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How to create a business twitter account

greetings and welcome Scouty today we're,gonna be learning how to create a,Twitter business account let's go and,open of our web browser and we're gonna,type in Twitter it let's click on the,first link pops up right and we're gonna,go sign up so the name of our account is,gonna be our room we're gonna create one,for our YouTube channel quick how-to so,we're gonna do it quick,oh it's you and we're these for email,instead quick how-to one click,Next we're gonna click sign up so we're,gonna send a verification code to our,email I'll just pull that up right now,see quick Oh - there we go so should be,in here pretty shortly we did enter the,correct information here yet quick,how-to so it should be here in a few,minutes I'll show you a spam folder yep,it's in your spam folder if you haven't,checked it might be Instagram then,folder here's my verification code to,copy that over,send that and next create a password,save that so I'm gonna upload a profile,picture let's see where are my pictures,see I have a picture I use for my Q is,it should be right here,yep losing that one I save that to my,desktop see that see when where you say,that that picture or what if he already,have one ready to use that one my,desktop I have a Q,apply that this slider down here it all,you do zoom in and more not keep that,zoom that as much as possible to ensure,the quality of the picture and you can,click Next,bio quick how-to video there you go and,nope and what are we interested in we're,really just interested in the,entertainment stuff I guess,looks click actually now what are we,what are we interested in mm-hmm see,science news tech news in DIY we'll keep,the weather as well next so you can,follow a couple of people let's follow,NASA announces cool,let's follow National Geographic and,we'll follow you know grab deGrasse,Tyson and let's pick one more see I,don't see anyone else we need to follow,guys I guess that's fine let's follow,through well a lot of vacations we can,stay up to date what's happening and,we'll click this here alright so we have,our Twitter page set up we have three,people or following a phones who will,you sign up for and now we can also,change and edit our profile a little bit,more,so let's upload a header photo so the,header photo that I'm using is one of,the defaults from Google let's just get,a landscape or landscape let's get this,one should be fine save that for desktop,as well head our photo upload this right,here all right there we go so we have,that saved and now we have pretty much,our business is Twitter to kind of set,up but what we can do now is uh kind of,fill out this left side here well just,put our website well so put our YouTube,channel in there so we can get you all,to watch our YouTube videos let's go to,YouTube,and let's go to quick how to how to,install Google Chrome this is one of the,videos that then see if we can find this,old money I'll be interesting,mmm maybe we don't let's see how to he's,good goal we'll find oursel

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Twitter How To Set Up A Professional Page on Twitter

Twitter How To Set Up A Professional Page on Twitter

business,now i typically recommend that you use a,different email address than your,personal account for twitter just,because it's nice to have a different,email address associated for strictly,all business purposes that way you can,have your personal twitter account where,you talk about personal things and your,business one is all focused on the goals,and the brand of the business gmail is,one of the accounts i usually recommend,but you can use any other email platform,out there,if you already have a twitter account,you use for personal needs make sure you,click on the gear in the top right and,you sign out before you go to this next,step for setting up the business page,so once you're signed out,you're going to want to go to, forward slash signup so type,that in the browser and it's going to,bring you to this page,from here we're going to want to add our,information,your username is how people are going to,recognize you in twitter it's your,twitter handle if you will so i'm going,to be a real estate agent in this,situation and i'm going to go with,homesmidten,and it looks like that is available we,want to see all three,checks green over here before moving,forward if you want to keep it signed in,to your account on twitter on this,computer we can check that i'm going to,uncheck it just since i'm doing this for,demonstration purposes and then i do,think it's nice to keep this one checked,where it says tailor twitter messages,based on my activity on websites so if,everything looks good name email address,password username,then we're ready to move forward now,just to mention all of these are items,we can change once we get into the,platform as well,so i'm going to click create my account,and it wants me to verify that i am,human so i'm going to type in this,information here i know it's kind of,difficult to,see i'm not even quite certain what that,is,um but if this is not correct i'm sure,it will give us a second chance to try,looks like we need that second chance,so let's kind of look through it,hopefully this will get it this time,awesome and here we are now in certain,browsers i'm using google chrome it'll,give you the opportunity to save the,password,for this this platform for twitter in,this browser i'm just going to click x,but it's totally up to you,the next thing we're going to do is hit,this button and begin setting up our,profile so just hit next,twitter's want you to go ahead and start,following a couple people so it's going,to bring up some suggestions here,you can unfollow these people as soon as,we get the profile set up but for now,just pick um five it doesn't really,matter who they may be,and then hit the next button,and as i mentioned we can definitely go,back and follow any of these so you,don't have to feel like if you don't,want your business associated with one,of these,celebrities you don't have to feel like,you're you're stuck with that this is,just for setup purposes,we're going to hit next here,if you want to impo

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