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[Shopify App] Cookiebot Compliance suite - Cookies scanner

hi cookie scanner is one of the main,and most important features of cookie,but,through which cookie butt is able to,discover all the cookies listed on your,website,and provide a comprehensive report for,you as an administrator,and for your end users to opt in,or out of these cookies this is great,but how does cookiebot do it well,it's all possible thanks to two powerful,proprietary tools,the first is the bud that crawls page by,page in order,to extract cookies injected across your,website,the second is using the comprehensive,database populated,by many sources and refined across,hundreds of thousands of websites,using the cookie bot service,so what happens is after the bot,finishes listing all the cookies,it will cross-reference each one in,order to get,most the most information about it and,classify it properly,however if cookie but is not able to,find it,in its database it will classify it,as well it will categorize it as,unclassified,and afterwards it will be up on you to,add the appropriate category,and description so let's head,to the cookie screen over here,it's accessible through the main menu,click on cookies,what you'll be able to see is a,three parts screen you have the actions,over here,you have the summary and then you have,the cookies,let's start by the summary your plan,the latest scan date,the number of cookies discovered and the,next scheduled,scan if you think necessary,you can force keyboard to scan your,website right away by clicking on this,button,the second section is the list of,cookies discovered on your website,as you can see each cookie,has a list of information,attached to it of which is the category,as mentioned before there are five,four for recognized cookies and one for,unrecognized cookies necessary,preferences statistics marketing,and unclassified for you to fill and,classify,and then you have the description of the,cookie,which is in english over here but,if you opt in for multi-language content,you'd have multiple fields each in the,well multiple fields of all the,languages selected,previously,okay so that is great but what happens,when you have custom cookies injected on,your website,that well are used for different,purposes either to,to,to save preferences or to communicate,with,statistics statistical services,or marketing services well your,developers will be able to list these,cookies for you and explain each one,and afterwards you click on add cookie,in order to declare these cookies one by,one,fill the information category,description and then click save once,saved,it will be added to the list of cookies,over here and,consequently to the reports you receive,and to the list of cookies presented to,the end users on your website,okay so to summarize,cookie bots scans your website for,cookies,classify them list them and,make them available through reports for,you,and through the cookie but dialogue on,the website,you can add custom cookies and you can,force cuba to scan websites right away,that's it for this fo

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Dans les coulisses d’un studio de NFTs chez Unirex – Reportage

