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Shopify App Development using Laravel & TailwindCSS - Part 2

all right let me close this real quick,all right what's up everyone um i hope,uh you guys are doing great and today is,wednesday the 26th,um let's start talking about what where,we left off with shopify i think,i'm going to hold off on the ruby,project because again my system is crazy,when it comes to installing um,gem files and and doing gem stuff so i'm,going to hold off until,a little while to get back on,but i think i want to continue for what,um i i was talking about last session,with shopify okay,so my bad i wasn't reading the topic the,stuff correctly and i pulled up the,shopify,um documentation again for the developer,documentation,i think where we what we were trying to,do is we were trying to create a tunnel,i didn't realize that shopify doesn't,require you to,go through ngrok by itself,what it does it it gives you an option,so right here let me zoom in real quick,this will give you a little bit more,okay,yeah all right so,when you see right here shopify app,tunnel auth and then give that token so,you remember how i was taking the token,with ngrok and putting it on there you,actually use this command to put it,under shopify cli so this way it saves,it,so,i can say so i've already already tried,this um,tunnel,and then auth and there you go,so if i if i do that now,it's it's gonna save our token save,configuration blah blah blah and then it,says to update my cli which we'll do it,later a little bit later,all right so now we have uh shopify app,serve all right,so if i go,uh i don't know which one we were,developing i think it was hello i guess,um shopify,uh um,app server,and let's see what it pops up with,so now it's giving us ngrok,link i don't think this is a link and i,don't want to go on that one i want to,go on this one so this one gives us the,authorization so what it's going to do,is it's going to go up go ahead and go,to,that account itself,notice that i'm not in shopify partner,account,which is what the issue was that i it,kept logging me into partners account,although i have to log out of the,partner account and then go back in to,the store itself and then install this,so if i hit,install unlisted app it's going to have,me install that,and this is the hello app so,we did our our stuff here so now go back,to,so now we have the application ready so,let's go ahead and see this in real time,if i go,code,give me a second yes,whoops,all right,perfect,i i'm just making it so it's visible to,you guys uh that way,you have any questions feel free to,comment down below,but if i go in,and i see now,terminal create new terminal,and then we're going to run the same,command which was um,shopify app server so,shopify,serve,and now if i go back to my browser,and because we have that app running i,think i can go to my app section,and,work with that app i,okay so that was,this app i hope that's the correct app,we pulled up,yeah so it's showing us that app,uh let me go back in the document uh the,project itself so if i got resources um,react blade,a

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Spatial Analytics and Data Holiday Special: Ghosts of Data Past, Present, and Future

Spatial Analytics and Data Holiday Special: Ghosts of Data Past, Present, and Future

hi i can tell that everyone is still,filtering in for our extra special,sad,holiday propaganza but i'm going to go,ahead and get us started with today's,panel because we're very short on time,we have to end at precisely the top of,the hour so,for those of you joining us we're so,happy to have you welcome to our first,ever spatial analytics and data holiday,special,my co-hosts danny aribis bell and levi,wolfe and i are delighted to have you,with us as we take a journey through,past present and future to talk data,because nothing says holiday season,quite like a panel session on data,our sad holiday special comes in two,acts in the first act our guests offer,brief commentaries on data past data,present and data future and in the,second act we're visited by some ghosts,that's right the ghosts of data past,data present and data future right here,on your zoom screen,so some very quick logistics if you can,use the q a functionality that's on the,bottom of your zoom screen for questions,and comments i don't think we're going,to have time for discussion with our,super packed agenda but just in case,we'll take those if any time permits and,we will end uh precisely at five o'clock,our time and so with that i'm going to,turn it over to levi wolfe for,introductions,hello thanks,um so i'm just here to give quick,introductions for all the speakers um so,starting off with our two um,data passed speakers we have leah busan,is a professor of economics at princeton,university whose research is at the,intersection of economic history history,and labor economics,we also have john logan who's a,professor of sociology,at brown university,who focuses on contemporary and,historical census data to study changes,in residential patterns with a,particular emphasis on immigrants and,racial minorities,then for our two speakers on the ghost,of data presence theme we have leticia,galvan who is a senior research,scientist at the institute for,scientific interchange in turin italy,whose work focuses on data science for,social impact and sustainability,as well as beth talman an assistant,professor at the university of arizona,as a human environment geographer beth,seeks to address the causes and,consequences of global environmental,change for vulnerable populations,finally for our ghost of data future,theme,we have um malka older who is a writer,sociologist and aid worker who publishes,a wide variety of academic research,fiction and opinion for a wide variety,of outlets on topics such as democracy,data narrative disorder and speculative,resistance,finally we have steven ruggles professor,of history and population studies at the,university of minnesota professor,ruggles directs the institute for social,research and data innovation at the,university the home of many long-running,socio-demographic databases such as,iphones or the us natural historic gis,so with that i welcome all of our,speakers today,and i will um hand it over to danny,thanks very much so act one of the uh,this even

