$0-$100,000 Dropshipping Success in 30 Days Without Spending Money

$0-$100,000 Dropshipping Success in 30 Days Without Spending Money

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding a Viral Product
  3. Creating a Beautiful Shopify Store
  4. Ordering the Product and Taking Photos
  5. Leveraging Social Media for Virality
  6. The Importance of Product Descriptions
  7. Choosing a Supplier
  8. Designing a Professional Logo
  9. Choosing the Right Theme for Your Store
  10. Advertising on TikTok and Instagram
  11. Reenacting Funny and Controversial Skits
  12. Maximizing Sales with Real-Life Situation Videos
  13. Tracking Sales and Profit
  14. Conclusion



In this article, we will explore the journey of how I made $100,000 from drop shipping in just 30 days without spending any money on ads. I will reveal my step-by-step process and strategies for achieving this remarkable success. Whether you are a beginner in the world of drop shipping or a seasoned entrepreneur, you will find valuable insights and actionable tips to boost your own drop shipping business.

Finding a Viral Product

The first crucial step in my journey was finding a viral product to sell. After hours of scrolling through TikTok, my friend and I stumbled upon a safety door lock that was gaining immense popularity. The product was receiving millions of views and had a high demand among viewers. Recognizing its potential, I conducted thorough market research and verified its profitability.

Creating a Beautiful Shopify Store

With the perfect product in mind, the next step was to create a visually appealing Shopify store. I utilized Shopify's user-friendly platform and explored various themes. I settled for a clean and attractive theme called Debutify, although there are many free options available as well. By combining captivating product images, concise yet compelling descriptions, and a well-designed layout, I optimized my store's appearance to maximize conversions.

Ordering the Product and Taking Photos

To ensure quality and authenticity, I ordered the product directly from a trusted supplier on AliExpress. This not only allowed me to inspect the product but also gave me the opportunity to take high-quality photos for my store. These photos played a crucial role in attracting potential customers and building trust.

Leveraging Social Media for Virality

To drive traffic and sales to my store, I strategically utilized social media platforms, specifically TikTok and Instagram. I created dedicated accounts for my store, utilizing captivating profile pictures and bios that enticed users to visit my website. By leveraging the massive reach of TikTok and Instagram, I harnessed the power of viral videos to generate buzz and interest in my product.

The Importance of Product Descriptions

When it came to creating product descriptions, I took a different approach. Instead of spending hours crafting lengthy descriptions, I observed other successful drop shipping stores on TikTok and used their descriptions as a reference. This saved time while still providing concise and informative content to potential customers. By focusing on visually appealing images and highlighting the key features and benefits of the product, I ensured that potential buyers were enticed to make a purchase.

Choosing a Supplier

Selecting a reliable supplier is crucial for drop shipping success. In my case, I chose to work with ZenDrop, a trusted app within the Shopify ecosystem. ZenDrop offered faster shipping times, which enhanced the overall customer experience. By prioritizing efficient supply chain management, I was able to fulfill orders promptly and maintain customer satisfaction.

Designing a Professional Logo

To establish a professional brand identity, I created a logo for my store. Utilizing the free app Canva, I designed a simple yet visually appealing logo that resonated with my target audience. A well-crafted logo can significantly enhance brand recognition and trust.

Choosing the Right Theme for Your Store

While Debutify was my chosen theme for its advanced features and aesthetics, Shopify offers a range of free themes that can effectively showcase your products. The key is to select a theme that aligns with your store's branding and enhances the overall user experience.

Advertising on TikTok and Instagram

To promote my store, I focused on creating engaging TikTok videos and Instagram reels. By consistently posting two to three times a day and utilizing popular trends, I aimed to get my content to go viral. By following this strategy, I was able to drive massive organic traffic to my store without spending a single dollar on paid advertising.

Reenacting Funny and Controversial Skits

To further boost engagement and sales, my friend and I decided to reenact funny and controversial skits using the safety door lock. We took inspiration from real-life scenarios such as landlords breaking in or parents unexpectedly entering while showering. This unique approach ignited curiosity and resonated with viewers, propelling our videos to reach millions of views.

Maximizing Sales with Real-Life Situation Videos

The success of our store skyrocketed when we incorporated real-life situation videos into our content strategy. By meticulously planning and executing these videos, we were able to create a sense of urgency and emotional connection with our audience. The authenticity and relatability of these videos translated into higher sales and propelled our store's revenue.

Tracking Sales and Profit

Throughout the process, it was essential to track the sales and profit generated by my drop shipping store. By diligently monitoring the performance of each marketing channel, I was able to evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies and optimize my efforts. During the peak of the viral videos, my store reached a total profit of approximately $55,000 within a span of two weeks.


In conclusion, drop shipping can be a highly profitable business model when executed strategically and consistently. By identifying viral products, creating visually appealing stores, harnessing the power of social media, and continuously experimenting with content strategies, you can achieve remarkable success. With the right product, dedication, and a willingness to adapt, you too can make a significant income from drop shipping.