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How to Install a Shopify Theme Using a Zip File

if you've recently purchased a shopify,theme from somewhere other than shopify,you likely received a zip file with your,purchase,in order to use your new shopify theme,you'll need to upload that zip file into,your shopify admin,so to do that head on over to online,store in the left-hand navigation,and by default you will be taken to the,themes page,as you can see here we're currently,using the debut theme,and this is a free shopify theme that,you can get through shopify,and if you scroll down the page just a,little down to the theme library area,you'll see that you have a few options,you can explore free themes which is,basically going through all of the free,themes that shopify has to offer,you can also visit the theme store where,you can browse through,free and paid shopify themes,and of course shopify isn't the only,place where you can buy shopify themes,i will certainly leave a few links in,the description below where you can find,other premium shopify themes,and as much as free themes are great you,know because they're free,they can be somewhat limited when it,comes to features and options,and that kind of thing a premium shopify,theme is going to give you more options,when it comes to things like features,designs and just,its overall capabilities as far as an,e-commerce theme goes,so let's say you've gone ahead and,purchased a theme and you've got that,zip file,head on over to the upload theme button,and then browse through your file,folders and upload that zip file,once you see the zip file go ahead and,click on upload file,and now your zip file has been uploaded,however that's not the last step you,need to now publish the theme so that it,shows up on your estore,to do that hover over and click on,actions,you can preview this new theme or you,can just publish it right away so let's,go ahead and preview just to see what it,looks like,and here we can see the new theme in,action,but let's head back to the shopify admin,and now that we see what it looks like,and we're happy with it we'll go ahead,and publish,and it will ask are you sure you want to,publish this new theme it will replace,your current theme,so let's go ahead and publish,and there you can see the new warehouse,theme has been installed,and published so if we head on back to,our store,and refresh the page we now see the new,theme,has been installed and it's ready to go,you

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Hello friends how are you? today we are going to make a Dragon Ball Z video after a long time,I have stopped making Dragon Ball videos for a long time because I dedicated myself to making pure Naruto,and well I have decided to start with this Cell Box that comes with polo and its regular version,the regular version and the exclusive metallic version of GameStop and well let's see how they are,what is it like inside, what is the polo like, the quality of the polo and so on so I hope you like it and enjoy the video,And we start with today's video, this time we are going to show this Cell Box,Metallic cell with the pole, I already had this Funko, I have this Funko in the GameStop version,but just recently I found out that there was a bone box a Box that came with the t-shirt and I wanted to compare better,to teach t-shirt and everything else, so that's why I'm just recording it, because he also just got it,it has been scarce even though it is not so old, this box has been scarce,I don't know if it's just as rare to find that the blue eyes of Yu-Gi-Oh that also has a version of Box Lunch,which also comes with a t-shirt and is just as complex to find, even that Box has gone up in price a lot,so good let's start with today's video as always from left to right,and we will start to see what this Box is like, I already want to open it, it is totally sealed,let's see what the Cell Box would be like, the truth is that I'm quite intrigued,Here we have Pop Tees, Dragon Ball Z Funko and this would come to be, look, it was here when they presented it in the presentation of the box,With the theme of the rays, here it is, in the Funko these rays do not come obviously, Toei Animation,oh, but there is a version of Cell that does come with lightning that is also Glow and is compared to Gohan that also comes in Box,that we have also made a video, well this polo shirt would be size M and here it is, one piece, a t-shirt,this would be the other side, Dragon Ball Z, and this would be the t-shirt,this would be the t-shirt, this would be the Funko, this would be the t-shirt in size M here is Dragon Ball Z and this would be from Gamestop,the exclusive Box of GameStop, Funko Pop, Dragon Ball Z unlimited edition and well, to see background, it is made in Haiti,and other, well, things from the same store, right? let's open it, let's open it over here I have a pen let's open it over here.,clever,and that's it,totaly new,totaly new,and it was plastic,Let's see here the t-shirt would be, it comes like this totally wrapped, the simplest thing we will see first is the t-shirt,and we leave to see the Funko and let's see we are going to open, ready we are going to take out the t-shirt,it's a totally simple bag, and this would be the polo shirt, it's pretty, it's quite pretty I like it Wow, it's quite handsome,this wow, this would be the design of Cell, there we are going to put ourselves, here it is, perfect Cell, well Perfect Cell,there is nothing on the back, size M, and well, let

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