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Learning and Teaching Clojure on the job at Amperity - Dave Fetterman

Learning and Teaching Clojure on the job at Amperity - Dave Fetterman

it's a great to be here at cloture,Kahn's a great environment for learning,and teaching cloture I met so many great,learners and teachers just posting up,out in the hallway these past few days,that said this topic seems really,perfect for it so I thought I'd ask the,team at my company and parody what they,would recommend as far as how to best,learn and teach cloture and the survey,results came back and they said you,should just join em parity of course I'd,be remiss not to mention it I think that,would be doing them a disservice and,parody as a company solving big problems,for brands you love using cloture and,building a suite probabilistic database,that I think is actually really quite,interesting we are hiring season closure,Ian's and the functionally curious at,our headquarters in Seattle looking for,people here in Durham and all across the,world so please check out the remaining,swag in our pilfered booth over at the,front of the hallway and visit us at a,parody calm for those of you on the,Internet,great so I only have 40 minutes and what,kind of things can you express in a 40,minute talk it's now time for me to pay,the bill to cloture cons for that,shameless plug so here it is we have,three different options for what we can,do in this kind of time one is I can,give you one of these aha moments and,we've seen a lot of great lectures that,just sort of like tilt your head,sideways and say aha over the course of,the cons and those are great you can,also get people excited about something,and I think if you guys are willing to,invest your lies and closure and travel,across the country you are very excited,about the language and all that entails,or I can give you a bunch of ideas and,maybe two or three of these ten or,twelve ideas that I present will stick,in your brain and you'll say maybe later,like oh that's actually kind of,interesting maybe we should think about,that and that's what I'm gonna be,presenting today so warning it's not a,theoretical lecture there is minimal,Latin I'm not going to say homo,iconicity and there will be no proofs,this is also not a didactic program for,how to teach yourself,Clojure in 24 hours I don't see a lot of,these and I don't know that's,necessarily the way that at a parity we,feel that's the best way to do it this,is about building a learning environment,and what's even better than that I think,it's looking at what a company who's,been successful with Clojure like in,parody will will,do and how we bring people on and teach,them so we are at least 95 percent,service code in cloture we use clerk,number we can both out of practicality,and of desire we have brought on about,10 completely new learned new learners,to Clojure over the course of the past,two years going from noob to novice to,intermediate and many are on their way,to experts we made a big bet on cloture,we're very glad we made the choice and,for those of you on the Internet we are,still around at the time this lecture,was taped so we're actually very

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The Simplest Side Business in the World Paying $10K+ a Month to Regular People in Their Spare Time

The Simplest Side Business in the World Paying $10K+ a Month to Regular People in Their Spare Time

