10 Valentine's Day Gifts with Fast Delivery

10 Valentine's Day Gifts with Fast Delivery

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. LED light up Teddy Bear
  3. Ring Gift Box
  4. Projection Necklace
  5. Projection Jewelry with "I Love You" in 100 Languages
  6. Sparkly Rose LED Light
  7. Personalized LED Light
  8. Giant Teddy Bear
  9. Couple's Bracelet Set
  10. Beautiful Flowers
  11. Additional Products


Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you're looking for the perfect gift for your special someone, then look no further. In this article, we will be sharing 10 Valentine's Day dropship products that come with fast 7 to 15-day shipping. We understand that shipping time is always a concern when it comes to dropship products, so we have ensured that each and every one of these products can be delivered within a short timeframe. Whether you're looking for something romantic, sentimental, or unique, we've got you covered. So without further ado, let's dive into the top 10 Valentine's Day dropship products that you can surprise your loved one with.

1. LED light up Teddy Bear

If you're looking for a cuddly and cute gift, this LED light up Teddy Bear is the perfect choice. Available in white, yellow, blue, and pink, this giant plush Teddy Bear comes in various sizes ranging from 25 centimeters to 50 centimeters. What makes this Bear even more special is its built-in LED light that gives it a glowing effect. This adorable Teddy Bear is sure to melt your loved one's heart and bring a smile to their face.

2. Ring Gift Box

Add an extra element of surprise with this unique ring gift box. Unlike traditional square ring boxes, this box is shaped differently and when opened, it reveals a beautiful flower along with the ring inside. Available in pink, blue, black, and red, this ring gift box is the perfect way to make your proposal or special occasion even more memorable. Say 'I love you' in a surprising and romantic way with this stunning ring gift box.

3. Projection Necklace

Looking for a gift that is both sentimental and trendy? The projection necklace is an excellent choice. When held up to the light, this necklace projects a photo of your choice. This couple's necklace is perfect for long-distance relationships, with each person wearing a piece of the necklace. With various designs, colors, and shapes available, you can find the perfect projection necklace that symbolizes your love and affection.

4. Projection Jewelry with "I Love You" in 100 Languages

Take a step further in expressing your love with this unique projection jewelry that showcases the words "I love you" in 100 different languages. Available in different designs and styles, including necklaces, rings, and bracelets, this projection jewelry is a meaningful and romantic gift for your significant other. Surprise them with a heartfelt message that spans across a hundred languages, leaving them feeling truly special.

5. Sparkly Rose LED Light

If you want to recreate the enchanting atmosphere of the movie Beauty and the Beast, look no further than this sparkly rose LED light. Available in six different colors, this rose comes with LED lights that make it sparkle and shine. This magical rose is reminiscent of the iconic rose from the movie and is guaranteed to capture anyone's attention. Place it in good lighting, and the sparkles will reflect in a mesmerizing way, creating a scroll-stopping effect.


  • Unique and enchanting gift
  • Sparkles beautifully in direct sunlight
  • Reminiscent of the rose from Beauty and the Beast


  • May require direct sunlight or good lighting for the full effect

6. Personalized LED Light

Capture your special moments with this personalized LED light. You can upload a photo of you and your partner or significant other, and it will be transformed into a sketch and printed onto the LED light. This customization option allows you to create a truly unique and meaningful gift that commemorates your cherished memories. Available for up to four people, this personalized LED light is a heartfelt way to celebrate your love.

7. Giant Teddy Bear

Sometimes, a giant gesture is required to show your love, and this giant teddy bear is the perfect way to do so. Available in two sizes - 100 centimeters or 120 centimeters - and in four different colors, this bear is sure to make a big impression. Whether you want to surprise your loved one or simply give them something to cuddle with, this giant teddy bear is an adorable and huggable gift that will bring a smile to their face.

8. Couple's Bracelet Set

Symbolize your bond with your partner with this couple's bracelet set. Each person gets a bracelet that locks onto their wrist, and their partner receives the key, which can also be worn as a necklace. Made from stainless steel, this bracelet set is available in two design options - one with faux diamonds and one without. The addition of faux diamonds can add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your videos or special occasions.

9. Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are a classic gift, but unlike fresh flowers that wither and die, these beautiful flowers are everlasting. If your loved one struggles to keep plants alive or you want a gift that will last, these iridescent and gold foiled flowers are a perfect choice. Sold as a bunch of 10, these flowers come in a stunning color that beautifully shows up in direct sunlight. The gold foiled stem adds an elegant touch, making them a great gift for any occasion.


  • Everlasting and low-maintenance gift
  • Beautiful iridescent color
  • Gold foiled stem for an elegant touch


  • May not have the same fragrance as fresh flowers

10. Additional Products

In addition to the mentioned products, we have included a few more in our document for channel members. To gain access to these bonus products as well as previous and future product recommendations, click the join button and become a channel member. Stay ahead of the competition and be one of the first to discover and market winning products.


  • Discover 10 Valentine's Day dropship products with fast 7 to 15-day shipping.
  • Choose from a variety of unique and sentimental gifts to surprise your loved one.
  • LED light-up Teddy Bear, projection necklaces, and personalized LED lights add a special touch.
  • Sparkly rose LED lights create an enchanting atmosphere.
  • Couple's bracelet sets and beautiful everlasting flowers symbolize your love.
  • Channel members get access to additional bonus products and recommendations.


Q: Are these dropship products available for international shipping? A: Yes, these products come with fast 7 to 15-day shipping, making them suitable for international shipping.

Q: Can I customize the projection necklace with a specific photo? A: Yes, the projection necklace allows you to choose a photo of your choice. It can be a sentimental photo or a special memory you shared with your partner.

Q: Do the LED lights in the sparkly rose require batteries? A: Yes, the LED lights in the sparkly rose are powered by batteries, which are included with the product.

Q: Can I purchase the beautiful flowers individually, or are they only sold as a bunch? A: The beautiful flowers are sold as a bunch of 10, but if you prefer, you can purchase them individually and sell them separately.

Q: Are the products in the document exclusive to channel members? A: Yes, as a channel member, you will have access to the document containing additional products, along with past and future product recommendations.