From Corporate Job to High Ticket Drop Shipping Success

From Corporate Job to High Ticket Drop Shipping Success

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. My Background
  3. Discovering Drop Shipping
  4. The Mainstream Way of Drop Shipping
  5. High Ticket Drop Shipping
  6. The Benefits of High Ticket Drop Shipping
  7. Investing in a High Ticket Drop Shipping Course
  8. Building a High Ticket Drop Shipping Business
  9. Overcoming Challenges and Learning from Mistakes
  10. Success with High Ticket Drop Shipping
  11. The Future of E-commerce
  12. Conclusion


Hello everyone, my name is Joe, and I want to share with you how drop shipping has drastically changed my life. This is the best decision I have ever made for myself. In this article, I will go over my journey from college to corporate America and how I transitioned to owning a high ticket drop shipping business. I will discuss the different models of drop shipping and why I chose the high ticket approach. I will also share the benefits of high ticket drop shipping and the steps I took to build a successful business. So, let's dive in and discover the world of high ticket drop shipping together.

My Background

I'm a 26-year-old living in Waukee, a suburb outside Des Moines, Iowa. After graduating from Iowa State University in 2019, I entered the corporate world, working a sales job for a software company. Although I enjoyed the people I worked with and had a good salary, I soon realized that working for Corporate America wasn't fulfilling for me. I didn't want to spend my life working for someone else and feeling like a replaceable part in a machine.

Discovering Drop Shipping

When the pandemic hit, like many others, I began searching for ways to make money online. I delved into YouTube, Reddit, and various online forums to explore different opportunities. That's when I came across drop shipping. This e-commerce model seemed like a viable route, but I initially only knew about the mainstream approach – selling cheap products from AliExpress on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Although many people found success with this method, it felt like gambling and lacked long-term potential.

The Mainstream Way of Drop Shipping

The mainstream way of drop shipping involves selling inexpensive products sourced from platforms like AliExpress. The strategy revolves around advertising these products on social media platforms, targeting impulsive buyers. While this approach can yield results, it often lacks sustainability and profitability. I didn't want to build a business based on impulsive purchases. I wanted to offer high-quality products that meet customers' specific needs.

High Ticket Drop Shipping

My journey took a major turn when I discovered high ticket drop shipping. I stumbled upon two individuals on YouTube, who were introducing the concept of high ticket drop shipping. Unlike the flashy and theatrical personalities I had encountered earlier, these two guys seemed genuine and authentic. High ticket drop shipping intrigued me because of its unexplored potential in the e-commerce landscape.

The Benefits of High Ticket Drop Shipping

High ticket drop shipping offers several advantages over traditional drop shipping models. Firstly, instead of selling to hundreds or thousands of customers every month, you only need to make a few sales to generate significant income. With high margins per sale, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, the profitability potential becomes clear. Secondly, high ticket drop shipping allows you to target customers who are actively searching for specific products. You are not relying on impulse purchases but rather catering to a market with genuine intent to buy.

Investing in a High Ticket Drop Shipping Course

To fully understand and implement high ticket drop shipping, I decided to invest in a course offered by the two individuals I discovered on YouTube. The course cost me around $2,000, but it was worth every penny. It provided me with a comprehensive step-by-step framework to build a high ticket drop shipping business. I learned everything from setting up a business entity to reaching out to American suppliers and establishing wholesale accounts.

Building a High Ticket Drop Shipping Business

Starting a high ticket drop shipping business involves more than just sourcing products. It requires careful branding, website design, and product page optimization to provide a seamless experience for customers. In the beginning, I made the mistake of choosing too many product types, which led to a lack of specialization and lower sales. However, through trial and error, I found my niche and focused on it.

Overcoming Challenges and Learning from Mistakes

Creating a successful high ticket drop shipping business wasn't without its challenges. I faced rejection from suppliers and initial struggles with branding and website design. However, I embraced the entrepreneurial mindset of learning by doing. With time, I refined my approach, learned from my mistakes, and optimized every aspect of my business.

Success with High Ticket Drop Shipping

Today, my high ticket drop shipping business generates anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 in monthly revenue. This level of success has not only provided me with a substantial income but also the freedom and flexibility to be my own boss. I wake up every day excited about the future of my business and the potential it holds.

The Future of E-commerce

As we venture into 2023 and beyond, e-commerce continues to evolve. High ticket drop shipping remains a reliable and quick way to generate cash flow. With customer intent and profitability per sale as its cornerstones, this model offers entrepreneurs a promising avenue for success. As e-commerce continues to grow, I am excited to embrace the opportunities it presents and share my journey with others.


In conclusion, choosing high ticket drop shipping as my path to entrepreneurship has truly been life-changing. It has allowed me to break free from the constraints of corporate America and build a successful business on my terms. I encourage anyone with the drive and common sense to consider high ticket drop shipping as a viable option. With the right framework and mindset, you too can embark on a journey towards financial freedom and personal fulfillment.