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LeadsGorilla Review - MUST WATCH Before Buying Leads Gorilla

hey what's up my name is Jonas welcome,to this Leafs gorilla review in this,video you can expect to learn exactly,what I learned using Elite gorilla for,the last few days I'm going to take you,through everything included in the,software so you know exactly what to,expect including showing you how I use,the lead finder generating these,optimization reports and showing you,exactly how they look I'm also going to,show you the email Marketing System,included with the software and we'll,have a closer look at the supposedly,done for you proven email marketing,templates I'll also show you three ways,to get clients and profit using the,lease gorilla apps and the main part of,this video is going to be showing you,the four part process to profit with,Elite score this is something I put,together to simplify the whole process,so you don't have to the first part is,simply using the leach gorilla lead,finder to find leads and from there you,feel answer it using the filters in the,software to find the low hanging fruit,which would be the clients most in need,of your help then you generate the,reports using the least gorilla PDF,report PDF optimization reports and I'll,show you exactly how to do that as well,and in Step 4 you will land the client,with email marketing using the least,gorilla email marketing system and done,for your proven templates so that's the,whole video in a nutshell that'll also,be additional information on the,upgrades here are for the upgrades that,that's available when you purchase the,Luc gorilla Standard Version the most,interesting upgrade is leads gorilla Pro,so I'll show you a bit about this as,well so look forward to that other than,that there's going to be pros and cons,if I find a discount code for this,product it's all going to be in my full,written review including bonuses if you,do decide to get this for yourself right,now there's 12 maybe maybe more actually,because I added a few more that you get,completely free I think that's 17 now,but everything including discount codes,if I found any will be at the link below,in the video description that will take,you to my full written review and this,page looks exactly like this so you know,how how that's going to look when you,click on this but first let me sit down,and let me show you everything in lease,gorilla and let's start with the three,ways to get clients and profit using,leads gorilla because once you know how,to find leads it's going to be much,easier to understand exactly how to do,this so let me sit down and let's get,into it okay so I'm sitting down and,right now I'm in my leads gorilla and,count this is what you will see when you,get access to Leach gorilla for the,first time uh what I want to show you,now is the three ways to get clients and,profit with leaves gorilla the first way,is to use the leech gorilla lead finder,app and search for Google leads this is,perfect when you want to offer services,for Google my business reputation,management and stuff like this becaus

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How to Wallclimb - Gorilla Tag VR

How to Wallclimb - Gorilla Tag VR

hello my fellow monkeys the most common,question i get asked in all of my games,is how do i wall run well while running,isn't easy,but in this video i'll be showing you,the basics of wall running as well as,some tips and tricks that i found,that make it a lot easier just be aware,wall running is not easy,so i recommend that you have the basics,master down first,before you continue first we're going to,start with what i like to call,slope climbing slope climbing is when,you climb two walls,that are facing away from you at its,very basics,slope climbing is really just tree,climbing as you'll see,over here this is one of my favorite,spots to slope climb,because you can get away from a lot of,monkeys really fast and there's a lot of,places to go up here,so the first thing you want to do is try,to apply what you've learned,from climbing on the tree and bring it,over to here,you're making circle movements with your,hands,and in order not to push yourself away,from the wall,as many beginner monkers monkeys do,what you want to do is actually pull in,as you're pushing up so you want to mix,those two,and go at an angle so with every,revolution of your arms,you're pulling yourself into the tree,and you're not pushing yourself away,so you can actually see that if i take,out all of my vertical movement,i'm really just pushing and pulling away,from the tree,but then if i only do vertical movement,then i go away from the tree and it,becomes much more difficult,to climb up it so you want to mix those,two and bring them together,one mistake that i see beginner monkeys,making is that they try to climb up this,slope but they try to climb up it with,their hands close together,the ideal way that i've found to climb,up it is to actually keep your arms,kind of at the same angle that the two,slopes are going away from you at,so i'm trying to keep my arms pretty,much fully extended,and then i only put them forwards if i,throw myself back so that i can catch,myself,so when i throw myself back i can walk,forwards in real life,and grab the slope the second type of,climbing,is called what i like to call crux or,crack climbing,this is when the two slopes of the wall,are facing away from you,this is one of the most common spots,that you see it used,now the first thing you want to do is,really just,hit up at a 45 degree angle with the,wall,and in order to not throw yourself away,from the wall like that,you want to try to hit yourself parallel,with kind of a,made make-believe wall that we're gonna,make so you kind of,average out the two angles and you can,see that we're trying to really go up,a wall that is straight like this so,when i hit myself,i'm going to be hitting in that,direction as well as up,and so you want to hit the walls and,throw yourself,as parallel as you can along that,imaginary wall,another little tip that i found helps a,lot of new players out,as well as me actually i just recently,discovered this is that,you don't want to start moving your hand,until it is al

