Discover Profitable Dropshipping Niches and Trending Products

Discover Profitable Dropshipping Niches and Trending Products

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Finding a Good dropshipping Niche
  3. Exploding Topics: A Website to Discover Trending Products
    • Changing the Time Frame
    • Exploring Trending Products
  4. Google Trends: Finding Trending Keywords for Dropshipping
    • Accessing the Keyword Planner
    • Searching Worldwide Trends
    • Analyzing Average Monthly Searches
  5. Tech Talk Trend Discovery: Using the Platform to Find Trending Products
    • Accessing the Tech Talk Creative Center
    • Exploring Trending Videos
    • Downloading and Using Viral Videos
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

How to Find a Profitable Dropshipping Niche and Trending Products

Welcome to On How Channel! In this article, I will guide you on how to find a good dropshipping niche and discover trending products. As a dropshipper, it is crucial to be in a profitable niche that is trending and has high sales potential. We will explore various methods to achieve this. So, let's dive in!

Importance of Finding a Good Dropshipping Niche

Before we jump into the tactics, let's understand why finding a good dropshipping niche is essential for your business success. Even if you have a well-designed store and a great team, being in a niche that is not trending or evergreen can hinder your long-term success. To thrive in dropshipping, you need to stay ahead by discovering new trends and products. This not only applies to dropshipping but also to other online businesses like affiliate and social media marketing.

Exploding Topics: A Website to Discover Trending Products

To start our search for trending products, we will utilize a website called Exploding Topics. This platform allows us to explore products that have been trending in the recent past. By narrowing down the time frame, we can identify hot products that are currently in demand.

We begin by heading over to a search engine and typing "exploding products." The Exploding Topics website should appear in the results. Once on their website, we can change the time frame to view products trending within the last three months. This will provide us with a list of products that have seen a significant increase in popularity.

One product that caught our attention during the search was hoodies. Hoodies have experienced a growth rate of 131% in the last three months, making them a potentially lucrative dropshipping niche. To further explore this niche, we can turn to another powerful tool – Google Trends.

Google Trends: Finding Trending Keywords for Dropshipping

Google Trends is a tool provided by Google that allows us to analyze the popularity of search queries over time. By understanding the search traffic for specific keywords, we can determine whether they are currently trending or have the potential to trend.

To use Google Trends effectively, we need to access the Keyword Planner. This tool provides valuable insights into the search volume for various keywords, helping us identify viable dropshipping opportunities. Simply search for a keyword related to your niche, such as "hoodie," and adjust the settings to explore worldwide trends.

Google Trends will display a graph showing the search interest over time for the keyword. We can further analyze the data by examining related queries that are currently popular. This provides us with additional trending keywords and ideas for dropshipping products.

For instance, when searching for "hoodie," we discovered keywords like "Carl Jacobs hoodie breakout" and "Brown Essentials hoodie." These keywords indicate trending hoodie variations that people are actively searching for. By capitalizing on these trends, we can identify profitable products to add to our dropshipping store.

Tech Talk Trend Discovery: Using the Platform to Find Trending Products

Another interesting method to find trending products is through Tech Talk, a popular platform known for its creative content. Although I personally dislike Tech Talk, I must admit that it has a vast user base and the ability to make videos and products go viral.

To utilize Tech Talk for product discovery, we will visit the Tech Talk Creative Center's Trend Discovery section. This platform provides a wealth of viral videos that showcase various trending products. By watching these videos, we can identify products that are currently in high demand.

While browsing through the Trend Discovery section, you may come across videos featuring unique and interesting products. For example, we stumbled upon a video showcasing a cat head massager, which received a staggering number of likes and shares. By researching the product further, we can potentially find suppliers and add it to our dropshipping store.

To find suppliers for a specific product, simply conduct a Google search using relevant keywords like "cat head massager." This will provide you with online retailers, such as Amazon, where the product may be available. Download the viral video and incorporate it into your advertising campaigns to attract potential customers.


In conclusion, finding a profitable dropshipping niche and trending products is crucial for success in the e-commerce industry. By utilizing platforms like Exploding Topics, Google Trends, and Tech Talk, you can stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on the latest trends. Remember to continuously research and adapt your product offerings to align with consumer demand. Good luck in your dropshipping journey!


1. How do I find the perfect dropshipping niche? Finding the perfect dropshipping niche requires a combination of research and intuition. Start by identifying your interests and passions, then conduct market research to identify trending products within those niches. Utilize tools like Exploding Topics, Google Trends, and Tech Talk to discover profitable niches and trending products.

2. How do I know if a product is trending? Google Trends is an excellent tool to determine if a product is currently trending. By analyzing the search interest over time for a specific keyword, you can gauge its popularity. Additionally, platforms like Tech Talk can give you insights into products that are going viral and gaining traction among consumers.

3. Can I dropship products that are not currently trending? While trending products have a higher likelihood of success, it is still possible to dropship products that are not currently trending. However, in such cases, it is crucial to focus on finding a niche with a passionate target audience. By understanding your customers' needs and preferences, you can still generate sales and build a successful dropshipping business.

4. Are there any tools to help me find dropshipping niches? Yes, there are several tools available to assist with dropshipping niche research. Some popular tools include Exploding Topics, Google Trends, and various market research platforms. These tools can help you identify profitable niches, trending products, and analyze search data to make informed decisions.

5. Can I use viral videos from Tech Talk in my dropshipping ads? Yes, you can use viral videos from Tech Talk in your dropshipping ads, provided you have the necessary rights or permissions. Download the videos, remove any watermarks, and use them creatively in your marketing campaigns to attract attention and generate interest in your products.