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How to Redirect to Cart Page after Clicking “Add to Cart” Button in Shopify ✅ Easy & Fast

hey there welcome to even my youtube,channel in this tutorials i am going to,show you how to redirect cart page after,clicking add to cart button in shopify,so if you are looking easy and fast,solution then you can continue this,video so let's get started before to do,this i want to discuss a little bit,about this issue to greek is cut,abandonment your store must need to,redirect,the cartridge after clicking add to cart,button especially when you run a single,product online store in shopify by,default once add to cart is cricket a,little notification appear in the top,right side of the store notify the,customer,it is in the cart and you can choose,to go the card from there,so if you like to go directly the card,after clicking add to cart button on the,product page instead of just adding the,item,to the cart on the,drawer notification above on the shopify,online store then this video is for you,here is my website and i want to show,you real example how it's work and what,we are going to do here is product page,click on the add to cart,and i can see a notification that notify,me in the top right corner that one,product added in the card then i have to,click on the view card that is actually,a one unnecessary click or extract click,here's the card base but right now we,wanted to do this when someone click on,the add to cart directly move to cart,please how we can draw this,first i am going to my admin panel and,click on the online store,then click on the action button,select edit code,search js file in the search field here,is the team js file and click on this to,open,here i am going to find out a code i am,going to my website, where i have,published this article following this,article i am going to find this message,set up card pop-up and copy this line,search this,code,in this file,ctrl f,a search field open and,paste this line,and here is the message that i am,actually,here is the code that i am searching,under this code i am going to make a,space,to go bottom,then,add a new line,location hrf,card then click on the save,asset save,now going to,refresh my product page or online store,then click on the add to cart we can see,the real result right now,so i'm going to click on the add to cart,and you can see,this basically redirect to cart page,it's super easy and fast thank you for,your time to watch this video if you,think this video is helpful then click,on the like button and subscribe to my,channel

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