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10 Best Single-Product Shopify Themes

do you want to build an online store,focused on a single product,then shopify is a great platform to,choose,it's easy to use integrates with several,payment processors,and has tons of great features and,third-party apps,themeforest offers hundreds of themes to,help you build the perfect shopify one,product store,for a low one-time fee you can download,a professional theme,that will take your store to the next,level,in this video we'll share 10 of the best,single product shopify themes out there,you can find,all the links in the description below,so click through to check them out,and see if they're right for you first,up is boom,a one product shopify store for,electronics,boom is one of the best shopify themes,to choose if you want to sell single,products,it offers a stylish slider different,mega menu styles,a cart summary drop down and much more,the first theme was aimed at a,particular niche so how about something,more versatile now,shella offers a modern multi-purpose,design,that can be used for any type of one,product shopify store,shella loads fast giving your customers,a great user experience,and on top of that the theme comes with,pre-made skins,a hundred pre-made pages to choose from,built-in support for 3d,and video product views and more,the illoma's theme is a responsive,shopify theme,with over 14 homepage layouts to choose,from,and 20 pre-made designs for inner pages,the main features of this one product,shopify store,include a drag-and-drop page builder,built-in product color swatches,and built-in social media integration,the theme,also supports mega menus and is fully,responsive,entercost is a great choice for stores,selling organic beauty products,handmade products cosmetics and similar,products,this single product shopify template has,plenty of pre-made pages to choose from,making it easy to get your site built,quickly,it also includes product filters,customer testimonials,product quick views and plenty of other,features,a watch store is a great idea for,shopify one product store,chrono dial is a fully responsive theme,with,amazing features including five,different mega menu styles,a unique blog design and multiple,currency support,the elegant theme will work perfectly,for you,one page themes are ideal for stores,selling a single product,so why not give citrus a try it offers,an,awesome parallax effect and just because,it's only one page,doesn't mean it's short on features you,get wish list,options a custom styled checkout,support for product variant images and,lots more customization features that,will help your store stand out,next up is bikes a shopify one product,theme to help you sell that perfect buy,more and more people are cycling these,days as a way to get exercise and save,the planet at the same time,so why not jump on the trend by creating,a one product shopify store,built around bikin bikes offers a,powerful admin panel,it's coated with html5 and css3,and it's seo optimized try it today,who wants to look at plain flat

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How to setup a Mega Menu in Shopify 2020

How to setup a Mega Menu in Shopify 2020

I welcome everyone again finally we have,another video coming up here this one is,called how to create mega menus for,large catalogue e-commerce stores and so,in this topic we're gonna get right to,it for those that are actually thinking,about revamping their main menu system,right they don't want just a generic,main menu system they want something,where it's a little bit more robust,where it has large large catalogs so,let's get right to it thank you for,joining on this video so right away what,I'm gonna tell you is that if you are,new to the channel and you appreciate,topics like this because you want to,build your store not asking for money,please subscribe please subscribe and,also press the like button so that I,could continue to create more content,like this I'm super super busy making,websites but I'm thinking about you guys,so all I ask from you is just press that,like button and let's get down to,business so one of the reasons why I,actually created this video is because,of a comment so see I'm listening to you,guys and I'm making videos because of,your comment literally a few days ago,not even less than a week a great,youtuber called as Mita Wan Dre II asked,this video was very helpful,meaning the previous video thank you so,much but I still have a query we we,create main menus and we could create,drop menus also I want to create,subcategories but let's say for example,you have the main menu where it says,shirt and then a drop down where it says,catalogue excuse me a drop down for,casual and formal so let's say he has,shop right so he says suppose I want to,create a subcategories like printed,checkered stripe for the casual menu,should I do the same like to drop down,menu or should drag it like the menu,please help I'm getting very confused I,totally totally totally understand so,the answer to this question I'm gonna go,back to again one of my favorite themes,out there my favorite theme currently is,turbo I like I used turbo a lot and it's,basically what he's asking for is,perhaps something similar to this right,here so what what this is this is called,the mega menu it's not a many words just,a simple drop-down where it just,vertically drops down instead you see at,the top where it says buy turbo shop,gallery theme info,it like home shop and then contact us,about us those are the highest menus but,the moment that you drop down into shop,you have sub menus and the first sub,menu is women's apparel men's apparel,yoga bags yoga mats yoga props shop,deals but then the sub sub menu for,women's apparel is tops bottoms,accessories right so let's take for,example what he's trying to say is if,you have shop but then all of a sudden,you have men's men's apparel and then,under men's apparel he'll have tops or,like t-shirts jeans and so and so and,then women's apparel it's you know pants,shirts you get the point right guys so,this video I'm gonna teach you how to,accomplish this and one of the first,steps click on the link on the bio on,the on the

