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3 Proven SEO Tips & Tricks for Ecommerce

welcome to our live stream folks,ecommerce is the,process of buying and selling products,on the internet and boy oh boy is it,booming right now but how can your small,business be poised for growth in 2021,well you've come to the right place my,friends welcome to our live streams my,name is candace taylor you catch a,little flip there and i am your hostess,with the mostest and thank you thank you,thank you for taking the time to join us,today our topic that we will be talking,about is seo especially for our,ecommerce clients,but if you are tuning in live right now,i want you to take a second and type,live in the comment section but,sorry about that i'm a little under the,weather if you are tuning in in a replay,please type a replay in the comment,section before and why am i asking you,to do this because we know that you want,to keep seeing our amazing content on,your timelines and so we want to let the,algorithms know that hey you're enjoying,this content and you want to see some,more of it so thank you in advance but,each week i get to sit down and talk to,some of the best and brightest at this,iq and guess what this week is no,different we are talking to the amazing,kiana castro,hi y'all how are you,good i am doing fantastic,now kiana when we were first talking,about doing this live stream she had,told me that this is her first live,stream and for me these just kind of all,blend together so i am shooketh but can,you tell our viewers a little bit about,what you do here at biz iq and your,experience,yeah so i am an seo strategist here at,biz iq,i work with a team to fulfill on our,national and international campaigns,for our organic clients and my education,background a little bit why i'm here is,i went to school at mizzou where i,studied textiles and apparel management,um and we learned all about brick and,mortar and e-commerce the ins and outs,of all of that and then while i was in,school that's where i started to learn,seo through seo internships or digital,marketing internships for a mortgage,company and then one for a chef and food,blogger named christina she's lovely and,then after,school once i graduated,i did in-house seo for a high-end,furniture startup,that was strictly e-commerce and now i'm,here at biz iq with all these lovely,people,we strategize campaigns yeah i love it,it's amazing,which means we are incompetent hands,ladies and gentlemen because kiana has,like i don't know 10 years in the,business already not really but,with a list like that it's it's pretty,easy to know that we're in good hands,but kiana when we were first talking,about you coming on the show,show and talking to us a little bit the,first topic that you were like hey we,need to talk about is seo for e-commerce,now can you tell me a little bit of why,you thought that why is it a good topic,yeah,yeah so i was reading an article the,other day um and a statistic like popped,out at me uh we said we were gonna do,this so i was like thinking on it and i,was like ecom once

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Why Consistency Matters: Creating a Digital Branding Guide by Kevin Mack

Why Consistency Matters: Creating a Digital Branding Guide by Kevin Mack

hi my name is Gavin Mac so that's me and,I'm nice transition on Twitter I post a,lot of videos online and this is weird,but so with that I share a lot of,information about design development and,a little tasks to do and what I always,do is I tell people to tweet at me like,what do you want to learn and then I'll,all either do it or find someone to do,it and film it on YouTube and put it out,there so I share a lot of content from,people my network as well as things that,I'm a part of I've been developing since,95 I've been a lot of part of I've been,a part of a lot of the first in this,industry I worked as in a wide range of,roles as well as industries categories,and also different products so one of,the things I've been focusing on in and,out it's also been an e-commerce and,Shopify has been a really great platform,for that and I'm also vegan so hopefully,you guys hate the vegan pizza really,quick I also run a marketing firm it's,called bosun and the reason why I bring,this up is this is really aiming towards,getting back the creative thought and,innovation for the people that are,making it so the work that we do is,really aimed at making sure that people,are happy doing it but then we're also,putting work out there that is going to,actually return results so that's bosun,and then I'm also the CTO of vibe which,we are the first way that retailers can,discount alcohol and you can actually,get discounts on alcohol today by using,the target app or the by Bob and right,now we have two promotions in the state,of Ohio which is five dollars off,Budweiser,so Bud Light or Budweiser a 24 pack so,you can do that for Memorial Day and we,also have five dollars off three bottles,of Francis Ford Coppola yeah so anyways,that's my plugs and then I'm also the,co-founder and organizing with Columbus,Web group and we provide free education,to designers developers and anyone that,once learned all these things you can,look up online and that's about it for,me talking about myself these are all my,plugs so that's that so what I'm,actually talking about a style guide so,on the screen here this is,one of my favorite examples this is,Allison and what this is showing is not,just the over vert overview of what you,think about a digital style guide but,all the components that make up pieces,that are your brand in your company so,in my career and in the different,clients and projects we work with we're,always telling clients to be really,organized the reason why we're trying to,make them be organized is to find,consistency from one project to another,project as well as to find reuse so in,the beginning like when people think,like if you've ever heard of a digital,style guide you think let me show the UI,components the pieces that make up the,interface but what we've been doing and,what we've been talking about is bigger,pieces and it's really about the,organization of your team as well as,what you're showing to your customers as,well as your clients so why this one's,really a

