Discover the Health Benefits of Acupressure Slippers | Try Now

Discover the Health Benefits of Acupressure Slippers | Try Now

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Existing Website
  3. Publishing Ads
  4. Product Research
    1. Using Facebook and Meta Libraries
    2. Trending Products
  5. Acupressure Slipper Product
    1. Health Benefits
    2. Creative Ads
    3. Product Description
  6. Publishing Ads on Facebook
    1. Creating a Sales Campaign
    2. Choosing Ad Type
    3. Setting a Budget
  7. Waiting for Results
  8. Sales and Revenue
    1. Number of Orders
    2. Total Sales
    3. Raposo Cloud Dashboard
      1. Payment Reports
      2. Payout Options
  9. Conclusion


In this Drop Shipping Challenge, I already have an existing website and will be focusing on publishing ads to drive sales. Unlike my previous challenge, where I built a new Shopify website, this time I will be utilizing the same website. To keep the challenge interesting, I have set a budget of only 5000 rupees for advertising. The main goal is to test the effectiveness of direct ad publishing and evaluate the results.

Existing Website

Before diving into the ad publishing process, let's take a look at the existing website I will be using for this challenge. Please note that this website is not to be copied or replicated. It serves as a reference for the purpose of this challenge.

Publishing Ads

To begin the challenge, I will focus on creating and publishing ads directly. By directly publishing the ads, I aim to assess the impact of this approach on driving sales. The success of this strategy will be determined by the response generated from potential customers.

Product Research

To start the product research process, I rely on platforms like Facebook and meta libraries. These platforms allow me to explore trending products that have gained popularity. In this challenge, I have already checked out Raposo Cloud and identified a potential product to test.

Using Facebook and Meta Libraries

Facebook and meta libraries play a crucial role in product research. They provide valuable insights into current market trends and offer a wide range of products to choose from. By analyzing the products available on these platforms, I can select one that shows high potential for success.

Trending Products

After exploring various product options, I have decided to test an acupressure slipper. This product offers numerous health benefits and has gained popularity. By promoting this product through targeted ads, I aim to attract customers looking for a solution to their health-related issues.

Acupressure Slipper Product

The acupressure slipper is a unique product that offers several health benefits. By promoting the advantages of using this slipper, I aim to capture the attention of potential customers who are interested in improving their well-being.

Health Benefits

The acupressure slipper is designed to provide various health benefits, such as improved blood circulation, stress relief, pain management, and relaxation. These benefits make it an appealing product for individuals seeking alternative remedies for their health concerns.

Creative Ads

To effectively promote the acupressure slipper, visually appealing and informative creatives are essential. I have selected a video that effectively showcases the benefits of using the slipper. By leveraging captivating visuals, potential customers will be enticed to explore further and make a purchase.

Product Description

Crafting a compelling product description is crucial to capturing the interest of potential customers. By utilizing GPT and conducting competitor research, I can create a unique product description that highlights the key features and benefits of the acupressure slipper.

Publishing Ads on Facebook

Facebook's Ads Manager serves as a valuable tool for publishing ads and managing campaigns. By utilizing this platform, I can effectively reach a targeted audience and monitor the performance of the ads.

Creating a Sales Campaign

To initiate the ad publishing process, I will create a sales campaign. This campaign will focus on promoting the acupressure slipper and driving conversions.

Choosing Ad Type

There are various ad types available on Facebook, each with its own benefits and targeting options. I will select the ad type that aligns best with the goals of this campaign and the preferences of the target audience.

Setting a Budget

Considering the limited budget of 5000 rupees for this challenge, it is crucial to set a budget for the ad campaign. By carefully allocating the budget, I aim to maximize the reach and impact of the ads while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Waiting for Results

After publishing the ads, the next step is to patiently wait for the results. It is essential to monitor the campaign's performance and analyze the data to gauge its success. By assessing key metrics such as click-through rates, conversions, and engagement, I can determine the effectiveness of the ads.

Sales and Revenue

The ultimate measure of success in this Drop Shipping Challenge is the number of orders and the generated revenue. Let's analyze the sales and revenue figures obtained from this campaign.

Number of Orders

Throughout the campaign, a total of 58 orders were received. This indicates the level of interest and potential demand for the acupressure slipper.

Total Sales

After spending 5000 rupees on advertising, the total revenue generated from the sales of the acupressure slipper amounts to approximately 40,000 rupees.

Raposo Cloud Dashboard

The Raposo Cloud dashboard provides valuable insights into the financial aspect of the Drop Shipping Challenge. It showcases the payment reports and offers payout options for the revenue generated through sales.

Payment Reports

While the Raposo Cloud dashboard provides payment reports, it is important to note that there may be slight delays or discrepancies in reflecting the actual revenue earned. It is advisable to cross-check the payment reports with the actual bank account balance to ensure accuracy.

Payout Options

To streamline the payment process, it is recommended to communicate with the manager and explore the option of one-day payouts. This ensures quicker access to the revenue earned, especially for high-volume orders.


In conclusion, this Drop Shipping Challenge focused on directly publishing ads to an existing website. By utilizing a limited budget of 5000 rupees for advertising, the goal was to assess the effectiveness of this approach. The test product, the acupressure slipper, offered various health benefits and showcased visually appealing creatives. The campaign yielded positive results, with a total of 58 orders and approximately 40,000 rupees in revenue. It is important to stay vigilant when reconciling payment reports with actual bank account balances. Overall, this challenge demonstrated the potential profitability of drop shipping and the importance of strategic advertising.