Elevate Your Dropshipping Success with the #1 Dropship University Course

Elevate Your Dropshipping Success with the #1 Dropship University Course

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tom Cormier's dropshipping Success
  3. Benefits of YouTube Channel
  4. Overview of the dropship University Course
  5. Beginners Guide to eBay Dropshipping
    • Introduction to eBay Dropshipping
    • Required Software
    • Setting up Your eBay Store
    • Business Policies
    • Popular Sources for Listing
  6. Finding Profitable Items
    • Efficient Item Selection
    • Title Optimization Techniques
    • Seller Updates and Tips
  7. Managing Sales and Customer Service
    • Processing Sales
    • Dealing with Problem Customers
    • Feedback Score Management
  8. Advanced Strategies for Scaling Your Store
    • Avoiding PayPal Jail
    • Store Subscription Options
    • Starting a Second Store
  9. Miscellaneous Bonus Topics
    • Making Extra Money
    • Tools and Programs
    • Delisting Items and VERO Violations
  10. Sales Tax and Cashback Techniques
    • Getting Tax Exempt
    • Mitigating Losses and Non-Taxes
    • Tracking and Remitting Sales Tax
  11. Advanced Item Sourcing Strategies
    • Walmart Ordering Tips
    • Advanced SiC Item Sourcing Strategy
  12. Conclusion
  13. Frequently Asked Questions

Article: Elevating Your Dropshipping Success with the Dropship University Course

Tom Cormier, a highly successful dropshipper, is celebrating a major milestone - his YouTube channel has reached 1,000 subscribers! In this article, we will explore Tom's journey to dropshipping success, the benefits of his YouTube channel, and an overview of his comprehensive Dropship University Course.


Let's start by introducing Tom Cormier, a dropshipping expert who consistently generates over six figures in monthly sales on eBay. With a current track record of $150,000 in monthly revenue, Tom is on track to hit a remarkable $200,000 in the next 30 days. As an eBay coach and mentor, he runs a free Facebook group with over 4,000 members, dedicated to sharing valuable insights and strategies for success.

Tom Cormier's Dropshipping Success

Tom's achievements in dropshipping are nothing short of remarkable. In less than three months, he reached his goal of 1,000 YouTube subscribers, thanks to his dedication to producing high-quality content and setting ambitious goals. To illustrate his success, Tom shares the details of a remarkable sales day, where his three eBay accounts generated over $13,000 in sales, with a net profit of well over $1,000. While such exceptional days are not the norm, consistency and commitment to the right strategies can pave the way for sustainable success.

Benefits of YouTube Channel

Tom's YouTube channel serves as a platform for him to share his dropshipping knowledge, motivation, and insights. By leveraging his experience and expertise, he offers valuable guidance to aspiring dropshippers, helping them navigate the challenges and pitfalls of the industry. Tom's channel focuses on a unique perspective, emphasizing volume-based sales rather than obsessing over title optimization or finding the perfect items. This alternative approach has yielded impressive results.

Overview of the Dropship University Course

Now, let's delve into Tom's comprehensive Dropship University Course. Designed for beginners and experienced dropshippers alike, this course offers a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies to help individuals achieve their dropshipping goals.

The course curriculum spans 55 videos, totaling over six and a half hours of content. With continuous updates and ongoing commitment to excellence, Tom ensures that this course remains the best dropshipping resource available. The course covers various topics, providing step-by-step guidance from setting up an eBay store to mastering item sourcing strategies.

Beginners Guide to eBay Dropshipping

The course begins with a comprehensive introduction to eBay dropshipping, guiding newcomers through the essential steps of starting their dropshipping journey. Tom shares necessary software requirements and explains how to set up an eBay store correctly. He also offers valuable insights into creating effective business policies, a crucial but often overlooked aspect for new dropshippers.

To help aspiring dropshippers find profitable and in-demand items, Tom shares his preferred listing sources, which include popular platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot. He emphasizes the importance of matching business policies with supplier requirements to ensure seamless order fulfillment.

Finding Profitable Items

A critical aspect of dropshipping success lies in selecting profitable and high-demand items. Tom provides various strategies to efficiently identify items that are likely to sell well. While he offers some techniques through his YouTube channel, the course delves deeper, providing additional methods and advanced tactics to streamline the item sourcing process. Tom even provides a pre-made Google Sheets document to facilitate item tracking and organization, catering to those less familiar with the software.

Managing Sales and Customer Service

In this section, Tom equips dropshippers with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle sales and provide exceptional customer service. He explains different methods for processing sales, from manual input to utilizing programs that automate the process. Tom also addresses common customer service questions and offers scripting guidance, ensuring dropshippers uphold professionalism and effectively address customer concerns.

Advanced Strategies for Scaling Your Store

Successful dropshippers understand the importance of scaling their operations to achieve significant growth and increase profits. Tom shares his insights on avoiding PayPal jail, effectively managing store subscriptions, and even starting a second store. By implementing Tom's advice and techniques, dropshippers can optimize their sales potential and unlock new opportunities.

Miscellaneous Bonus Topics

Recognizing the need to go beyond the basics, Tom covers a myriad of additional topics, such as making extra money through various programs, tools, and cashback opportunities. He offers guidance on delisting items and mitigating VERO violations, ensuring dropshippers navigate potential pitfalls with ease. Tom even shares his expertise on sales tax management, providing valuable insights and strategies for optimizing sales tax processes.

Advanced Item Sourcing Strategies

To further empower dropshippers, Tom provides advanced item sourcing strategies, particularly focusing on Walmart. He shares tips and techniques to prevent item cancellations and maximize the effectiveness of advanced item sourcing tools. By implementing these strategies, dropshippers can significantly increase their item selection and ultimately boost their sales.


Tom Cormier's Dropship University Course serves as a comprehensive and cutting-edge resource for anyone looking to excel in the world of dropshipping. From beginners seeking a solid foundation to experienced dropshippers aiming to take their business to new heights, this course offers invaluable insights and actionable strategies. By following the techniques outlined in the course, dropshippers can unlock their full potential, achieve impressive sales figures, and live the freedom lifestyle they desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Dropship University Course suitable for beginners? A: Absolutely! Tom's course is designed to cater to beginners and experienced dropshippers alike. With its comprehensive curriculum and step-by-step guidance, beginners can gain a solid foundation in dropshipping, while experienced dropshippers can fine-tune their strategies and broaden their knowledge.

Q: Will this course teach me how to find profitable items? A: Yes, Tom shares various strategies for efficiently identifying profitable items. From popular listing sources to advanced item sourcing techniques, dropshippers will learn how to maximize their item selection and increase the likelihood of success.

Q: Are there any additional benefits to joining the course? A: Yes, course members gain access to a private Facebook group exclusive to Dropship University students. This community serves as a valuable platform for asking questions, sharing experiences, and obtaining personalized guidance from Tom and fellow dropshippers.

Q: Can I expect personalized support from Tom himself? A: Tom prides himself on providing personalized support to his students. While he cannot guarantee an immediate response in his free Facebook group due to its size, he ensures that every question posted in the private course group receives his attention and expertise.

Q: Is there a limited number of spots available for the course? A: Yes, Tom has created a discount code for the first 10 course sign-ups, offering $50 off the course price. As demand for the course is high, it's recommended to act quickly to secure a spot and avail yourself of this limited-time discount.

Be sure to visit Dropship University for further information and to take advantage of this unique opportunity to elevate your dropshipping success!