing VeRO items? A: No, eBay does not automatically shut down accounts for listing VeRO items. A claim needs to be filed against the seller's account by the manufacturer or an authorized party for any action to be taken.

Q: Can I make substantial profits by selling VeRO items? A: Yes, selling VeRO items can be highly profitable, even if they constitute a small percentage of your total sales. With proper research and strategy, dropshippers can generate significant monthly income from VeRO items.

Q: How can I minimize the risk of account suspension while selling VeRO items? A: Maintaining a balance between VeRO and non-VeRO items, adhering to eBay's guidelines, and staying updated on market trends can help reduce the risk of account suspension. Additionally, implementing effective customer service practices and monitoring competitors can further enhance success in selling VeRO items.