Earn $2000/Week with Automated eBay Dropshipping

Earn $2000/Week with Automated eBay Dropshipping

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Manual eBay Drop Shipping
    • Finding a Winning Product
    • Locating the Item from a Drop Shipping Supplier
    • Listing the Item on eBay
    • Fulfilling the Orders Manually
  3. Automated eBay Drop Shipping
    • Introducing Auto DS Software
    • Connecting eBay Store and Auto DS
    • Adding Products to the Store
    • Automating Fulfillment Process
  4. Pros and Cons of Manual and Automated Drop Shipping
  5. Conclusion

Manual vs. Automated eBay Drop Shipping: Which Method is Right for You?

In the world of e-commerce, eBay has long been recognized as a leading platform for entrepreneurs looking to start an online business. One popular business model on eBay is drop shipping, where sellers list products on their stores without physically holding inventory. Instead, they rely on suppliers to fulfill orders on their behalf. As a prospective eBay drop shipper, you have two main options - do things manually or embrace automation. In this article, we will explore the differences between manual and automated eBay drop shipping, and help you decide which method is right for you.

1. Manual eBay Drop Shipping

Manually drop shipping on eBay involves several steps that require your active involvement in the process. Let's break down each step:

Finding a Winning Product

The first step in manual drop shipping is finding a winning product. This involves extensive product research to identify items with high demand and profitability. Tools like Zeke analytics can provide valuable insights and data to guide your product selection.

Locating the Item from a Drop Shipping Supplier

Once you have identified a profitable product, you need to find a reliable drop shipping supplier. Platforms like CJ dropshipping can help you locate suppliers that offer the chosen product. It's crucial to ensure that the supplier has the product in stock and can fulfill orders promptly.

Listing the Item on eBay

Listing the product on your eBay store is a critical step in manual drop shipping. You need to create an engaging and informative product listing that appeals to potential customers. This includes writing an attention-grabbing title, optimizing the product description with relevant keywords, and providing accurate specifications.

Fulfilling the Orders Manually

After a successful sale, it is your responsibility to fulfill the order. You must manually retrieve the buyer's information, purchase the item from the supplier, and provide the tracking information to the buyer. This process requires continuous monitoring and active engagement with the supplier and eBay platform.

2. Automated eBay Drop Shipping

Automating the eBay drop shipping process offers several advantages over the manual method. A popular automation tool for eBay drop shippers is Auto DS. Let's explore the process of automated drop shipping:

Introducing Auto DS Software

Auto DS is a software solution designed to streamline and automate various aspects of the eBay drop shipping process. It offers features that can significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage your store.

Connecting eBay Store and Auto DS

To use Auto DS, you need to connect your eBay store with the software. This integration allows Auto DS to access your store's listing and order management functions.

Adding Products to the Store

With Auto DS, adding products to your eBay store becomes faster and easier. By simply copying and pasting the product URL from drop shipping suppliers like CJ Dropshipping, you can import the product details directly into your store. Auto DS will automatically retrieve all necessary information, including images and specifications.

Automating Fulfillment Process

One of the significant advantages of automation is the ability to streamline the fulfillment process. When a sale occurs on your eBay store, Auto DS takes care of order fulfillment by automatically placing orders with the supplier, providing tracking information to the buyer, and updating the order status on eBay. This eliminates the need for manual intervention in fulfilling orders.

4. Pros and Cons of Manual and Automated Drop Shipping

Both manual and automated eBay drop shipping methods have their respective pros and cons:

Manual Drop Shipping Pros:

  • Greater control and customization over product listings
  • Flexibility in selecting suppliers and products
  • Personalized customer interactions


  • Time-consuming listing and order fulfillment process
  • Limited scalability potential without additional resources
  • Higher chances of errors and inefficiencies

Automated Drop Shipping with Auto DS Pros:

  • Time-saving automated listing and order fulfillment
  • Streamlined and organized management of inventory and orders
  • Potential for greater scalability and growth


  • Reduced control over product listings and fulfillment process
  • Dependence on third-party software
  • Initial learning curve and setup process

5. Conclusion

When choosing between manual and automated eBay drop shipping methods, it is crucial to consider factors such as your available time, resources, and long-term goals. Manual drop shipping allows for more control and customization but requires significant time and effort. Automated drop shipping offers convenience and scalability but may limit your control over certain aspects. Ultimately, finding the right balance between manual involvement and automation can lead to a successful eBay drop shipping business.


  • eBay offers two main methods for drop shipping: manual and automated.
  • Manual drop shipping involves actively listing products and fulfilling orders.
  • Automated drop shipping utilizes tools like Auto DS to streamline listing and fulfillment processes.
  • Manual drop shipping provides more control, while automated drop shipping offers convenience and scalability.
  • Pros and cons exist for both methods, and the choice depends on individual preferences and goals.


Q: Can I switch from manual to automated drop shipping? A: Yes, it is possible to switch from manual to automated drop shipping by integrating your eBay store with automation software like Auto DS. However, it requires careful consideration and planning to ensure a smooth transition.

Q: Does automated drop shipping require technical expertise? A: While some initial setup and learning are involved, most automation tools are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to sellers of all skill levels. The software typically provides step-by-step guidance and customer support.

Q: Does automated drop shipping guarantee success? A: While automation can enhance efficiency and productivity, it does not guarantee success on its own. Factors such as product selection, competitive pricing, and effective marketing still play crucial roles in achieving success in the eBay drop shipping business.

Q: Can I use multiple automation tools for eBay drop shipping? A: It is possible to use multiple automation tools, although it may complicate the management and integration processes. It is recommended to thoroughly explore the features and compatibility of each tool before deciding on the best fit for your business.