Boost Your Drop Shipping Business with These 9 Chrome Extensions

Boost Your Drop Shipping Business with These 9 Chrome Extensions

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Chrome Extensions for Drop Shipping from AliExpress
    1. Ali Save
    2. AliExpress Search by Image
    3. Up Assistant
    4. Ali Tools Shopping Assistant
    5. AliExpress Shopping and Cashback
    6. AliExpress Coupon Finder
    7. AliExpress Video Finder
    8. Auto DS Helper Chrome Extension
  3. Conclusion

The Top 9 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Drop Shipping from AliExpress

If you're in the world of drop shipping, you're probably well aware of the opportunities and challenges that come with sourcing products from AliExpress. As one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, AliExpress offers millions of products at affordable prices. However, navigating the AliExpress platform and finding the right products can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That's where Chrome extensions come in. In this article, we'll explore the top nine must-have chrome extensions that can save you time, boost your profits, and enhance your product research. Let's dive in!

1. Ali Save: Simplify Saving Photos and Videos

One common issue faced by drop shippers is the inability to save photos and videos from AliExpress. Ali Save is a handy extension that allows you to easily save media files from AliExpress. By simply clicking on the Ali Save icon next to the product listing, you can download all the high-quality images and videos associated with the product. This extension eliminates the hassle of right-clicking and provides you with a convenient way to save product media for your listings.

2. AliExpress Search by Image: Uncover Competitor Sources

Knowing where your competitors source their products can give you a competitive edge in the drop shipping business. With the AliExpress Search by Image extension, you can easily find the same or similar products on AliExpress by using an image from any website. Simply right-click on an image, select "Search AliExpress by image," and the extension will show you if the product is available on AliExpress and provide you with the price, seller rating, and other relevant details. This extension helps you discover potential suppliers and compare prices to make informed decisions.

3. Up Assistant: Filter out the Best Sellers

Finding reliable sellers is crucial when drop shipping. The Up Assistant extension helps you filter out the best sellers on AliExpress, saving you time and ensuring a smooth drop shipping experience. The extension adds a seller rating percentage next to each product listing, allowing you to quickly identify trustworthy sellers. Additionally, it provides valuable information about the seller's overall rating, buyer satisfaction, and potential delays in shipping. By working with top-rated sellers, you can minimize potential problems and deliver a better experience to your customers.

4. Ali Tools Shopping Assistant: Find Similar Products Effortlessly

Discovering products that are similar to high-performing items is a proven strategy in drop shipping. The Ali Tools Shopping Assistant is designed to help you find similar products on AliExpress quickly. When viewing a product on AliExpress, you can click on the extension to see a list of similar items with their ratings, prices, and other relevant details. This feature streamlines your product research process and gives you more options to explore. By leveraging this extension, you can uncover trending products and expand your product offerings effectively.

5. AliExpress Shopping and Cashback: Maximize Your Profits

Who doesn't love cashback? With the AliExpress Shopping and Cashback extension, you can earn cashback on your AliExpress orders, boosting your overall profits. After signing up for a free account, the extension allows you to activate cashback on eligible products. The cashback can be redeemed as Amazon gift cards, transferred to your PayPal account, or used for future AliExpress purchases. By utilizing this extension, you can make every purchase count and increase your bottom line.

6. AliExpress Coupon Finder: Unlock Hidden Discounts

Coupons can be elusive on AliExpress, but the AliExpress Coupon Finder extension makes it easier to uncover hidden discounts. This extension scans AliExpress product pages to find and display available coupons. It shows the coupon value and any store-wide discounts that may apply. By using this extension, you can ensure that you always get the best price possible and pass on those savings to your customers.

7. AliExpress Video Finder: Enhance Your Product Research

Product videos are powerful tools for attracting customers and increasing conversions. The AliExpress Video Finder extension allows you to preview product videos without individually visiting each product page. By simply hovering over a product listing, you can watch the video associated with it, providing you with valuable insights about the product's features, functionality, and visual appeal. This extension saves you time while elevating your product research process.

8. Auto DS Helper Chrome Extension: Simplify Product Importing

Adding multiple products to your drop shipping store can be a tedious task. The Auto DS Helper Chrome extension streamlines this process by enabling you to import numerous products from AliExpress to your store with just one click. By utilizing the extension's extract button, you can gather product IDs from multiple listings and export them as a CSV file. This file can then be easily uploaded to the Auto DS platform for bulk product importation. This extension saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your drop shipping business.


In the fast-paced world of drop shipping, efficiency is key. By integrating these nine essential Chrome extensions into your drop shipping workflow, you can optimize your processes, save time, and increase your profits. Whether it's saving photos and videos, finding similar products, or maximizing cashback and discounts, these extensions provide valuable tools to enhance your drop shipping experience on AliExpress. Stay ahead of the competition and take your drop shipping business to new heights with the power of Chrome extensions.