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This is a Gorilla Tag Video. (Gorilla Tag VR)

This is a Gorilla Tag Video. (Gorilla Tag VR)

you're probably wondering why is this,video titled this way you wanna know,what i'm wondering,why are you asking so many questions,this video did not fit,any particular uh category so stop,giving me our time,okay maybe smash like comment or,something,hey guys welcome back to another video,intro i have to do it really quick,because i'm late uh it's up to me i mean,go play follow me on twitch for awesome,streams,don't forget to subscribe now i'm trying,let's get to well,i'm hoping we can get to 100k by the end,of the year that'd be amazing join the,discord so you can be a part of these,games and any other game i do that means,minecraft that means gorilla tag,that means uh population one that means,rec room come join me,all right let's get to filming oh wait,during drink drink i gotta forget,drink for today is slippery this,this rice drink morning rice well guess,what,it's 10 p.m i actually really enjoy that,this is yummy julian look at me i'm,trying to do a bit okay follow me,jessie wait what jessie let's click,my name look at my name,let's go oh yo mr white listen man we,gotta go,sling some sling some some glass man,i took the best glass in the country yes,one two three,four five come here,what you gonna do better soon i come for,you,i kick your ass you guys wanna do sharks,and middles,okay okay piggy table pikmi table pikmi,table jesus oh my,god can someone kill him for me i killed,him,oh just kidding i'll do it,no i'm not dying i'm not that person,okay listen listen listen,okay let's do a vote of what you guys,want to play okay,raise your hand if you want to do sharks,and minnows fi okay one two three four,five okay reason if you want to do,statues,one two three four okay let's do that,more people,oh wait or option three um,joe biden what is wrong with him,oh no,oh you gotta be me i kick your,ass,hey guys sorry about that okay everyone,pick the table listen up,don't move tell me what you gave him,tell me what you gave him give it to me,he gave me the money,what was this for,shut up give me the give me the drugs,now,you stay right there before i arrest you,give it to me give it to me turn around,14 pounds turn around put your hands,behind your back you have the right to,remain silent anything you say or do can,and will be used against you in a court,of law,you have the right to an attorney you,can also suck my bone okay listen up,if you hold still and you're looking at,them and they can see you holding still,they cannot tag you,make sense so listen uh count to uh 30.,let's do it in minds but you stay here,wait what i even touch him look hands,are behind me hands are behind me,what can you tag with your face,hey guys contextual j-man curly here,listen so i was doing the final code and,i went into one of the rooms and the,code i did was zero zero zero zero and i,was going to put that as a final code,and post it on the discord people to,join little did i know,there were people in there already and,then from there i just kind of went into,random code

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Meeting Wild Gorillas in African Rainforest!

Meeting Wild Gorillas in African Rainforest!

