Boost Your Shopify Dropshipping Business with These 5 Essential Apps

Boost Your Shopify Dropshipping Business with These 5 Essential Apps

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Drop Shipping?
  3. Benefits of Drop Shipping
  4. Setting Up a Shopify Account
  5. The Importance of Professionalism in Drop Shipping
  6. App 1: Track23 - Tracking Link App
  7. App 2: Aily Reviews - Reviews App
  8. App 3: Lucky Orange - Website Analytics App
  9. App 4: Zen Drop - Autof Fulfillment Center
  10. App 5: TikTok Ads - Advertising on TikTok
  11. Conclusion


Drop shipping is an online business model that allows you to sell products without the need for inventory. It is a popular method for aspiring entrepreneurs due to its low startup costs and flexibility. In this article, we will explore the five best Shopify Drop Shipping apps that can help make your website look more professional and increase your sales.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a business model where you, as the retailer, sell products to customers without having to stock inventory. Instead, you forward the customer's order details to the supplier or manufacturer, who then fulfills the order and ships it directly to the customer. This eliminates the need for storage space or physical product handling.

Benefits of Drop Shipping

There are several benefits to choosing drop shipping as your online business model.

  1. Low startup costs: Since you don't have to purchase inventory upfront, the costs associated with starting a drop shipping business are significantly lower compared to traditional retail models.
  2. Flexibility: Drop shipping allows you to run your business from anywhere with an internet connection. You have the freedom to work from home or while traveling.
  3. Wide product selection: With drop shipping, you can offer a wide range of products without worrying about inventory limitations. As long as your supplier has the product, you can sell it on your website.
  4. No shipping and handling: As the retailer, you don't have to worry about packing and shipping the products. This eliminates the need for a physical warehouse or shipping staff.
  5. Scalability: Drop shipping allows you to scale your business quickly and easily. You can add new products and expand your catalog without investing in additional inventory.

Setting Up a Shopify Account

To start a drop shipping business, you will need a platform to build your online store. One of the most popular platforms is Shopify. Follow these steps to set up your Shopify account:

  1. Visit and create a new account. If you already have a Shopify account, you can skip this step.
  2. Click on "Start Free Trial" and create your account. The free trial will last for three days, which should be enough time to get started.
  3. After the free trial ends, you will only need to pay $1 per month for the first three months. This nominal fee is well worth the benefits of using Shopify for drop shipping.

The Importance of Professionalism in Drop Shipping

In a competitive market, professionalism plays a crucial role in attracting customers and building trust. With so many online scams and unreliable sellers, it's essential to make your drop shipping store look professional and trustworthy. This can be achieved through the following apps:

App 1: Track23 - Tracking Link App

When customers make a purchase from your store, they want to stay informed about the status of their order. Track23 is a tracking link app that allows customers to track their shipments and stay updated with shipping times and delivery dates. By providing 24/7 updated shipping status, you can enhance the professionalism of your store and build customer trust.

App 2: Aily Reviews - Reviews App

Product reviews play a vital role in the buying decision of online shoppers. Aily Reviews is a reviews app that allows you to display customer reviews, including pictures and star ratings, directly on your store. Positive reviews and high ratings create social proof and encourage potential customers to make a purchase. With a free plan available, this app is a must-have for all drop shipping stores.

App 3: Lucky Orange - Website Analytics App

Understanding customer behavior on your website is crucial for improving user experience and optimizing conversion rates. Lucky Orange is a website analytics app that provides real-time heatmaps and visitor recordings. This allows you to see exactly how people are interacting with your website, such as where they are scrolling, what products they are viewing, and how they are navigating through the pages. By gaining insights into your customers' behavior, you can make informed decisions to enhance your website design and improve conversions.

App 4: Zen Drop - Autof Fulfillment Center

Running a successful drop shipping business requires efficient order fulfillment. Zen Drop is an autof fulfillment center that streamlines the order process by automatically forwarding order information from your Shopify store to the supplier. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures seamless processing of orders, resulting in faster shipping and improved customer satisfaction. While there is a premium version available, the free version offers sufficient functionality for most drop shipping businesses.

App 5: TikTok Ads - Advertising on TikTok

TikTok has gained enormous popularity in recent years, with billions of users worldwide. Leveraging TikTok Ads can provide your drop shipping store with organic, real traffic. By promoting your videos to a wider audience, you can drive more potential customers to your website. TikTok Ads offers guaranteed views and the potential for viral exposure at a relatively low cost. It is an effective marketing strategy that can boost your sales and brand visibility.


Utilizing the right apps can significantly enhance the success of your Shopify drop shipping business. By incorporating tracking links, customer reviews, website analytics, automated fulfillment, and advertising on TikTok, you can create a professional and efficient online store that attracts customers and boosts sales. Remember to continually optimize and adapt your strategies to stay ahead in the competitive drop shipping market.


  1. Drop shipping is a low-cost, flexible online business model that eliminates the need for inventory.
  2. Shopify is a popular platform for building drop shipping stores.
  3. Professionalism is crucial in building trust and attracting customers.
  4. The Track23 app provides 24/7 updated shipping status, enhancing the professionalism of your store.
  5. Aily Reviews allows you to display customer reviews, increasing social proof and influencing buying decisions.
  6. Lucky Orange offers website analytics to understand customer behavior and optimize conversions.
  7. Zen Drop streamlines order fulfillment, ensuring fast shipping and improved customer satisfaction.
  8. TikTok Ads can drive organic, real traffic to your store and increase brand visibility.


Q: Is drop shipping a profitable business model? A: Drop shipping can be profitable if executed correctly. It offers low startup costs and flexibility, but success depends on product selection, marketing strategies, and providing excellent customer service.

Q: Can I sell any product through drop shipping? A: While drop shipping allows you to sell a wide range of products, it's essential to choose products with sufficient demand and a reliable supplier. Conduct market research to identify profitable niches and products.

Q: Do I need to have technical skills to set up a Shopify store? A: No, you don't need advanced technical skills to set up a Shopify store. The platform offers user-friendly tools and templates, making it accessible to beginners. Additionally, there are plenty of tutorials and resources available to help you get started.

Q: How much should I invest in TikTok ads? A: The amount you invest in TikTok Ads depends on your budget and goals. Start with a reasonable budget and monitor the performance of your ads. You can then increase your spending if you see positive results.

Q: How can I ensure customer satisfaction in drop shipping? A: Providing excellent customer service is crucial in drop shipping. Communicate clearly with your customers throughout the buying process, resolve any issues promptly, and maintain a reliable line of communication. Building a strong relationship with your suppliers is also important to ensure timely order fulfillment.