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Intro to the Jetset Theme – Fastest Shopify Theme Build by Marketers

hey it's Travis with since Jett and I'm,about to introduce to you the brand new,built by marketers Jet Set Shopify theme,I'm also going to share with you some of,the secrets that we used in order to,make this theme so great the best news,about it is it's all out of the box it,just comes that way I'm going to take,you through some of these features right,now so that you can learn what the top,marketers have been using in order to,drive successful e-commerce stores so,let's jump in and take a look at some of,the themes features as I walk through,the features of the jet-set theme I'm,going to tell you what some of the top,online stores are already doing in order,to be successful I'm also going to tell,you the must-haves for your theme and,I'm also going to help you avoid making,the mistakes that are stopping even a,potentially winning product from,converting so let's get started by,talking about what the top stores,already know the top stores know that,they need four things a strong,call-to-action testimonials to drive a,sense of urgency and to keep the,customer interested and engaged in their,product so let's start with the first,one and how jet-set theme meets those,needs we used announcement bars at the,top of the theme this allows you to give,promotion information and also have,custom messaging that can be turned both,on and off we use red pricing in order,to drive attention to the sale of the,product this helps customers understand,this products on sale and it's a good,idea you'll notice other top ecommerce,websites using this strategy and it's,something that comes right on the box,with just at any time you put a product,on discount we also use testimonials for,trust and authenticity we have a,testimonial section that is built right,into the theme you can add many,testimonials or you can hide them,completely but being able to share a,testimonial from a customer is one of,the most compelling reasons that,customers return to stores and buy you,need that trust and here you can put,some images and modify the text right of,the box additionally this footer is,persistent meaning that the testimonials,will follow you throughout all of the,stores so if you go to your collections,or you go to individual product pages,you're also going to be able to see this,see these testimonials and what that,will help you do is send people directly,to those pages and capture that trust,right away without having to do extra,coding or adding on extra apps it just,comes almost as if each page could be a,landing page another element that builds,trust with customers is videos they're a,must have and we have incorporated the,ability to add videos easily just with,the length right in the footer this,allows you to add testimonials and,product reviews so the customer can see,right away that this is a trusted,product and here's the evidence of that,so let's talk about a sense of urgency,some of the things that we do to drive a,sense of urgency in the jet-set Dame is,we add again

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