It's 5:30 in the morning.,We woke up this early for gorilla trekking.,And it's pitch dark outside.,5:50 am.,We can finally see some light.,The thing that needs to be worn around the calf,,is known as Gaiters.,This will help to be protected against the insects and other stuff on the ground,,You can think of it as a guard.,It reaches almost to the ground.,Mosquito and insect repellent.,Thank you.,Do you see the volcanoes in the distance?,After all, this park is called the Volcanoes National Park.,Oh, look at the big gigantic gorilla.,Wow.,Looks like we're entering King Kong's land.,This is a government office.,One needs to get registered here.,And the government provides a guide.,No hotel or resort is allowed to provide a guide.,So we'll wait for the guide.,That's a nice combination.,Black, and then brown and then black again.,And then, the hair looks golden.,Black, beige, black, beige.,Yeah.,Just spin around once.,Working in the forest since 2008.,Hello! Hello! Hello!,-Hello! -Hello!,What?,I don't know, he doesn't speak English.,He's saying that you are taking pictures.,-And he... -Ahh, okay.,...said that he likes pictures.,As you can see, the road is terrible here.,They did warn us that the last section will be like this.,Just before the entry gate of the National Park.,Our driver told us that,we're getting an African massage in the car. (Because of the bumpy road.),Do you want nuts?,I only have one, I don't have more.,Share, share!,Share.,There, go, go.,The people in this village are very friendly.,Sometimes they ask us for food.,Everyone waves and says hello.,And now, some children threw flowers inside the car.,This is the starting point of the trek.,We have porters with us to carry our stuff.,We didn't need to, we could've carried the bags ourselves,but they told us that this helps in supporting the locals as they would get employment.,Otherwise, they start poaching.,It is harmful to gorillas and other animals.,That's why so that they can get employment,,so that they can be supported,,it is important to do this.,-Hello. -Hello.,They've also given us walking sticks.,You can see the mountain.,The trek is starting here.,I feel like the trek could've started from way before.,-Well, my stomach is like -Yeah.,The stomach feels like a roller coaster now.,The food we ate is swashing around.,-Look at this house here. -Yes, it's so,So traditional.,Looks like it's made of dung.,-Mud or something. -Mud, yeah.,The jungle cruise starts.,While trekking,,let me tell you some important things about gorillas.,That they told us.,In this entire area, there are about 20 families of gorillas.,Of which, 12 families are habituated.,Meaning that they are friendly with humans.,And we're going to meet 1 of those 12 families.,In a family, there can be about 10-15 members.,I'm starting to get short of breath.,And in every family,,there's one alpha male,,one or maybe 2 alpha males,,known as the Silverback.,There are babies and some teenagers,and some young adults.,They sai

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Structured Data for SaaS Companies with Martha van Berkel, CEO at SchemaApp #35

Structured Data for SaaS Companies with Martha van Berkel, CEO at SchemaApp #35

when you do a google search and you see,extra information in the search and,products is an easy one right you see,ratings you see availability you see a,price range um you know those stars that,extra information is what's actually,made eligible and enabled by adding,structured data to your website,before we jump into today's episode i'd,like to give a quick shout out to the,sponsor for this episode,ahrefs ahrs provides you with an,all-in-one seo toolset that does,everything from rank tracking to,backlink analysis keyword research and,technical audits the best part you can,now use ahrefs webmaster tools for free,to identify and prioritize optimization,opportunities for your website see all,the keywords that your web pages are,ranking for take a close look at the,websites that link back to and refer you,in their content and analyze other,websites to find out what drives their,rankings,visit, awt and sign up for free and,now,back to today's episode hello everyone,and welcome to another episode of the,sas seo so i'm your host george,castillos and today i'm very happy to be,joined by martha van berkel the ceo of,schema up schema translates website,content into the language of search,engines so it stands out in organic,search resulting in more clicks martha,loves to help organizations understand,how to leverage structured data to help,them achieve their business goals prior,to starting schema up martha spent 14,years at cisco martha has a degree in,mathematics and engineering attended mit,for innovation and strategy is a rower,and a mom of two kids martha welcome to,the show,thanks so much for having me so uh as we,always do here at the side seo so the,first couple of questions are about you,and the first question that i have is,uh you run the sew at schema up but,what could you give us an idea of uh,what you did before that what has,brought you to uh to where you are today,sure so you mentioned that i spent 14,years at cisco and i was in the services,organization and i was a bit of a,troublemaker or an intrapreneur always,looking for,opportunities to serve our customers,differently or try new things and so i,really got an interesting opportunity to,you know pitch for money and then build,like a 230 person organization,and then i moved into a role looking at,like online support tools and so this is,sort of where i foray into like web,tools and user experience and and,actually where i first learned about seo,because people weren't searching for,bugs on cisco's website they were,searching in google and so it was a,really interesting opportunity for me to,understand like how do you do product,management i led a team of product,managers how do we do voice of the,customer how do we really drive results,and answer questions right like be of,service sort of in and on the web and um,and i like the organization just,couldn't move fast enough for me and so,i had the opportunity um actually had a,baby and then i decided you know what i,think i'm gonna g

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