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Big Scam Using Shopify (Don't Do This)

i'm about to say something really,controversial but hear me out all right,scammers sometimes can be really clever,and there's actually a lot of stuff that,you can learn from them now we've seen,all sorts of goofy scams on shopify and,e-commerce i remember one time we looked,at one where the shopify store was,selling titles in scotland for land so,owning one of these titles would allow,you to consider yourself a lord which,was some really goofy stuff but this,one's still kind of at the top of the,chain in terms of goofy scams now it,should go without saying but i am not,advocating for you to scam anyone i'm,not trying to give you ideas to scam,people here i'm just trying to dissect,this particular scam to show you how you,can really sell anything on shopify okay,so that's sort of the overarching goal,of this video is just to show you that,you can really sell anything i'm sure,everybody that's getting into the make,money online niche or just like the,shopify drop shipping niche they think,that you have to drop ship products from,aliexpress but the reality of it is you,can literally sell whatever you want,like literally anything i'm not gonna,judge you but,of course though do not be scamming,people but anyways i've built up enough,suspense let me show you this store so,the store is called,,what do you think they sell do you have,a good guess yes you guess they're right,they sell recommendation letters for,college and jobs as well but primarily,college so if you're not familiar with,how college works typically the really,nice schools ask for a letter of,recommendation so usually you would just,go to like a prior co-worker or like a,teacher or something that just knows,about your work ethic and can write,about it in a letter but let's be honest,anyone who's ever written a,recommendation letter or has asked for,one you know that these people are going,to say nice things about you hardly,anyone is ever going to be like,extremely honest like usually people,just want to say nice things so this is,kind of where this store came in and was,like you know what recommendation,letters are usually bs why don't we just,make a store selling bs recommendation,letters and that's exactly what they did,now the way that i found this store by,the way if you're curious is through my,,shopify so you just google that and you,arrive at this page right here which is,just a directory of shopify hosted,websites and they're ranked by traffic,so some of the biggest ones here you can,see are like shark keith our boys at,,crafted london so just really really big,brands right and this one was in the,second page number 57 recommendation,letters dot pro now let's take a look at,their best-selling product here which is,the professional recommendation letter,so i'm not gonna lie this is pretty,convenient if you guys are looking for a,recommendation letter you can get one,for a steal of a deal it's now 35 bucks,usually 50 and yeah all you

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