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what's up everybody it's sugar erica,from the classy climb blog t9 is a,couple hours till we go to,alaska uh and i had to do this one i,listened to diamond dave's earlier show,which i'll put in the comment section if,i can about,virtual reality the matrix i mean we've,seen it in a lot of movies,and i want you like myself to get out,of the matrix uh if you see the,thumbnail that is from the matrix movie,and i'll definitely break down what i'm,talking about but if you don't know who,i am my name is erica williams of the,classy client blog,author of the smartphone millionaire,book how to invest in people businesses,in real estate,from the palm of your hand i've had over,6 000 paid phone consultations we have,over,8 000 to 10 000 students depending on,which website we're on,in our lounging area the classic time,studios or,classic climb classes and i had to do,this video because it's just,spot on right why am i going on tour why,am i not bringing people to me,in texas this year uh because we want,people to step out of the the matrix,right you always hear me talking about,fighting skynet,and how the internet creates this echo,chamber,of what you want to hear right they know,you click on these things so you keep,seeing more and more of it,it's like your friends that click on,police shooting videos they just see,hundreds of them,because skynet keeps sending them more,and more and more and more of it,now to break down what diamond dave was,talking about and you can go definitely,check out this video it was really good,that some people will just opt out and,live in the virtual ward,we're already there right so if you go,to japan right now they call them,herbivore men,essentially men who are what they call,addicted to gaming,uh addicted to just they just play video,games all day they even have therapy,they have insurance companies pay out uh,therapy for the kids to go,to uh withdrawal centers where it's just,them in a room,and books and paper uh it's it's crazy,thing go,research this go look it up for yourself,totally not making this up this is a,massive crisis in japan now why japan's,outlook for its country in the 1980s and,90s was,japan's gonna dominate the world oh yeah,sun never sets on japan they were,building out properties in,uh hawaii all these areas these same,areas in hawaii are still vacant to this,day with,light poles and streets half done,because what,they ran out of money they ran out of,money and the country's future became,stagflation they live in very tight,cramped quarters okay and what ends up,happening is,people essentially escaped to anime,and computer living where online,you can be whoever and they've been,there for about 20 years now about,honestly since the 80s but they've been,stuck in this,matrix world for over 20 years and so,there was a man who's a gigolo in japan,he had over i think they said 20,girlfriends and he would just have a,different month for his birthday,right so so again so they literally,literally one man can have a

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#PAINTTALK “Peace Among Us” on My Favorite How to Paint Show! Finger Painting

#PAINTTALK “Peace Among Us” on My Favorite How to Paint Show! Finger Painting

hi everybody happy thursday,it's time for my favorite how to paint,show we're gonna follow up,with this kind of meadow that i already,named i already,gave it peace among us and um,just wanted to wanted to come on here,tonight and really wanted to work on it,some more,so let me just go ahead and tell you,right off the bat i'm wanting to do,hollyhocks with my fingers,so i've been in here working on it just,a little bit because i was early,and so i had a minute to work in here a,little bit and so i'm going to read some,of the nominations,hey rob i'm going to read your,nomination hi anissa,so um i'm going to do some hollyhocks,and i think even maybe some black eyed,susans,i don't know if i can make those with my,fingers but we're going to try but i,think i can do the hollyhocks so i had,started them here,um pretty happy with even the direction,that it's going right now,i haven't picked up a brush yet but i,will soon i have no doubt like i said,i think definitely when i do the queen,anne's lace i'm going to have to,use a brush too so hey everybody how are,you hope you've had a great day,thursday it's really warm it's really a,beautiful evening in oklahoma,um thank you for the nominations that,keep coming in i think we've had over,110 now,so we've got even more yesterday uh we,were at 95 i think we're up to 110.,um yay carissa well welcome thank you,judy,thank you thank you i love them too,there's a neighbor that has a bunch of,them in the front of her house,coming out of a flower bed and so i'm,really thrilled with that matt's here,he's running late he wasn't prepared he,didn't want to get up that's not true,he's outside,on the sofa,which is fine just fine holden played,baseball today,and um i had some coaching calls and so,we've just it's been,a good day overall and um hi luella,thanks for being here guys i'm going to,jump right,in to do some hollyhocks and while those,are setting up i will read a few more,nominations,um i've got mr derek carlton was,nominated and so i want to read that and,then several others,and i randomly picked them guys i just i,print off a few of them just to read as,the day goes on,so hi laura thanks for being here you,guys,um okay holly hawks i noticed there are,various shades of pinks,corals purple white and so i got cowgirl,coral and kissing booth,which if you're new here that's these,colors derek said he had,he has sketched a replay he's golfing oh,enjoy,because yes you i'm gonna read the,nomination um,for you but you know what you can catch,the replay but i just wanted you to know,you were nominated,to receive um the painting,so guys if you're just popping on here,this is not the painting i'm giving away,but the one that i just finished up,which is peace be still,um i'm gonna donate that,or give it away to one of you guys,and so you can go on my website and you,can actually nominate somebody and tell,me why,and we're narrowing it down to three,finalists and we kind of want to keep,that thing going,and so my friend debbie

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