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Installing a ThemeForest Theme on Shopify

hey everybody Tania's shooting star SVG,back in today I am going to talk about,how to install themes in your Shopify,store that are not directly from Shopify,so this is strictly regarding the theme,forest themes from,envato I'm gonna include a link in this,video that will direct you to the,Shopify themes and templates and here,you can see this is the Waukee theme,this is what I currently use on my,website and there is a lot of different,themes here that are useful for what,you're trying to do on your Shopify,stores so just take a quick look of,those I will be doing a video slash a,blogpost shortly now that I'm back up,and running after being on night shift,in this crazy pandemic we have going on,on some of the better themes for Shopify,based off of what you're trying to do so,anyways what you're gonna want to do is,you're gonna find the theme that you,want right and you're just going to go,ahead and purchase it hmm after you,purchase your theme what will happen is,is that theme force will send you a,confirmation email okay and you can see,I purchased this the beginning of this,year you'll be able to open up your,account and go to my downloads and when,you go to your account back page you,will download the files now here you can,get all the files and documentation,including your license certificate in,your purchase code this is important,because when you go to load your new,theme into Shopify you're gonna have to,enter this information and okay so you,want to make sure that you have that,okay so when you download all of your,files and documentation is going to be,in a zip format so you're gonna have to,extract that right so this is what it,will look like it will have any updates,the user manual and your installation,zip file and it was important that this,stays as is it now if you're unfamiliar,with how to zip in onto,files I do have a video on my youtube,channel for that you can just go ahead,and search for it and I'll walk you,through how to do that right so once you,get everything into a folder then you,will see these zip files here and just,make sure you either keep that folder,open or you know where you're navigating,to because that will be important for,the next step when you go to your,dashboard on Shopify basically this is,what you'll see when you log in you're,gonna want to click on online store and,you're going to click on themes now you,can see here that I already have this,installed it's pretty straightforward,process okay you're gonna do this like,you would do any other theme you're just,gonna click on upload theme and choose,your file I think you can also drag it,over so we'll go ahead and try to do,that um since I do have it open so you,can actually note that did not work so,you can go to choose file I know mine,went into here and then you click on,your zip file and click open now what,that's gonna do is it'll show the dots,if you click on upload file and it's,gonna start working hopefully this does,not override anything for me beca

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How to Add Logo to Shopify Store 🏪

How to Add Logo to Shopify Store 🏪

hello and welcome my name is amulyan you,are watching,tubemint in this video i'm going to show,you how to add,custom logo to your shopify store,and also we'll see what are the,customization of options available in,shopify so you can see,right now it's on the left side of this,website,you can center it and minimize and,maximize the size of the,logo so let's have a look all right this,is,also the default theme of shopify store,which is debut,in 2021 may,i'm not sure if you can see everything,here,all right so let's see what are the,options so go ahead and log into your,shopify admin area and then,click on this customize if you haven't,added any product,this option will be somewhere here on,the right up,so go ahead and click on customize and,then customize,theme i'm going to close this one,and then you will have this option you,simply go ahead and click on customize,you can see this is how it looks on the,small screen as well,so when you click on customize,these are the options that you get so,first thing first,header header this is header okay,and this is the image,with text you can see this is featured,collection,i've got few collections here featured,collections,image with text again so this is the,this section,slideshow which is here,so i've added few you can also go ahead,and add few,uh sections to your home page,and this is the footer so we are going,to,customize our header first okay so you,can see,logo alignment i have two options i can,put it on this,center and this is how it looks,so when you put this on center i'll go,ahead and save it and show you how,does it look on the,small screen so just go ahead and copy,this is w theme remember,so this is how it looks on the,big screen and when you,have a small screen,this is okay so it changes,to it it goes shifts to the left side,okay so that's the option you have,uh on the small screen and then,i would rather go with the left because,it's going to be always on the left and,customer would have more to see on the,screen right,and i'll go ahead and save it so very,first thing you'll simply go ahead and,this is w theme you click on the header,and the very first option that comes is,the logo,alignment but you need to first,change so if i remove it you will get,something,see something like this and this will be,the title,basically logo for default logo the name,of the store will be the logo,but we do not want okay we want our,custom logo we want to have,some branding so this is the custom logo,i have here i can go ahead and click on,and,reselect from a computer again this is,the logo that i have,so like that i can go ahead and select,wherever i have the,logo right but i'm not going to do,because,i already have some sorry one logo,so i'm going to select it,so select the image and then click click,select and you'll see,the custom logo width so you can simply,go ahead and,you know yeah minimize maximize the logo,with as long as it's clear,you want to go with that okay perfect so,now what,options we have

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Shopify - Dangers of Discount Codes [Update]

Shopify - Dangers of Discount Codes [Update]

and we are live hello and good afternoon,and welcome to another episode of the,ecommerce coffee break today we want to,talk about something that has to do with,security and might be important for a,lot of shopify store owners with me,today is kathleen booth she is vice,president of marketing of clean i o a,company that leads in digital engagement,security kathleen has and her team help,e-commerce business optimize their,revenue and buyer experience by taking,back control over third-party code on,their websites prior to cleaning uh to,joining clean i o she spent 13 years in,the digital marketing agency world and,was named by top rank as one of the top,50 b2b marketing influencers of 2021.,castling is also a host of the,long-running inbound success podcast hi,good afternoon how are you doing i'm,great thanks klaus for having me,you're welcome katherine give me a bit,of a background um what you do in life,and for business sure i'll try to make,it succinct um as you said i spent uh,many years as the owner of a digital,marketing agency which i loved i loved,getting to work with companies from all,different industries and i love helping,marketers achieve their goals i sold,that agency in 2017 and since then i've,been working in-house as head of,marketing for a variety of different,mostly venture-backed technology,companies and right now i'm at clean.io,where uh with,for specifically for e-commerce we help,e-commerce uh marketers and business,owners take back control over what's,happening on their websites um,specifically as it relates to how coupon,extensions like honey and capital one,shopping affect their business,okay,obviously a lot of marketers on store,owners are probably not aware of that,there is a risk they run their business,on a platform like shopify and i think,shopify takes care about everything,specifically on the security side of,this and there are still risks so,what should people care about when it,comes to cyber security,yeah i mean cyber security is such a,huge umbrella and i've spent some time,working in the cyber industry and you,know it encompasses everything from the,actual protections you have on your,website to prevent it from being hacked,to something called social engineering,which has to do with how people can be,manipulated to allow hackers in,to,you know,actually the risks that come to your,website with the people who are visiting,it and that's really what we're focused,on um and so this is something that i,spent i spent many years as the owner of,an agency that designed websites and i,never really fully appreciated,the,the last thing i talked about which is,something called in cyber terms it's,called client-side injections and what,that means it's just a fancy term for,code that you the people visiting your,website bring with them and,most of us don't think that website,visitors bring code with them but,if you,are a user of the internet i'll give you,a perfect example of how this manifests,i'm i'm sitting here talking to

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