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to join my key to gold channel subscribe,to my channel and press the bell button,to get the latest video update,which state or urian territory launched,the satarth nagarik mobile app with,relation to corruption,answer c jumbo and kashmir,abhishek yada was appointed as the first,deputy general secretary of which of the,following sports federation,answer b football,the official delegation of india for the,seventh trade policy review,was headed by answer b,anupwadwan with which e-commerce,platform did niti,yoga collaborate to revamp the woman,entrepreneurship platform,answer c flipkart,which hospital won the kai kalpa award,for the third consecutive year this time,answer b ames bhubaneshwar,who was appointed as the chairman of,telecom equipment and services export,promotion council,answered sandeep agarwal,name the startup indian international,summit recently inaugurated by union,minister,piyush goyal answered,defense minister rajnath singh has,unveiled india's first driverless metro,car,for which city answer d,mumbai the government of india has,partnered with pitch country for,cooperation in the field of,information and communication,technologies,answer b japan,who among the following has been,appointed as president of u.n human,rights council,for 2021,answer d nazis khan,who is india's first coveted vaccine,recipient,answer c manish kumar,which state has stopped the india's,innovation index 2021 released by niti,ayoga recently,in major states category,answer d karnataka,the 2021 pradhan mantri rashtriya,bhalpuruskar has been conferred upon,how many students,answer b 32,which state has launched the,udyamasarathi app to provide employment,related data for youths,answer c uttar pradesh,which state has launched the scheme punk,abhyan for girls empowerment,answer c madhya pradesh,name the individual who has won the,subhash chandra bose abda prabandhan,puraskar 2021,answer c rajendra kumar bhandari,who among the following launched vishi,saka app,for farmers answer d,bharti axa general,which metro has become the first metro,to use uv rays to sanitize train coaches,answer c lucknow metro,who among this has been appointed as the,new chief executive officer of,ayushma bharat anja si,ra sharma who has been sworn in as the,new president of the asian cricket,council,answer a jaisha,who among the following has won the gold,medal in first ever asian online,shooting championship,answer a saurabh chaudhary,named the indian american who recently,appointed by nasa as the acting chief of,staff of the u.s space agency,ansar c bhavya lal,students in which state have created a,robot to help in banking services,answer b karnataka,which word has been selected as the,oxford languages hindi word of the year,2020.,ancestor,which state government launched,hargarpani hargar safai mission recently,ansa see punjab,which of the following has become the,first union territory in the country to,become kovid 19 free,answer d anderman and nicobar island,delhi chief minister arvind kej

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