Dans les coulisses d’un studio de NFTs chez Unirex – Reportage

on,crée 11111 en effet avec plein de,supports concernés entoure donc la mine,qui va faire de la bd on en train de,bosser sur un animé on va bosser,surplomb du port les un projet home to,earn chaque possesseur du mirex devient,un peu actionnaire de la société et,récupère des bâtis sur tout ce qui va se,passer ensuite,en gros bienvenue chez big chill et,studio d'errance il ya deux étages deux,équipes mais qui travaillent toujours,ensemble big tué c'est toute la partie,graphique c'est un studio de direction,artistique qui travaille avec énormément,de marques beaucoup de dnv des marques,qui sont qui sont créés sur internet,mais pas que là si les deux fondateurs,il ya camille et lucas voilà il ya tout,le reste de l'équipe qui travaille en,remote ils sont une dizaine aujourd'hui,et ça marche super bien assez petit,espace où justement fait tous les,brainstorm et on s'entend super bien on,travaille sur plein de choses on va,aller dans la cave y est ce donc là je,vais tendre et en fait à la cave le,basement pour en gros là où présenter,studio gérance donc là aujourd'hui,studio d'errance c1 c'est un des,meilleurs studios en fait de création de,site internet sur i / shopi faille,studio d'errance travail avec bitches,puisque en fait tu développes et eux,font toutes les maquettes et en gros ils,vont faire toute la partie et ce fut aux,errances de faire toute la partie,technique c'est riou le directeur,financier de ce ver ans en fait chez,southern juillet les chefs de projet là,aujourd'hui il ya killian et roxane qui,gère tous les projets avec les clients,et après on a donc la partie frontoffice,donc en à thibault on a remi surtout la,partie quand on a beaucoup de gens qui,sont en vie motte à chaque fois,où,aujourd'hui sur le projet ignorer qu,city on a voulu en fait vraiment faire,une base vous on avait une multitudes à,chaque fois d'attributs qui ont été,faits pour savoir comment ça marche en,fait c'est florent florent chars qui est,lui s'occupe vraiment toute la partie,direction artistique il va dessiner,chaque attributs on va,vraiment libre cours il laisse libre,court en fait à son imagination pour,imaginer comment est-ce qu'il veut que,le lurex soit un mois en fait il va se,dessiner donc des bijoux des lunettes il,va dessiner tout en fait en 2d ils,veulent illustrer et après on a eu beau,hugo hugo lucas qui est un super,artiste c'est un caractère design chez,ubisoft aussi et le mec fait fait de la,magie à chaque fois pour donner vie en,fait à chaque achat chaque accessoire,donc du coup nous on a plus de l'année a,quasiment plus de 200 calé entre 200 et,250 donc on est vraiment quelque chose,de vraiment hyper qualitatif,chez les messieurs merci nous accueillir,et si dans vos studios dans le 2e,arrondissement un plaisir de paris dans,les locaux du mirex on a fait un petit,tour tout à l'heure pour voir un petit,peu les coulisses voir comment on crée,un effet on va en discuter ensemble les,quatre est-ce que juste avant ça vous,pouvez vous vous présenter chacu

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How to set up screen capture with FFmpeg on Windows

How to set up screen capture with FFmpeg on Windows

hello and welcome to a tutorial about,how to set up at a temp egg on Windows,for those who aren't aware ffmpeg is a,very powerful video manipulation program,with which you can record videos process,them apply effects trim the mold the,internet play them back and so on and so,forth,and my opinion it is the most powerful,tool for unaccelerated we manipulating,videos on both windows and limits and,also in many other platforms too and,that is because with this you can,configure pretty much every detail of,recording or processing a video from,variable bitrate quality to motion,compensation settings to compression,ratios to specific optimizations and so,on and so forth with a correctly,configured ffmpeg recording and,processing scripts you can have high,quality and high definition high,compression good framerate videos ready,in just a few key presses also don't,forget that ffmpeg is a free and open,source project from which anyone can,benefit and anyone can participate in,now that said ffmpeg is what people,would normally consider to be an expert,tool it's a command-line interface,program and getting used to that may,take a while also finding good settings,that work for you is a rather time,consuming task and you should make sure,to read the ffmpeg manual or the,documentation in order to understand how,the program actually works you will also,need additional resources on the,internet to understand some of the more,complex terminology if you're new to all,of this as well as to find out what,extra parameters some codecs like to use,in order to utilize the programs for,potential and the last but not least you,need some creativity in order to devise,new ways of recording or processing,videos by chaining commands and writing,simple scripts in order to make it,easier to use now with that out of the,way how do you set up a,for a Corrigan windows now if you have,seen my previous video where I was,talking about my recording setup on,Linux you should already know how to get,working there however saying it up on,Windows is a bit more difficult task as,the primary development platform perfect,for beggars Linux and well windows,itself makes using command-line programs,more difficult than it should be,regardless I will walk you through the,process everything I do here is done in,Windows 7 but the process should be,similar on other of Windows and T,versions as well alright so let's start,off by first of all getting ffmpeg,itself now in order to do that you need,to go to ffmpeg dot-org,will bring you to the main ffmpeg page,from there you go to download then if,you want windows binaries scroll down to,compact windows bills with that and here,is the download page for the windows,build off of MPEG now there are,different different things that you can,choose here static bills and share,builds basically static builds are,tagging in a single program and share,those are at and tagged in different dll,files basically Windows is not very,suitable for shared builds so as this,

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