Dropshipping Success: Profiting from Saturated Winning Products

Dropshipping Success: Profiting from Saturated Winning Products

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding a Saturated Winning Product
  3. Building the Store
  4. Facebook Advertising Strategies
  5. Day One: Setting up Ads and Initial Results
  6. Day Two: Optimization and Changes
  7. Day Three: Challenges and Restrictions
  8. Day Four: Encouraging Results
  9. Day Five: The Final Push
  10. Overall Results and Takeaways


In this article, we will explore the journey of dropshipping a saturated winning product on Facebook and see if it is still possible to make a profit. We will delve into the process of finding the right product, building the store, and implementing effective Facebook advertising strategies. Through a day-by-day account of the experiment, we will analyze the results and extract valuable insights.

Finding a Saturated Winning Product

To begin this venture, we need to identify a product that has already proven to be successful in the market. This can be done by researching popular trends and looking for items that have generated a significant number of sales. In this case, the back stretcher is chosen as the winning, saturated product, based on its widespread popularity and previous success stories.

Building the Store

Once the product is selected, the next step is to create a store to showcase and sell the chosen item. The store layout does not have to be complex or advanced; a simple design will suffice. However, it is essential to incorporate elements that can enhance the customer experience, such as an email bump offering a discount. The email bump can entice more customers to make a purchase, potentially offsetting the discount with shipping charges.

Facebook Advertising Strategies

While Facebook advertising may seem daunting for beginners, it is crucial to focus on creating compelling and engaging ads rather than tinkering with complicated settings. The key is to capture the audience's attention and highlight the product's benefits effectively. By using videos that feature positive reviews and emphasizing the product's advantages, the chances of attracting potential customers can significantly increase.

Day One: Setting up Ads and Initial Results

On the first day of running the Facebook ads, it is essential to monitor key metrics such as ad spend, impressions, and link clicks. However, the initial results may not always be as desired, and it is crucial not to get discouraged. This day serves as a starting point for analyzing the performance and making necessary improvements.

Day Two: Optimization and Changes

As the experiment progresses, it is essential to optimize the Facebook ads continually. This involves analyzing the data, identifying which ads are performing better, and making necessary changes to increase the conversion rate. In this case, switching to an ad with a more captivating hook proves to be advantageous in garnering more clicks and potential customers' attention.

Day Three: Challenges and Restrictions

The journey in dropshipping does not come without its fair share of challenges. On day three, the unexpected occurs when the ads are suddenly restricted by Facebook. This setback could potentially derail the experiment, and the content creator must request a review from Facebook to resolve the issue.

Day Four: Encouraging Results

Despite the challenges faced on day three, perseverance pays off, and the ads are reinstated by Facebook. The day four results show promising signs, with an increase in sales and several customers adding the product to their cart. This indicates that the efforts put into refining the ads and targeting the right audience are yielding positive results.

Day Five: The Final Push

On the final day of the experiment, the content creator allows the Facebook ads to run without constant monitoring. This approach enables a more accurate assessment of the overall effectiveness of the campaign. Though the results on this day may not exceed expectations, the experience gained throughout the five days demonstrates that generating sales with a saturated winning product is still possible.

Overall Results and Takeaways

After analyzing the data and calculating the profits and losses, the experiment concludes with a total loss of $71.69. Despite this negative outcome, the experiment serves as proof that it is still possible to generate sales with a saturated winning product. The insights gained from this experience can help guide aspiring dropshippers in their own ventures, emphasizing the importance of consistent optimization, targeting the right audience, and adapting to challenges along the way.

Investing the time and effort to research, build a store, and implement effective advertising strategies can significantly increase the chances of success in the dropshipping business. It is a journey that requires perseverance, adaptability, and a willingness to learn from both victories and setbacks.


  • Dropshipping a saturated winning product on Facebook can still lead to profitability.
  • Selecting a popular and proven product is crucial.
  • Building a simple and customer-friendly store is sufficient.
  • Engaging and compelling Facebook ads are paramount.
  • Daily optimization and adjustments are vital for success.
  • Challenges and restrictions are inevitable but can be overcome with perseverance.
  • Analyzing data and making improvements are key to driving sales.
  • The overall profitability of the experiment can vary but provides valuable insights for future endeavors.
  • Consistency, adaptability, and a willingness to learn are essential traits for dropshipping success.


  1. Are saturated winning products still profitable in dropshipping?

    • While dropshipping saturated winning products can be challenging, this experiment proves that profitability is still attainable with effective strategies and optimization.
  2. How important is Facebook advertising in dropshipping?

    • Facebook advertising is a vital component of successful dropshipping, as it allows for targeted reach and engagement with potential customers.
  3. What should be considered when selecting a winning product?

    • Key factors to consider include popularity, previous sales success, and potential demand among target audiences.
  4. How can one overcome challenges and restrictions in dropshipping?

    • Persistence and requesting reviews from platforms like Facebook are essential in resolving issues faced during dropshipping campaigns.
  5. What are the key takeaways from this experiment?

    • The experiment highlights the significance of continuous optimization, targeting the right audience, and learning from both successes and setbacks in the dropshipping business.