From Beginner to Successful: My Challenging Journey in Dropshipping

From Beginner to Successful: My Challenging Journey in Dropshipping

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. January - Getting Started with Drop Shipping
  3. February - Trying Different Strategies
  4. March - Testing Organic and Paid Ads
  5. April - Following a Proven System
  6. May - Learning from Mistakes
  7. June and July - Annoying Setbacks
  8. August - Trying a New Program
  9. September and October - Going Viral with Tick Tock Organic
  10. November and December - Finding some Success
  11. Conclusion

Going from Beginner to Successful Drop Shipper: My Challenging Journey


Starting from January, I embarked on a risky venture to explore the world of drop shipping. With high hopes and limited funds, I decided to give it my all for one whole year. Despite the skepticism surrounding this often overhyped and glorified lifestyle, I took the plunge. Little did I know that the path to success would be filled with numerous challenges and learning experiences. In this article, I will take you through my journey as a drop shipper, highlighting the highs, lows, and everything in between.

January - Getting Started with Drop Shipping

In the first month, I immersed myself in videos about drop shipping, absorbing as much knowledge as possible. I learned about finding winning products, building a Shopify store, creating effective ads, and scaling strategies. Armed with this newfound knowledge, I felt like a drop shipping guru. My first task was to find a winning product, and after extensive research, I stumbled upon a magnetic nose ring. This product not only solved a problem but also had a wow factor. I used store-building tutorials and replicated my competitors' websites to create my own store. With a limited budget, I invested in TikTok ads and made my first three sales, leading to some profitable campaigns. However, as a beginner, I soon realized I lacked the skills to interpret data effectively, leading to a loss of $70.

February - Trying Different Strategies

As the hype around drop shipping continued, I came across an alternative method that promised massive profits without spending money on apps. It involved ordering products to my house and creating viral TikTok videos to drive sales. Eager to explore new avenues, I chose a magnetic fidget pen as my second product. However, my videos failed to gain traction, and I succumbed to my second beginner mistake - giving up too quickly. Meanwhile, I delved into creating a YouTube channel to document my drop shipping journey and generate additional income. In March, I decided to revisit paid ads and tried various random products on TikTok and Facebook. Unfortunately, these experiments yielded no results and instead led to wasted resources.

March - Testing Organic and Paid Ads

After a string of unsuccessful attempts, I decided to follow a proven system. Intrigued by the Ecom King's course, I immersed myself in his teachings. Armed with new product research methods, I tested a 720-degree rotating faucet and a high-frequency therapy wand for skincare. Despite investing $90 and $50, respectively, the results were disappointing - only one sale for the faucet and none for the therapy wand. Reflecting on these outcomes, I made the fourth beginner mistake of blaming external factors instead of taking responsibility for my own actions.

April - Following a Proven System

Determined to overcome my challenges, I turned to organic and paid advertising. I tested lightsaber chopsticks on organic TikTok and the magnetic reception ring on TikTok ads. However, my focus on website aesthetics instead of improving ads and offers proved to be another mistake. In search of my own unique ideas, I neglected the importance of emulating what was already working. These lessons reminded me to prioritize product quality, clean presentation, and customer-centric descriptions.

May - Learning from Mistakes

In May, I intensified my efforts on organic TikTok and tested three products simultaneously: a slushy cup, a plasma bowl, and a book lamp. While the slushy cup failed due to intense competition, my video about the plasma bowl reached over 100,000 views, demonstrating the power of leveraging existing viral content. However, I failed to convert views into sales, leading to a loss. I also realized the significance of copying what works rather than reinventing the wheel, a crucial lesson for beginners.

June and July - Annoying Setbacks

Frustration crept in as I encountered setbacks throughout June and July. Despite finding two products that showed promise, including an acupressure pain relief mat and a heated cramp relief pad, I faced challenges with banned TikTok ad accounts and a continuously changing algorithm. These roadblocks hindered my progress with these products, leaving me feeling disillusioned and contemplating giving up.

August - Trying a New Program

Finding hope in the form of a drop shipping mentor named Michael Bernstein, I had a Zoom call with him to discuss my struggles. With his guidance, I decided to focus on TikTok organic and received assistance from a skilled student named Jacob. Armed with a door sensor as my chosen product, I dedicated myself to consistently posting two TikTok videos a day for nearly three weeks. This commitment forced me to improve the quality of my videos, a factor I had previously neglected.

September and October - Going Viral with TikTok Organic

Persistence proved to be the key in September and October. After an extended period of testing, I finally achieved viral success with a cheetah pen, a controversial product associated with cheating in exams. This breakthrough, along with other products, resulted in over $400 in profits. It was a turning point that reaffirmed my belief in the power of hard work and sustained effort.

November and December - Finding Some Success

In November, I continued testing products and experiencing mixed results. A cartoon backpack went viral but failed to generate substantial sales due to a controversial hook. However, I managed to make over $1,000 in profit by revisiting my first-ever tested product, leveraging improved video-making skills and finding success on multiple platforms, including TikTok and YouTube shorts. December brought both challenges and triumphs, as I tested a glasses cleaning device and initially struggled to gain consistent views. However, one video eventually went viral, leading to significant profits in just a week.


After a year of ups and downs, I reached the end of my journey. While I encountered moments of doubt and faced numerous obstacles, I ultimately found success in drop shipping. My path was lined with valuable lessons, including the importance of perseverance, learning from mistakes, and embracing proven strategies. Drop shipping is not for the faint of heart, but for those willing to put in the immense effort, it remains a viable pathway to success. As I move forward, I encourage aspiring drop shippers to focus on self-improvement, seek guidance from experienced mentors, and strive for a balance between patience and persistence.