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How to change the background header color for the shopify debut theme

How to change the background header color for the shopify debut theme

good night folks welcome to the,frustrated drop shipper so in this video,I'm gonna show you how to change the,background color of the header of the,debut theme so up here on the top where,you can see where it says home and,catalog all this area here is always,weight now if you upload a logo like,I've done here with a blue background it,doesn't quite look right because this,area is is all white and with this theme,you're not able to go in and just change,the header color I'm not sure why it,should be a feature of the theme but,it's not unfortunately if you change it,you're gonna be changing pretty much all,the site and now on my sites the way I,like to do is I'd like to have the logo,on top with a background color and then,the entire hatered header to match that,background color so I can make my entire,site follow that theme while still,maintain a nice light color here where,the products are so to make this header,background the same colors your logo,it's a pretty easy process,first thing you need to know is what,color you want to use so to do that I,use a website called color picker online,it is located at image color picker com,all you do here is you go ahead and,click on the button that says upload,your image go ahead and choose your,image and when you do it I'll show up,here like I've done once you have that,done all you have to do is click on,whatever section of the image you want,to know the color for so if I wanted to,know the color in this circle I'd choose,that and the color would show up here,same goes with the background or any,other color so in this case we want to,have the background image here to match,the background image of the logo so I'm,gonna go ahead and click on that as I've,done and right here you will see the,HDMI HTML soirée code for that color so,I'm just gonna leave that there for now,and I'll show you how to actually change,the color in your theme so as I,mentioned I'm using the Debut theme this,is nothing special a free theme that,Shopify provides and a pretty nice theme,and in order to change the header you,actually need to modify the code of the,theme unfortunately there's no setting,for doing it so to do that go ahead and,click on in your store go ahead and,click on,online store and then themes over here,on the right go ahead and click on,actions and edit code once your code,loads in the search box here go ahead,and type in theme dot SC s s dot L iqu,ID so theme dot s CSS not liquid once,you do that you will see that the theme,that s s CSS that liquid file will,appear click on that load the file as,I've done here and then go down to the,very bottom of the page once you go down,to the very bottom of the page actually,I got some old code here I was testing,it before so let me delete that once you,go down to the bottom of the page you're,gonna go ahead and post paste in sorry,this F code here I'll put this in the,description so you can just copy and,paste it right from here this once you,paste this in these codes here i

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Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2021 - Create A Shopify Store Step By Step | Tagalog

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2021 - Create A Shopify Store Step By Step | Tagalog

