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Fender 52 Tele Custom Shop Relic Deep Purple Metallic Danish Pete Telecaster Double Bound Guitar

hey everyone what's up we've got another,crazy custom shop fender guitar to share,with you all today,we are here live in the control room i,am your buddy keith,and this is another awesome guitar video,for you if you're new to the channel,click like smash,that subscribe button come join our,circle of friends we are on the quest,to 10 000 subscribers on youtube,and it's only getting better guys we're,getting rarer and rarer guitars,just mental stuff that,you really can't find anywhere else,all right so what is this what do we,have here,if you've been following the channel you,know we have a very,very good friend named paul up north who,sends us,just insane rare,mint guitars from i don't know where he,finds them,brand new condition some of them are,usually only a few months old as is the,case,with this this was built like 11 months,ago,and then had to take a journey across,the world over here to the uk,um but yeah paul actually sent us,another one,earlier this year which was the danish,pete,purple custom relic telecaster,this is another purple one i think it,comes from the camp,of danish pete over at anderton's as,well,double check that but uh yeah,this particular individual,has double binding on it as you can see,double bound purple relic it's got a,51 no caster pickup in the bridge,and a twisted tele pickup in the neck,the best combo you can get on one of,these bad boys,as we come down here we can see all of,this cool factory,relic detail and then i love it when,they do this,on the neck this feels smooth by the way,guys this the,the image makes it look very worn but,when you play,this thing plays feels sounds like a,brand new guitar,massive resonance massive sustain just,gorgeous baby and look at the cut,of the wood on the headstock,all that grain you get it down the,fretboard as well,this is just premium guys,really special very cool very unique,have never seen another one like it,you've got all the documentation from,the,certificate of authenticity,there you go you've got the shop,floor traveler i love that they include,this stuff now,dated uh june 11th 2020,and feel free to pause this heavy relic,fender custom shop,tele case yup very nice i always get,disappointed when they don't,come with this case this is like just,the very best in a huge storage pocket,pebble leather beautiful really high,quality,got suede and pebble leather fender,custom shop strap,and uh just going back to the build,sheet here you can see all the details,there,we'll go nice and slow deep purple,metallic,there we are,and then worn and dirty neck wait till,you see the back of the neck it looks,awesome there's your shape all of your,specs on the neck nine and a half inch,radius for the fretboard,very cool vintage fender logo relict yup,and there you can see it,has that kind of sticker effect,and let's go ahead and take this and,bring it out of the case we'll flip it,first and then we'll bring it out of the,case,so on the back here you've got the usual,wear area where a belt b

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