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Daily Deal Widget for Shopify

I am gonna show you how it works the,deal zone we replicated what the other,bhp photo video website did we did,better in my opinion and its really,simple for you to use and to plan all,your our upcoming daily deal for all the,year if you want so this is a store that,we duplicate that we clone and we're,gonna see how this works you could,change I mean you cannot yourself the,admin change the words or the color but,if you want us to put deal in orange for,example that's what we were going to do,because it looks nicer we can do it and,as well as the don't miss out text and,ends in but we've just wanted to do,something simple and clean so I'm,desktop you will add a little over like,this if you go over this zone with the,daily deal products and you can click,and go into this product on tablet and,mobile though you won't see this over if,you test with your browser of course you,will see it but on mobile if you're,really on a real mobile or real tell,that you won't have this effect and so,you see ear again similar to the other,website I mean it's basically the same,we took the same style and if you want,again change the words or the color it's,pretty simple just list all your,feedback in one simple document and,we'll do all of them at the same time so,then you see that you save 50 bucks and,well this is your product so we didn't,change that,so if you watch on mobile I mean we did,responsive so if I click there as I said,you won't see this over you see this,deal zone the same on all I mean tablets,and mobile size again here you won't see,this on mobile but on tablet you could,but I mean we we think that's enough to,just see this and when you click you see,the deal zone like this same thing here,so as you can see it's synced this with,above the same time so right now what I,want to show you is how to manage this,and to manage all your daily deals,throughout the year so this is your,product okay the same as this the you,have basically three tasks to do first,of all you will put as a tag the date,that I want this to show up as a daily,deal okay so you can create tag it's,super important not to put 08 for the,month for example or 09 it's it's,important just to put nine or ten or two,or three but not 03 or 04 so I want this,for example tomorrow do we have a 31,September now don't thank you let's say,I want this for the October first which,is tomorrow just open- so I'll put this,this and this okay then I i'll add it so,this way you could have the same daily,deal today into model of course you,won't want this you can remove this but,I'm just showing you an example so this,is the first step to add the date as,tagged the second step is to create,variants the same as the current,variants that you have and to add dash,discount dash discount you see it's the,same thing and to add the price that you,actually want as a daily deal so today,the daily deal is a hundred bucks you,save 50 and you create the right day as,a tag you put the same variant what you,change the ti

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E-Market Vendor Setup | New American Colonies™, LLC

E-Market Vendor Setup | New American Colonies™, LLC

welcome my name is joe pock,i'm the director of new business,development for new american colonies,new american colonies is a organization,that was built on the philosophy of,buying local buying responsible and,buying american and we promote those,philosophies every single day,in pursuit of that goal we created the,e-market the e-market is an online,e-commerce site where american products,can be sold directly to american,consumers,so if you're an american product maker,this webinar is for you,now in order to get set up on our,e-market you must first have a charter,membership to get a charter membership,you can go to,after you do that you must submit a,secondary application to be on the,emarket site in order to do this you,will still start by going to,,once you do you'll land on this site,please note that at the top here will be,the various product categories when you,get here and also all of our products,and vendors however we haven't launched,at the time of the filming of this video,once you get to the site you will scroll,down to the bottom to the blue area,when you get there go under the market,and go to about us and left click,once you get to our about us page on the,left sidebar here under my account you,will see apply for a vendor account,left click again,that will take you to this form,so go ahead and fill out this form and,at the bottom click submit,once you do it'll submit your,application to us for review,after we review it we will send you an,email which will include,how to log into the site,once you get that you'll go here,go to,,vendor.php again that's,,backslashvendor.php,once you get here i'll take you to a,logon screen go ahead and enter the,email address that you registered with,and enter your password that was,provided to you in your approval email,once you do it'll automatically prompt,you to change your password so go ahead,and do that at this time,once you log in you get to your top,dashboard this page will show you the,most important information related to,your store including your sales for the,day week and month your latest orders,you need to process,inventory and also the categories that,you can list in,before you can get started selling,product though you must set up your,account in order to do that you'll come,up here to where it says vendor and,it'll have your name there click on that,link,once you click on that link it'll take,you to a page where you can verify your,information that you placed into the,application form make sure it's all,correct,once you're done come up here and click,the next tab,be sure and update this with your,description of your business,on the next tab you can enter logos for,your business you can load those up from,your computer which would be by clicking,local or if you have a website with the,image already uploaded to it you can,click url,you have two ways you can upload a logo,you can upload

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