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How to make extra $$$ selling Gift Baskets ;Creating a Product and Presentation;How to profit

hey guys this is debbie here from,southern delight really glad that you,tuned in today well if you're tuning in,you probably want to know how to make,some extra cash making gift baskets i,have put together a series of videos to,help you guys earn some money making,gift baskets,i have come up with some ideas for every,holiday that you can actually use my,idea add your spin to it,or do whatever but it gives you a,product that you can actually sell for,each holiday like we've got we've had,valentine's day we've got mother's day,we've got easter but i'm putting,together a playlist of these items that,i have actually done and tried in the,past that have earned extra money for me,and yes they all used,one sign in a shoe box and i'm also,going to be sharing some marketing ideas,with you and i'm going to be doing this,video i've got another one that is,strictly on pricing i'm also going to be,doing a setup and i've got plenty more,lined up for that to help you to,continue to grow in your little,part-time business so stay tuned and,we'll get started first what you're,going to want to do is decide on your,product right now we've just finished up,with valentine's day and i hope you had,a successful valentine's day season,i know that i did really wonderful and,i'm getting ready to jump right in and,start on spring easter and mother's day,but for this video what i've done is i,have put together a gift basket with one,sign in a shoe box for a mother,and this right here is the one that,we're going to be focusing on today,because what you're going to actually,want to do is go out decide what product,that you're going to want to be,making and selling because right now,we're going to be focusing on the one,holiday season of mother's day well of,course mother's day what is mother's day,all about it's about mothers but also,the market opens up for also a customer,looking for someone that they're going,to be buying for grandmothers they're,going to be husbands fine for wives and,then you're going to have mostly people,buying for their moms so you're going to,want to build a product that moms are,going to like,so what i've done in this one it's very,versatile this is just one of the many,gift basket ideas that i've come up with,and i just added in this one is actually,for a gardener i have added in some,gardening gloves and i've added my own,little unique spin to it these gloves i,i transformed into a flower i have added,a hummingbird pick to it and then over,here in the corner i don't know if you,can see it but it's a sign that says,there is this is home is where mom is,and then i just added in some candies,but this one is very versatile because,with this style of gift basket you can,take and the products that i've used for,this one i have used um,this i've used like just some little,bitty signs and then with this one i did,use,a box then i want to go ahead make your,product you want to find out exactly how,much money you have invested in your,product then once it's

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Google Sites - Adding Shopping Cart Buttons

Google Sites - Adding Shopping Cart Buttons

so,this is my shop page,that i created using the google sites,i just used one of these three um,on a page there's a four on a page or a,two on a page i went for three but you,could,choose whichever one you liked and when,it creates,the layout for us,it automatically gives us the option to,add,a heading or a title and it also gives,us the option to add a bit of,description down here,so i've um on this page,i did three different ways that you can,add something to,your shopping cart so you can see that,there are different ways of doing this,so if i preview this you can see,that i have a basic,hyperlink i have a button,created by google sites and i have a,button,that is just an image that i've dropped,in,and then added a link to this one was,just from google images,but you could of course create your own,if you wanted to,so how do we get these buttons to,work for us,so the first thing we need to do is go,back to,roman cart and once we've logged in,we choose manage and then products and,that will take us to this page here,we find the product we want in my case,it's daisies and poppies because,that's the thing i'm in fact let's do,this one spring to life,okay so look for spring to life or,that's product force we click product,four,we click on show code and then we get,several options now okay this first one,is if we've created a form,or we want to create just a form button,we don't want that one,we don't want to create a hyperlink,because we've already got some text,so there's a little bit of extra that we,don't need in there we can just grab,this one here,which is a basic,url so copy that,go back to here,i've just typed in here add to,shopping cart and then like,any other hyperlink you just highlight,it,insert link paste it in,and apply it and then you can see it's,gone blue it's underlined,and now it's a link to my shopping cart,so if i preview that,and scroll down you can see if i click,here now,takes me to my shopping cart okay so,it's doing what it's supposed to do,so that's the first way it's pretty,straightforward it's quite easy,it looks a bit rubbish um just basic,hyperlink on some text,nice way of doing it is to use one of,these uh buttons that google sites,provides for us so,if i click on insert and then,find button,it wants a name so something nice and,simple add to cart up to basket,something like that,and the link it's exactly the same,way that we just did it from roman car a,moment ago,so it's still on the clipboard so i can,paste that in,okay and it creates me a button down,here and all i have to do,is just move it to get it in the right,place,and again if i preview this,you can see once i scroll down,and if i click the add to cart button,it drops it in the car okay,so that's a basic hyperlink that's a,more interesting,perhaps tidier looking button there's,one more thing that you can do with,these buttons and that is if you,click the button um you get an,option here to have it filled,or outlined so if you prefer it just a,kind of white

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How to Setup a ConvertKit Popup Modal / Slider In Form in WordPress

