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yo what's up guys it's Paco back with,another video and today I'm reviewing,some shoes from goat shoes so be sure to,check them out they're going to be,linked down below and they're also going,to be on screen right here so check them,out and let's get straight into the,video,so uh today I'm reviewing the Jordan 1,chatter backboards this is the box I,actually got these from goat shoes uh,size 12 right here you can see the,little label right here uh,I'm not really sure what that is and if,it's on all Jordans but uh some are,different this is a lid Nike logo looks,nice,and yeah let's look at the shoes now,so here is this shoe I'm gonna review,the other one because this does come,with a stockx tag and laces that are in,the way,so let's look at these ones,it does come with the Nike little thing,I ripped it on accident,but it does also come with a stockx card,right here which is you know the usual,card which is very nice,and it comes with the stockx sticker,check that out,and here is the shoe,so we're going to start off first by The,Hourglass I think it looks pretty good,it's not exactly correct but it does,look really nice,um the swoosh as you can see it doesn't,intersect with the little corner Stitch,so it does not have the corner Stitch,flaw that is nice,um Wings Air Jordan does look good and,it has tumbled leather so that is good,so yeah check it out white looks good on,the shoe,toe box looks nice,doesn't really have a smell at all maybe,like a Famous Footwear store,but you know this tissue colors look,good leather looks good let me feel the,tongue check it out it is padded,correctly,so that is good does have the right text,right here Focus,I don't think it's gonna Focus but this,is the inner switch,does not have Corner Stitch flow,bottoms look good they are not pushable,you cannot push these in,and yeah let's take a look at the other,shoe they do come with the black laces,and they do feel really real,this is the orange lace does come in a,pack I'm not sure if the the real one,does but you guys can let me know on,that one it does come in a stockx tag,it's the back and I believe these do,actually scan as well,try to flip it around,all right let me put this down really,quick,try to take a picture for you guys to,show you that it actually worked,okay,so this is my camera roll as you guys,can see this is my phone it does pop up,as the stock X right there it is the QR,code so yeah that's really nice I got,these from Go shoes once again be sure,to check them out they're going to be,linked below and once again it is Paco,and I will see you guys in the next,video peace thank you guys so much for,watching see ya,ah,twos were nine out of ten by the way,there cannot be 10 out of tens unless,they're completely perfect,see you guys I'll see you in the next,one

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