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How to Add Video Overlay in Shopify Homepage Banner with Debutify Theme

have you ever wondered how to embed a,video in your shopify homepage as the,banner with an overlay well that's,exactly what we are going to be doing in,this video,what's up guys welcome back to another,video my name is omar from arrow recipe,and in this video i'm gonna give you the,easiest way possible so that you can,embed your videos in the overlay in the,home page as a banner so just follow,along step by step and we're gonna do it,together and by the way if you're,interested in drop shipping or,e-commerce in general i drop weekly,tutorials so consider subscribing to the,channel right now all right so let's get,started the first step of course you,want to have a shopify store ready to,implement this method this is a dummy,store that we no longer use just for the,purpose of the demonstration in this,video so first step shopify store i'll,leave a link down in the description,with a free trial sometimes it's,extended so check that out,now the next step you want to download,the beautify i'll also leave a special,link down below if you want to try it,out for free,you can use the free version totally,fine and you can also try out the pro,version with more features can help you,out in you building out the store so,you're just going to fill this simple,form make sure to include that url so,that you can download it easily into,your shopify dashboard right so once,you've done that now we have the theme,now we are we need to now we need to get,a video that we want to embed in our,banner in shopify store so for that for,that purpose let's use youtube for,example let's say i like this video,for this blanket and then i'm gonna,embed a part of it in my shopify store,and this can be quite done quite easily,all you have to do is after the youtube,before the dot just,type in double p,and this will allow you to download the,video once you've done that just take it,to any editor on your,computer on your or on your phone and,then,make sure to clip out,the piece of video that you want to use,in your shopify store so any video,editor will do it capcod is free or even,the the default video editor on your,desktop or mac,make sure you select,not more than 10 seconds i would,recommend like five seconds because this,is gonna be looping in your shopify,store so it's gonna be,it gonna keeps on replaying the video in,the background of the banner all right,so now we have the video all we have to,do is upload it into our shopify store,so you're gonna go to settings and then,click on files,and then upload file then you're going,to select,that video that you just edited make,sure it's five seconds or so so it fits,perfectly and it doesn't slow down your,your store as well so it's going to take,a few seconds to upload and then,we want to take that file name so we can,use it in our theme,you'll see that in a second so now the,video is uploaded ready to our store so,we're just gonna copy,the file name that we uploaded and then,you're gonna go back to your,online store,and customize

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