10 Steps for a Successful Shopify Dropship Launch

10 Steps for a Successful Shopify Dropship Launch

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of a Launch Checklist
  3. Performing a Test Transaction
  4. Checking Your Applique Account
  5. Reviewing Saved Designs
  6. Double Checking Shopify Account
  7. Setting Up Shipping Fees
  8. Handling Taxes
  9. Customize Labels and Packaging
  10. Additional Considerations
  11. Conclusion

The Launch Checklist for Your Ecommerce Store

Launching an ecommerce store can be an exciting but daunting task. Ensuring everything is in order before going live is crucial to avoid any issues that may arise. This article will guide you through a comprehensive launch checklist for your ecommerce store, specifically when using drop shipping. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and successful launch of your online store.


Before we dive into the details of the launch checklist, it's important to understand why it is necessary. When you launch your Shopify store for the first time, you want to ensure that everything is functioning properly and that customers have a seamless experience. This checklist will help you identify and resolve any potential issues before they become problematic.

The Importance of a Launch Checklist

  1. Performing a Test Transaction

    • Running a test transaction allows you to simulate the customer experience and identify any issues that may arise during the checkout process.
    • Take note of any discrepancies or inconsistencies that you come across during the test transaction.
  2. Checking Your Applique Account

    • Verify that the test order shows up in the orders page of your Applique account.
    • This ensures that the app is running properly and that the order has been successfully processed.
  3. Reviewing Saved Designs

    • Double-check that the save designs in your Applique account are aligned with the products you intend to sell.
    • Ensure that any additional features, such as woven labels, are properly incorporated into your designs.
  4. Double Checking Your Shopify Account

    • Verify that the product variants in your Shopify account include the Applique SKUs.
    • Ensure that product names and descriptions are well-crafted and appealing to customers.
    • Invest time in taking high-quality product photos to enhance the overall appeal of your store.
  5. Setting Up Shipping Fees

    • Research and set up appropriate shipping rates based on the weight of your products.
    • Balance the shipping fees to ensure they align with the actual costs and do not burden customers or eat into your margins.
  6. Handling Taxes

    • Decide how you want to handle taxes, whether by allowing Applique to collect and charge taxes or by providing a reseller's permit.
    • Make a clear decision to avoid complications when filing taxes in the future.
  7. Customizing Labels and Packaging

    • Customize your labels and packaging slips to include your company name and address.
    • Create a cohesive and personalized experience for your customers, making your brand more memorable.
  8. Additional Considerations

    • There are many other sales and marketing strategies to consider, such as pre-launch promotions and pre-selling initiatives.
    • While these are not covered in this checklist, they can greatly contribute to a successful launch of your store.


Launching an ecommerce store requires proper preparation and attention to detail. By following this launch checklist, you can ensure that your store is ready to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. Remember to test transactions, review your Applique account, customize your designs, and set up shipping fees and taxes. By taking these steps, you'll be well-prepared for a successful launch of your ecommerce store. Good luck!


  • Launching an ecommerce store requires careful preparation to avoid potential issues.
  • Performing a test transaction helps identify any checkout process issues.
  • Checking your Applique account ensures proper order processing and fulfillment.
  • Reviewing saved designs confirms that your products are accurately represented.
  • Double checking your Shopify account eliminates any inconsistencies or missing information.
  • Setting up shipping fees appropriately prevents undercharging or overcharging customers.
  • Handling taxes requires a clear decision on how to manage tax collections.
  • Customizing labels and packaging adds a personal touch to the customer experience.


Q: What is the purpose of a launch checklist? A: A launch checklist ensures that all necessary steps have been taken before launching an ecommerce store, minimizing the risk of issues and enhancing the customer experience.

Q: Why is performing a test transaction important? A: Running a test transaction allows you to identify and resolve any issues encountered during the checkout process, ensuring a smooth experience for future customers.

Q: How can I ensure proper order processing and fulfillment? A: Checking your Applique account after a test transaction confirms that orders are being received and processed correctly, providing confidence in your store's setup.

Q: What should I consider when customizing labels and packaging? A: Adding your company name and address to labels and packaging slips creates a cohesive and professional appearance, enhancing your brand's image.

Q: Are there other considerations for a successful launch? A: Yes, this checklist covers the essential steps, but there are additional sales and marketing strategies that can be pursued to maximize the launch's success.