From Successes to Setbacks: My Dropshipping Journey on Instagram

From Successes to Setbacks: My Dropshipping Journey on Instagram

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Exploring the Drop Shipping Journey
    1. Successes and Losses
    2. Advertising on Instagram
    3. Choosing the Right Product
    4. Niche Selection
  3. Introducing GoShip Pro
  4. The Pet Niche: A Profitable Choice
    1. Demand and Advertising Costs
    2. The Cat Litter Scooper
  5. Creating the Website
    1. Single Product Store
    2. Website Design and Features
  6. Designing the Ads
    1. Video Ads for Instagram
    2. Instagram Page Design
  7. Launching the Ads
    1. Reaching Out to Targeted Pages
    2. Cost and Reach
  8. Evaluating Performance
    1. The Moment of Truth
    2. Coping with Failure
    3. Learning from Mistakes
  9. Moving Forward and Overcoming Challenges
    1. Never Giving Up
    2. Committing More Time and Effort
    3. Long-Term Plans

Exploring the Drop Shipping Journey

In the past year, I have ventured into the world of drop shipping by opening various stores. While I have experienced both successes and losses, some of my biggest triumphs came from advertising on a small platform called Instagram. It still amazes me how Instagram differs from other platforms when it comes to drop shipping. The product you choose plays a crucial role in capturing people's attention and making it onto the explore page. Choosing a less saturated niche opens up a lot of potential, allowing you to reach over a million people for under $35, like the travel niche for example. In this challenge, I will be targeting the pet niche because it offers a good market and affordable advertising opportunities.

Introducing GoShip Pro

Before diving into the details of the pet niche, I want to introduce you to a drop shipping partner called GoShip Pro. Unlike websites like AliExpress, GoShip Pro ensures shipping within 6 to 12 days with no minimum order quantity requirement. With a 99.8% success rate in delivering packages in perfect condition, GoShip Pro provides peace of mind. By signing up, you gain access to a client account manager who can effectively communicate with suppliers on your behalf. They also offer assistance in reducing costs, placing your logo on the products, and providing faster shipping times. Moreover, GoShip Pro protects you in case packages are lost or damaged by local carriers.

The Pet Niche: A Profitable Choice

The pet niche is an excellent market to tap into for drop shipping. There is a consistent demand for pet-related products, and the advertising costs are relatively low. For instance, advertising on Instagram allows you to reach millions of potential customers for a reasonable price. The product I have chosen for this challenge is the cat litter scooper. It catches attention due to its eye-catching design and fulfills a practical need for cat owners. Moreover, it is not a high-ticket item, making it more accessible to impulse buyers scrolling through Instagram.

Creating the Website

To showcase the cat litter scooper and maximize its selling potential, I decided to create a single product store dedicated to pet owners. The website's design emphasizes the product and its ability to solve a common problem. It features a homepage with a slideshow of captivating cat images, followed by a product description and customer testimonials. Additionally, there is a section highlighting the animals the store caters to, even though it primarily focuses on cats. The overall design aims to instill trust and credibility in potential customers.

Designing the Ads

To effectively promote the cat litter scooper on Instagram, I determined that using video ads would yield better results, especially with the platform's recent emphasis on Reels. I created a simple video ad using footage from AliExpress and added dynamic text to enhance its appeal. Additionally, I leveraged an existing Instagram theme page with a substantial following to lend credibility to the brand. By posting relevant cat-related content and linking to the website in the bio, I aimed to drive traffic and conversions.

Launching the Ads

To generate sales and reach a wider audience, I reached out to several Instagram pages with large cat-loving audiences for advertising opportunities. I was fortunate to secure deals with three pages, each with over a million followers, enabling me to reach a massive number of potential customers. The cost of advertising across these pages totaled $110, a reasonable investment given the reach and potential return. With the ads successfully uploaded, I eagerly awaited the results.

Evaluating Performance

After 36 hours since the ads went live and their subsequent removal from Instagram, it was time to assess their performance. Despite my anticipation, the Shopify dashboard displayed disappointing results—no sales were made. While failures like these can be discouraging, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to confront the reality of setbacks. It is important to acknowledge the disappointment and frustration but use them as motivation to improve and succeed in the future.

Moving Forward and Overcoming Challenges

Entrepreneurship requires resilience and the ability to persevere despite setbacks. Though failures may hurt, they should not deter one from pursuing their goals. Each setback presents an opportunity to learn and grow. In the case of this drop shipping challenge, it is evident that more effort and dedication are necessary. By committing more time and resources to the store, learning from past mistakes, and adopting a long-term perspective, success is still attainable. I am determined to bounce back stronger and more determined to make drop shipping work.