How to Setup a ConvertKit Popup Modal / Slider In Form in WordPress

hi guys it's way too classy here today I,have a video showing you how you can use,confer kit this time we're gonna be,focusing on using modal and slide up,forms on our website using the,convertkit plugin so basically the way,this works it's pretty cool basically,create a pop-up form and you can get,people to sign up it's just all my,credit through convert kit it's really,easy takes about two seconds to do you,know but also if you're looking how to,get started and have sign up for how to,sign up get convert kit on your website,or create a landing page or even make,use of their really cool automation,features I do have a playlist below,showing you all those things but for now,I'm gonna get stuck into how to create a,pop-up form on our page so gonna go to,new form over here click on form and,click on modal for our pop-up you see we,got a few options we can go through and,we can customize these text change the,background image that sort of thing I'm,gonna click on this one here as you can,see we got our newsletter here maybe I,want to change this text to subscribe,for your free download maybe I don't,want it too bold but normal I can change,any of the text here by simply clicking,on it PDF soon you want to take time,obviously time to type something is,going to be somewhat enticing you can,add fields here if I click this I can,add a field choose first name that's,sort of thing delete the field change,the SUBSCRIBE text to sign up or,something like that,I can simply go through and change,anything in this form by clicking on it,I can even turn off the power but,convertkit link even though it's grayed,out there it does not show up on the,page so that is shows you just how easy,it is to change the text on your form,but let's say we want to change a few of,things like this background image down,the left here is where all your settings,are now the cool thing is because it's a,pop-up we can actually have this shop at,exit intent so when our visitors are,better to leave the page form pops up we,can actually have it show up when they,reach say 20% scroll which is a bit,aggressive maybe you wanna make a fifty,or sixty percent,or you can simply have it time so that,when they are there for five seconds and,they pop up so you get a few options,there on you know how to get this pop up,to trigger so what we're gonna do a live,it on 20 percent I'm gonna go through I,can change if I want to stop and II,download so someone opts-in they,received free PDF and click download,here and upload a file she's pretty cool,and here's where I can change or what of,the settings so if I were to change this,read to like a green the dark green I,could do that I could change the for,background color or something else for,to to maybe a light gray or even a black,I've got a few options there I'm gonna,leave those white for now and you could,change this border a is here which I've,done another video similar sort of thing,and I can change the background image so,I click here I can upload a

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How to Shop Online for Stampin' Up! products in Australia with Claire Daly

How to Shop Online for Stampin' Up! products in Australia with Claire Daly

hello claire daley stampin up,demonstrator from melbourne australia,today i want to show you how quick and,easy it is to shop online for stampin up,products in australia,through my my online store,i'm going to show you how to access the,online store,um the benefits that you get from,showing from shopping with me,how to set up an account and how to go,through the,checkout process so i hope you find this,helpful,um please remember that i'm you're also,very welcome to,place orders with me by phone and i love,talking to my customers and i work from,home full time during the week so you're,able to get hold of me,and i also accept orders even by text or,by email,so whatever's the most convenient way,for you i'd be very happy to help you,with your orders,but if you'd like to shop online which a,lot of my customers like to,i wanted to be able to run you through,the process so that you felt confident,to be able to do that,so that's the purpose of today's video,the very first thing to do to make sure,that you are shopping with me,is to make sure that you're actually,entering using one of my shop links,so you will find my shop link on my blog,so my blog address is up here,claire daily.typepad.com don't worry,about that bit we can just delete that,um so that's clear with an a-i-r-e,d-a-l-y for dailybit.typepad.com,you will also find my online store link,you will find that in my newsletters um,you will find that,also um in my vip group,you'll find that so you'll find on my,social media as well,so it's quite easy to find the links to,my online store,and by clicking through those you're,making sure that you're actually,shopping with me,and the benefits of shopping with me are,that you get the great customer service,that i've been providing my customers,for the last 13 years,and i've got lots of customers which,have been shopping with me consistently,during that time and,and tell me that i provide you know,great service to my customers and,that's really great to hear i'm able to,do that because i'm a full-time,demonstrator,and um or full-time work from home,full-time and,so i'm always able to help you sort out,any issues,um i also send out catalogs to all of my,customers,make sure that they get quick notice of,any shop updates or special offers,and you get weekly tutorials gifts sent,out with online orders using the host,code,and i'll talk about that in a moment so,there's lots of benefits of shopping,with me,and by using these shop online links,from my blog and the other places i,mentioned you're making sure that you,actually,um get to shop with me and i'll show you,how that looks in the online store in a,moment,the other thing which i wanted to,quickly mention while we're still on my,blog is down the bottom here,or just under the click shop online link,is,um you'll see each month a host code,so what the host code is it's actually a,code for a group order,so the stampin rewards um which is like,the free product benefits of an order,they start at 250,so if your

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