hai hai,hai hai show nanti tentang Indonesia, zonapanaz implement guys,nonamager Khair means You can see me,down song for Mr Wong Tua nah fourteen,Days free trial soalnya petugas season,to rectify email address of course semua,Eneng unit trust with a new in your,online store Solo seperti lagi guys,nanging online store Kong well apakah,yang nagih sifat the moment MP3 Young,Lex yidong online store D'Meises mudah,elektron fenomena penyembuhan mountney,aktif Ignatius syuting online store Oke,So what's the movie nailart Click your,credit score and dance,Lebih Detail yang lain step tuh so,meronce dihitung onty ngefans noise,tobat habis sekali anak pangalilang,namanya itung Southern softwares you,call me this feeling so di toko itu,namanya pilihan begitu guys now Let's,I'm not feeling production and Denied,samping style announcers playing around,with shopeepay Andito What is your,revenue Om serum just getting started,with industry should come in the string,nepu senyum am a Paso know but for,badgley kliknya Leaders and then Click,Young Lex,Hai Hai So dipesan except his eternium,ditanyai lagi ngomong mangga personal,information version last name address,and then for number and then Click,bilang your hand termistor raison NTT,yang settingnya dashboard so,kembang gula kayak gitu guys e-dashboard,khai so menangis yang mengabdi to,sebentang Gilbert Oke mover Valentine's,Day Manhattan skg mitina then now as the,noise step-by-step noh Om masuk kategori,kontak kamu kosong mangalap top no soha,bangku magoa online storage rumah gua,dikeroyok the same time parnassus,undang-undang boost your thing gawekno,now what santai setting dashboard,bangunan tinggal guys isi Klik tombol,settings,Hai hey klik nah tingtung hujan Netral,Yo Yo what's radinata Joe Saat tengah,general settings avometer lantai Dito,Hai sebenarnya babak Diza stainless,informed syaisyy firmanila,hai hai,Hai hendso benang ibadah mission anak,Filipin besok oke so Book Downloader,tinggi bangga gowen Solo sataichan inden,go teman tadi itu Next step maka guna,tenis klik nothing Tompi mens,hai hai,Hai So since gago atau guys namsang,lokal dropship Master Kung saan pedity,magsafe nama khas on delivery so gak,winatine guys ditosa Express check out,some people is I diaktifin Klaten Scroll,nothing Tong di Akbid Paypal Express,check out,Daigo endi-endi teman sebenarnya babak a,manual payment methods klik laknat into,Ende nichts Young cash on delivery So,what's the magnetnya feat itu mag,legenda additional details,save example by Only once you receive,your page too,Hai hanyut Kristen vs free,hai hai,Hai shipping at hand of course pingin,begoin guys no morning.the senyum,regions additional details for me apa,just videonya yang diterima,spam instructions wedding reggae Apple,aase,Hai ready,Hai exact amount on switch driver your,kg height ending kletong aktif because,on delivery Andik vermansah Bandung,payment capture klik duyung manual,chapter payment for orders and t

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Changing Your Shopify Header Menu and Icon Colors

Changing Your Shopify Header Menu and Icon Colors

g'day folks welcome to the frustrated,drop shipper in this video I'm gonna,show you how to change the text color of,your top menu these icons as well as the,drop down menu under your mobile version,so right here so if you had a logo that,Rick that you wanted to have a dark,color up in this header I showed you in,a previous video on how to change the,color of your header but if you wanted,to have a dark color in this header then,obviously having dark text on a dark,background it's not going to work,however if you change the text to a,light color for these two options here,anyone who visits your site under mobile,wellgo will get the light text on this,light background here so you'll want to,update both the text color of your,header as well as the background color,of this drop down menu if you're going,to have a dark background with a light,text so that's it this one I'm going to,show you in this video if you want to,know how to change the background color,go ahead and check out the other video I,have on the channel so without wasting,any more time and I'm gonna go ahead and,show you how to do it so the first thing,you want to do is go ahead and go to,your drop shipping store click down,under online store and be under the,themes section under this drop down menu,choose the actions and edit code once,you're under the cold page now I already,have the file load up but to load this,fall you go to the search box and type,in theme dot s CSS dot liquid and under,assets you'll see this fall here click,on it open the file and then go right,down to the very bottom so in the last,video I showed you to add this line of,code here and this is what allows you to,change the background of your header so,now I'm going to show you what code you,need to add in order to change the rest,of the sections so this piece of code,right here I'm just gonna copy and paste,it in this piece of code right Oh,actually no I'm gonna let me backtrack a,bit we'll cover that one after,back here just give me a second here,alright so we'll grab this code and this,code here I'm gonna paste that in so,what this code does so as I mentioned,this bit here is for the background,color of your header now you can I guess,you don't really need to see the other,video now but that's the code there and,this section here it says change the,header navigation and icon color and I,added this section here and this,actually nav item color my mistake not,icon so this section here will change,just the menu so if you add this code,here put in your color code that you,want to use this will change just this,portion here only so let me go ahead and,show you that now so I'll take out this,here and go ahead and save go ahead and,bring up the site again and now as you,can see this is obviously not the colors,I'm choosing it's just random color so,as you can see the menu has updated to,reflect the change that you made here,with this code for the icons however,these over here these are still dark so,you're gonna want t

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