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How to Migrate Images from Product and Category Descriptions to Your New Store

How to Migrate Images from Product and Category Descriptions to Your New Store

what's up everyone Rachel's back with a,new tutorial from late extension the,shopping cart migration tool that,transfers over later including tourists,customers orders from one e-commerce,platform to a more robust one,this tutorial will show you how to,migrate images in product and category,descriptions from the roster to tiny,stone with talib extension stateand,product and category descriptions play a,significant role in increasing,conversion rate of your ownership to,create a description that sell the text,part is one contributor but quality,images are even more important you may,have spent on September pairing quality,images to show your customers all the,key features about your products,however when moving you star to another,platforms there is a likelihood that you,will lose all those process images,here's why,suppose you're migrating from pesto shop,to Magento all of your images are,currently stored in PrestaShop when,importing product descriptions to,Magento manually the image links and,still transferred with the image files,are not therefore once you move your,start domain from PrestaShop to Magento,and stop using the current server the,image link will be affected and the,image files will be lost,which result in the images not,displaying their form is of great,importance to make sure both your,resolution image links and files and my,weathers alongside with other later lit,extension provides you an automatic,solution to migrate all your data,including images in product and category,descriptions to perform the migration,with lit extension firstly sign up an,account our log into lit extension,websites,secondly simply click create new,migration to begin let assume we are,migrating from PrestaShop to Magento,fill in the blank with the requested,info,memory stores and set up our connector,forming the wizard instructions,he likes to configure your migration,select entities one elaborate and in,traditional options section take the bus,transfers images from category product,descriptions to target store click Next,to kick off the process,now let's check if your images are they,in your new store after the migration my,wedding your important data with lit,extension only takes for single step and,a few hours try our freedom owner on,chat with our support agents on website,make sure to subscribe for more shopping,carts data migration to Charles see you,next time,you

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How Much Inventory Do You Need to Start an Online Boutique?

How Much Inventory Do You Need to Start an Online Boutique?

hello guys and welcome welcome back to,another video here today at the,startupbraintv,the platform to help you first off and,create world for yourself,now if you're new on here this channel,is all about business entrepreneurship,and creating more financial wealth so in,today's video i wanted to talk about,inventory and how much inventory you,need to start your boutique,you know this is a question that i get,quite a lot you know and i actually did,a video about this i think it was about,a year or two ago on how much inventory,you need to start your boutique,so in today's video i'm going to give,you guys a kind of updated version of,that video,so if you're interested in learning how,much inventory you need to start your,boutique,then you better stay tuned and watch,this video till the end,so how much inventory do you need to,start your boutique,do you need like a hundred a thousand,ten,twenty can anyone guess,i always tell people it all depends on,you and your budget and what you can,afford now but one thing i would,definitely say is you don't want to have,three four five pieces of inventory i,think 10 to 15 is always a sweet spot so,when i say 10 to 15 i'm talking about,if i'm going to be selling things like,dresses i want to have at least,10 different styles right in at least,three different sizes i want to have 10,styles in,small medium large small medium large,small medium large of each,item okay that gives enough,you know enough weight on your website,when people go to your website,they can actually see that you are a,real brand you don't want to be selling,two three pieces of clothing because no,one's gonna take you seriously and,you're not gonna have enough content to,share as well like how long are you,gonna try and sell,two to three pieces of clothing for try,and aim for at least 10 because if i,went to a website that had anything less,than 10 items,i'm gonna be a little bit like oh and,secondly you're kind of limiting,the options for your customers okay you,don't want customers to go to your,website and they only,slap on with two or three pro products,and nothing else,it makes it kind of hard for your,customers to want to you know buy from,your brand if what you're selling is not,really what they want so you kind of,want to give customers options so i,always say go for around 10 pieces,i can assure you that if you have 10,different dresses on your website,there's going to be customers that will,find different products that,suit their needs okay versus having two,to three or less than 10 pieces,on your website right i think 10 is a,good number actually i would say start,with 10.,and here's another tip you guys if you,don't have the money to buy a lot of,inventory in advance here are other,things that you can do to top up,or bulk up the inventory on your website,which means even more money for,you because if you're giving customers,more options then you're likely to make,more money right,so what you could do is if you're just,getting starte

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