From Thrift Shopping to $55K/Week: The Journey of Selling Vintage Bags

From Thrift Shopping to $55K/Week: The Journey of Selling Vintage Bags

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Beginning of Nica Yusay's Business Journey
  3. Nica's Passion for Vintage Designer Bags
  4. The Risk and Rewards of Selling Designer Bags
  5. The Power of Social Media and Going Viral
  6. The Importance of Timing in Selling Bags
  7. Nica's Weekly Schedule for Running Her Business
  8. The Joy of Sourcing and Thrifting
  9. The Involvement of Family in the Business
  10. Reflections and Future Goals


Nica Yusay is a small business owner who specializes in selling vintage designer bags. Her love for fashion and the unique quality of vintage bags led her to start her own business. In this article, we will explore Nica's journey, the challenges she faced, and the success she achieved. We will also dive into the strategies she used to market her products, the power of social media, and her future goals for her business.

The Beginning of Nica Yusay's Business Journey

Nica Yusay grew up in a single-parent household, where she learned the value of thrift shopping and finding great deals. She developed a deep appreciation for vintage bags, as she believes they have more character and are of excellent quality. It was her fiancé who sparked the idea of buying and selling these secondhand bags to make extra money. With a passion for fashion and a desire to be financially independent, Nica decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Nica's Passion for Vintage Designer Bags

Nica's business is centered around her love for vintage designer bags. Every bag she sells is carefully curated based on her personal style and fashion preferences. She ensures that she only sells bags that she absolutely loves and would use herself. This commitment to authenticity has helped build trust with her customers, who know they are getting genuine, high-quality products. Nica believes that if she sells something she doesn't love, it won't resonate with her audience, and they will see right through her.

The Risk and Rewards of Selling Designer Bags

Starting her own business and investing a significant amount of money in it was a scary prospect for Nica. Coming from a financially insecure background, she was apprehensive about putting herself at risk. However, she took that leap of faith and realized that the reward was worth it. While selling designer bags can be unpredictable and not generate any income if no bags are sold, the success she achieved outweighed the risks.


  • Opportunity to make a significant profit
  • Freedom to choose and curate products based on personal preference
  • Building a reputable brand in the fashion industry


  • Financial uncertainty when bags don't sell
  • The need for constant marketing and promotion

The Power of Social Media and Going Viral

Nica's business took a major turn when she entered the world of TikTok. One of her videos showcasing her small business went viral, gaining over 2.8 million views. While she didn't amass a huge following from that one video, it gave her business a significant boost in exposure. Social media platforms like TikTok have become powerful tools for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and connect with potential customers.

The Importance of Timing in Selling Bags

Nica learned the importance of timing in her business. She realized the need to create buzz and anticipation among her customers by announcing specific times for bag drops. By doing so, she was able to create a sense of urgency, leading to quick sales. This strategy not only increased her sales but also kept her customers engaged and eagerly waiting for the next drop.

Nica's Weekly Schedule for Running Her Business

Nica follows a structured weekly schedule to manage her business effectively. Mondays are dedicated to inventory planning, determining the number of bags she wants to sell for the week. Tuesdays are for prepping listings, including writing up detailed descriptions and uploading images to her website. Wednesdays are busy with finalizing listings and focusing on marketing. Thursdays are sourcing days, where Nica works with her vendor and visits thrift stores to find new bags for the next week's drop. Fridays are for packing orders, and Nica has even hired her mom and sister to help with this task. This structured approach ensures that every aspect of her business is well-managed and organized.

The Joy of Sourcing and Thrifting

One of Nica's favorite parts of her business is sourcing bags. She works closely with her vendor and personally visits thrift stores to find unique and high-quality bags that her customers will love. Nica enjoys the process of discovering hidden gems and feels a sense of satisfaction when she finds new additions to her inventory. The thrill of uncovering beautiful vintage bags adds to the joy of running her business.

The Involvement of Family in the Business

Nica has involved her family in her business by hiring her mom and sister to help with packing orders. This not only saves her time but also allows her to focus on other aspects of her business. Nica believes in giving back and making sure there is a fair exchange when hiring someone. She values the support and assistance of her family in making her business a success.

Reflections and Future Goals

Nica reflects on her journey with pride and satisfaction. She acknowledges the hard work, sacrifices, and dedication she has put into her business. While she currently runs her business from her house, her future goals include expanding to a larger scale, having a team to help her, and establishing a physical presence for her brand. Nica's aspirations are a testament to her ambition, perseverance, and the success she has achieved through her small business.


  • Nica Yusay's journey from a single-parent household to a successful business owner
  • The passion for vintage designer bags and the importance of authenticity
  • The risks and rewards of starting a business
  • How social media, specifically TikTok, played a significant role in Nica's success
  • The power of strategic timing in selling bags
  • Nica's structured weekly schedule for running her business efficiently
  • The joy of sourcing and thrift shopping for unique bags
  • The involvement of family in Nica's business, specifically in packing orders
  • The reflection on Nica's achievements and future goals for her business