hey folks ty Cohen here and I'm excited,to have you on this webinar and joining,us for this very special training what,you're going to see today is something,bad I can almost guarantee that you've,never seen before it's a very simple way,of just generating income beyond what,you may think as possible as a matter of,fact Before we jump into this because,this presentation is so impactful and it,will definitely change the way you view,making money online I want to make sure,that you can all hear and see what's,gonna be shared of you so let's do a,quick sound check really quickly so if,you can hear the sound of my voice use,the questions of a comments box to place,a 1 into that area and let me know that,you can hear my voice so give me a 1 if,you can hear my voice,all right so Kevin is saying yes,Rhonda's saying yes Michael 1 Joanne,loud and clear all right Greg says yes,ok perfect so now you guys can all hear,me let's make sure that you have visual,so if you can see your screen right now,you can see the presentation give me a 2,in the box ok awesome the twos are,coming in I can see I can see alright so,it looks like the sounds working Wow,looks like the visuals working well,let's get started I'm literally excited,because I've got something brand new to,show you today bit has produced millions,of dollars of profit over the last year,however here's what really excites me,about it those millions of dollars were,earned by absolute beginners who started,from scratch and within days were,earning hundreds of dollars of profit,per day for success rate for what you're,going to see today is off the charts,because it is just so easy to do there's,absolutely no marketing required no SEO,no Facebook ads no Google ads no,blogging no content marketing or,creation no affiliate marketing no,multi-level marketing no programming no,email marketing not even your own,website so I hope you get the picture,with this right so you are probably,wondering what an award could produce,such amazing profits like that and be so,simple to do well hang on because that,is what my good friend Lou,is going to show you now by the end of,this webinar you're going to be armed,with exactly what it takes to do this,because you know it's gonna be one of,the ways where we'll show you step by,step how to do everything so that you,could be one of the many people that,have five their boss because of the,money that they make now and if you're,super busy in life you're going to love,this because it isn't something that,takes a lot of time even now there are,ways that you can actually get paid,instantly and can be done in 30 minutes,or less per day all right so I think,I've said enough at this point and it's,time to get into the training so let me,introduce you to my good friend and but,guest for today's training Luke Luke has,made millions of dollars online and I go,back many years with him but when he,showed me how he's changed the lives of,the average person with this I just knew,I had to get hi

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#Chantha របៀបភ្ជាប់ ADMIN Facebook page ទៅអោយ Facebook ថ្មី / How to Add ADMIN Facebook page

#Chantha របៀបភ្ជាប់ ADMIN Facebook page ទៅអោយ Facebook ថ្មី / How to Add ADMIN Facebook page

man okay so stay man choking him don't,get her to move in without my,pocket-money legged man change of it Oh,Marcus are they contact you will,alternate then with me then came a,little yoga though that don't know where,smoke pathology admitting a little bit,smug pacman in in kamila way it'll be,admin we spoke about the others,motivated and me miss Pope Edmond North,Korean I gotta pick my young ad at the,iron and Agra Bandai but re glad you're,my little pet about you when I got my,camp a unit asking you move it only my,complaint something more much Jill I,tend to cry about her I don't wanna be,little bit with my okay let's go,but okay get a bone at Hockney madam I,was about more Latino man I am,nobody,okay Nikki always about more economic I,had hair grow back no more our bespoke,my name buddy I'd mint my bad okay,responding to me impact a moiety hey man,give me time I prepared like Nike I'm,invited me throat a-ok mindomo ma you,know the Kanawha smoked my dear Avis,mommy didn't respond with their to,respond come on come to me I am job no,West balk no but ok but the morning turn,on peg by peg box include me in but,morning I am I right my clue me and pick,from number more inner human foot time I,pick my way to our I mean why even don't,care much at my okay MA behemoth we can,address of a peck my name by our respond,to my morning madam buying it all but no,clue Yemenite the helmet I spoke to,Anthony stole Tatum barraging at that,vision and our spoke with it up in,Beltran my actually involve trained by a,friend or just like English five,awareness man amazing,I mean magical I looked make by McKnight,Mahna Mahna it's all agitated by Nemo,McLean it deeper,okay well demonic me Overland a little,but for pet/ct when I wrote it into,dollars 89 and her mother Magda Tellman,little more elements more time a grown,man way yet admin the armature smiling,at your grandpa cat although but the,mockery darkened my down name we did but,they all need to be a time i % p %,appear in the bayonet they are image at,my memory I have done man that possible,things will in low art but in that has,worked man,the Santa hermandad were hiding a,snowman that's what I call a load mom at,night my lies in common human return,against Barack Schmo much more for,smuggling trail at the hour my booty,hole him I'd thank you people to stop,under him right there in Bachman and,Lord Mariah lubricants files one night,we didn't clean up now but things don't,add the Arthur you could be a time admin,I think like at leading by when I don't,know condemned to be add button open and,Lord Arabic numbers five for one madmen,survivor what they do we load a,phenomenon them down my saying I kill me,just get out of Haven meet her am I,going to meet doctor chromed my million,me adjust my height and the crop grown,check my hair now okay Liu total known,West balk with yet no clear valley,talking about smoke money mo man young,widow yeah that we ban later,no no eating all jumbled more playback,ok adopt a lot more h

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