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Changing Your Shopify Header Menu and Icon Colors

g'day folks welcome to the frustrated,drop shipper in this video I'm gonna,show you how to change the text color of,your top menu these icons as well as the,drop down menu under your mobile version,so right here so if you had a logo that,Rick that you wanted to have a dark,color up in this header I showed you in,a previous video on how to change the,color of your header but if you wanted,to have a dark color in this header then,obviously having dark text on a dark,background it's not going to work,however if you change the text to a,light color for these two options here,anyone who visits your site under mobile,wellgo will get the light text on this,light background here so you'll want to,update both the text color of your,header as well as the background color,of this drop down menu if you're going,to have a dark background with a light,text so that's it this one I'm going to,show you in this video if you want to,know how to change the background color,go ahead and check out the other video I,have on the channel so without wasting,any more time and I'm gonna go ahead and,show you how to do it so the first thing,you want to do is go ahead and go to,your drop shipping store click down,under online store and be under the,themes section under this drop down menu,choose the actions and edit code once,you're under the cold page now I already,have the file load up but to load this,fall you go to the search box and type,in theme dot s CSS dot liquid and under,assets you'll see this fall here click,on it open the file and then go right,down to the very bottom so in the last,video I showed you to add this line of,code here and this is what allows you to,change the background of your header so,now I'm going to show you what code you,need to add in order to change the rest,of the sections so this piece of code,right here I'm just gonna copy and paste,it in this piece of code right Oh,actually no I'm gonna let me backtrack a,bit we'll cover that one after,back here just give me a second here,alright so we'll grab this code and this,code here I'm gonna paste that in so,what this code does so as I mentioned,this bit here is for the background,color of your header now you can I guess,you don't really need to see the other,video now but that's the code there and,this section here it says change the,header navigation and icon color and I,added this section here and this,actually nav item color my mistake not,icon so this section here will change,just the menu so if you add this code,here put in your color code that you,want to use this will change just this,portion here only so let me go ahead and,show you that now so I'll take out this,here and go ahead and save go ahead and,bring up the site again and now as you,can see this is obviously not the colors,I'm choosing it's just random color so,as you can see the menu has updated to,reflect the change that you made here,with this code for the icons however,these over here these are still dark so,you're gonna want t

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